Fridge / True Capitalist

  • Fridge Brilliance: The mentally retarded man who Ghost claimed to employ was the Engineer.
    • ElFoxoLoco- crazy like a fox.
  • Fridge Logic: When he says "Gimme the mic," who exactly is he talking to?
    • The Engineer, probably.
    • For that matter, how can he claim he isn't a racist when he plays Guess the Minority and calls Asho a "bean'n'cheese Mexican"?
      • Is there really any racist who thinks he's a racist?
    • "I am against internet regulation!" - "Implement chatroom martial law, Engineer!"
    • "I haven't watched one episode..." - "Season 2 sucked!"
  • Fridge Horror: Ghost saw firsthand what the Capitalist Army does to those it doesn't like, yet he kept giving Karasz Kun airtime after numerous complaints. This implies he just didn't care what happened to him.