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Trivia: True Capitalist

  • Approval of God: Ghost claims to have liked the Doom mod based on him.
  • Big Name Fan: Andrew W.K. apparently loves the show. He's a brony, too, which may have led to him finding the show in the first place.
  • Creator Backlash: He hated doing the shows because of Trolls.
  • Detractor Nickname: The trolls have 'Ghostler' for Ghost; Ghost has 'Navy Sanhuskie' for Navy Huskie and 'Ash-hole' for Asho.
  • Fan Community Nickname: The Capitalist Army is the most popular term (other commonly used nicknames include The Milky-lickers and Bronies for Ghost, as well as on occasion the Melting Pot).
  • Fanwork Ban: Implied, since Ghost isn't really amused by soundboards, splices (which often take things he has said, and either take them comically out of context, or re-arranges them, simply to make him rage), and remixes of himself. However, this may be more because he thinks they damage the integrity of his show or make fun of him.
    • Ironically, despite this hate of people mashing him up to make him rage, he actually objects to the Stop Online Piracy Act because he supports the creation of independent content that the internet allows.
    • Even more ironic, is that he dedicated New Year's Eve to honoring them.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Mostly averted, since the site automatically records and archives episodes. However, this doesn't stop people from taking highlights and posting them on YouTube.
  • One of Us: A truly bizarre example. Ghost, who is basically an old, angry redneck, seems to know just about everything about nerd culture. This has been cited as evidence of him being a troll.
    • In particular, he's surprising adept at recognizing My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic quotes and songs, and clearly knows things about the show such as how ponies get their cutie marks and the Derpy Hooves fiasco despite claiming that he didn't watch the show and that it's for eight-year-old girls.
    • February 28th, 2012: (in response to a caller playing a remix of "Bloody Tears") "Get out of here with your dumbass Mexican music... no, wait a minute, that's Castlevania. Throw the Holy Water, I love that sound!" Ghost later went on to declare the second game in the series his favorite.
    • He also likes Nirvana (specifically, the song "Rape Me") and is a big enough Marilyn Manson fan to know the b-side track "The Hands of Small Children" (and use it in his Woodchipper segment) and "We're From America."
    • On 7/13/11, when asked what his favourite video game was, Ghost responded with "the first Metal Gear off of the original Nintendo". Also, on 10/19/11, he said Mario 1, 2, and 3 really kicked ass, but quit playing entirely when the Super Nintendo came out.
  • Schedule Slip: Often after an episode with a major trolling, it'll just go off the air for a period (as little as a day, or as much as a week) and then come back. Although sometimes the show does sometimes doesn't occur for other reasons.
  • Screwed by the Network: Arguably, in Ghost's opinion, BlogTalkRadio screwed over his show twice without telling him. On January 27th's episode, they randomly took away his after-show privileges, causing an odd end to the show. On April 17th's episode, he couldn't start the show until fifteen minutes after the show was originally supposed to start. Ghost didn't take that very kindly.
  • What Could Have Been: Before May 24th, 2012, there were several potentially entertaining splices and running gags that had not been (respectively) played on the show yet and brought to their full potential. Trolls were looking forward to a long, fruitful, fruitbowl summer of Karaszkun splices and tiger shrimp-induced rages.
    • Not to mention that there were a lot of other subject matters that never had been used, such as the Petter fanbase which came into existence in November 2012. (and knowing Ghost his love for Bronies, he must love pets as well... right?)
    • Who knows what would have happened had he learned about a certain song about thrift shops...
      • But would capitalism involve having a #1 hit released on your own record label?
  • The Wiki Rule: True Capitalist Wiki on Wikia.

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