Heartwarming / True Capitalist

  • Almost every time Ghost's wife is brought up, he talks lovingly and appreciatively about her. At one point, he said she's the backbone of the show (Although it's less so when he talks about how "she knows her place").
  • Tri$ha proposing to DarkRazorZ during the ghosties awards. Ghost, however, thought it was Nausea Fuel.
  • The Ghosties awards. They showed an odd sense of bonding between Ghost and the trolls, and for the first time, Ghost was able to laugh at himself and look almost fondly back on classic trollings. He went right back to being a shapeshifting lizard hambone in the next show, of course, but it was kind of sweet while it lasted.
  • On the Feb 3rd 2012 broadcast, a girl called in crying about an unrequited love who hated her that also called into the show. Ghost responded by putting the boy on the show so they could try to work things out. Even though he cut them off once things got out of hand, this was an unusually nice gesture on Ghost's part.
  • Whenever the Engineer gets a shout-out from one of the callers, there's a noticeable joy in his gibberish.
    "*unintelligible* yeahhh! yeeahhh!"
  • From a post by Ghost's new Twitter:
    "I have to admit, I was flattered when @tarastrong Tweeted at my hacked account. #TY very much Tara, but please straighten up the #Bronies!"
  • Since the Return, Ghost has had plenty of literal Pet the Dog moments thanks to Templeton, where he'll temporarily pause the show just to comfort or humor his dog when he's whining or cutting up. These get less funny when he's about to take a crap, or already has.
  • Also since the Return, the Engineer always makes sure to show his appreciation to the fans' pleasant gestures such as buying his autographs and complimenting by babbling out "I love you", which sounds adorable. While Ghost is most certainly the Engineer, it's still nice he puts in the effort to show the genuine appreciation of a fictional character.
  • The Christmas Eve 2016 show, reminiscing from 2011's Christmas Eve show, but this time Ghost actually sounds happy and optimistic for the future for once, saying he's "got into the Christmas spirit" thanks to mailing the Inner Circle their Christmas cards. To top this off, the Engineer puts on some Christmas tunes in the background of the show for at least the first hour, with Ghost even saying he'd like to set a fire in his fireplace. Of course, as soon as he takes calls the show undergoes a severe case of Mood Whiplash, but it's great to see Ghost actually happy for once.
    Ghost: "Oh my god, I feel like I'm in a freakin' movie right now, I'm not even joking! I've got the Wife over here making pies, I've got the freakin' dog with the big ass bone in his mouth, he's just content over here, I've got The Engineer messing around with all kinds of wires and crap, and I'm broadcasting! I'm having a fireside chat with my friends and my family! It's Christmas! It's Christmas, I almost wanna cry for joy!"
  • During the 22nd March 2017 broadcast (Which was on the same day that a terrorist attack occurred near Westminster), someone makes a twitter shout out "Raiden Roadkill" - In relation to the regular British caller Raiden Snake. Ghost get angry as usual, but the anger suddenly gives way to abject horror when he realizes Raiden isn't on the switchboards as he very frequently does, and panics when he thinks that the shoutout indicated Raiden actually was involved. He spends a good part of the next ten minutes freaking out in genuine concern, begging Raiden to call him if he's on.
    • Happened again when Raidensnake seemingly quit the show after being attacked by trolls and requests were given to Ghost to ban him.
  • On April 25th, Ghost's wife was involved in a car accident, causing him to immidiatly cancel that day's show. The vast majority of trolls for once were very supportive of them both, tweeting Ghost well wishes and he would later on send this Tweet to all his listeners.
    Thanks for all the positive comments, Mrs. Ghost & I really appreciate it. I love all of you guys, even those who hate me... #NoHomo #Ghost