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Videogame: The Idolmaster

Imagine you can have control of an up-and-coming Idol Singer. You have to guide them to stardom by deciding what outfits they wear, picking what songs they sing, helping them deal with the pitfalls of growing up in the spotlight, and then pitting them against other competing idols all over the country.

That's The iDOLM@STER [sic]. It's a Simulation Game where you play as a producer for the "765 Production" (pronounced "na-mu-ko") studio, and you have nine (technically ten) girls to choose as the company's next big singer.

Incorporating elements from rhythm games, Dating Sims and competitive online battling, as well as an All-Star Cast and a generous helping of Moe, this game from Namco was an incredible hit in the arcades of Japan and created a whole franchise of sequels and spinoffs:

  • An Updated Re-release for the Xbox 360, which included one new idol.
  • Live For You, which was essentially the Xbox 360 version with new content but with the "management" aspect removed.
  • SP, a trilogy of PSP ports, each of which contained three of the nine original idols.
  • Dearly Stars, a Nintendo DS version about three new idols.
  • A proper sequel, Idolmaster 2, which introduces a brand new storyline and three-girl groups to the gameplay.
  • Shiny Festa, a series of rhythm games for the PSP.

An anime, Idolmaster: Xenoglossia — from the makers of Mai-Otome — was released in 2007 and later licensed by Sentai Filmworks. Rather than being a straight Anime Of The Game, it was instead an Elseworld Real Robot show that cast the main characters as pilots (or "Masters") of Giant Robots called IDOLs (making them IDOL-Masters). A more straightforward anime adaptation (called The Idolmaster) aired in Japan during the Summer and Fall Seasons of 2011.

There are also some manga telling their own stories, one of them being Puchim@s, which got its own internet anime adaptation in the Winter Season of 2013 and the Spring Season of 2014, simulcast by Funimation; it can be found on their official youtube page.

It also has a character sheet, and a dedicated fansite called Project-iMAS which includes a wiki too. Click here for the wiki!

Also, as all good successful franchises do, The iDOLM@STER managed to inspire other series to try and latch on the same crowd. Dream C Club was D3Publishes' answer to Namco Bandai's giant, with some unique elements in order to not look like they're the same thing.

Tropes that are common for the franchise as a whole, please, list them on this page. For tropes specific to individual titles please go to:

  • THE iDOLM@STER 2 - Despite the name, it's actually a different continuity.
  • The Idolmaster - The animated adaptation based off of The Idolm@ster 2 game. Also has an interquel manga.
  • Colorful Days - A prequel manga to the second game.
  • The World Is All One - A manga that was also based off the second game, but with more liberties and development for its main characters.

This franchise provides examples of:

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    The i DOLM@STER 
  • Alternate Reality Game - Touched on this in the arcade version: if you enter your cellphone number into your account, your idol will periodically send you text messages.
    • Averted in the 360 game where your idol sends you texts to an in-game cellphone.
  • Dye Hard - Miki is an In-Universe example. Her hair color is actually brown, and it's only revealed in her alternate route as Kakusei Miki.
  • Endless Game - It's impossible to "win" in the arcade game, per se... the goal is to keep your idol's career alive for as long as possible. In the Xbox version, you "win" if you last a year.
  • Important Haircut - During one path of her character storyline, Miki cuts her hair and stops dying it blonde.
    • Azusa also cuts her hair short on The Idolm@ster 2. Going by the anime, it was when she was scouted as part of the RK.
  • Intercourse with You - Agent Yoru Wo Iku
  • Panty Shot - Having low dancing skill may cause your idol to trip herself during the show. Combine it with costumes with skirts to get this trope.
  • Scoring Points - The number of fans your idol has.
  • Trauma-Induced Amnesia - In the alternate Miki route, after she knows that the unit will be disbanded, she is surprised. Days later, she shows up having forgotten the memories between her and the Producer.

    The i DOLM@STER DS 

    The i DOLM@STER SP 
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead - While very possible to do by yourself, it's also probably one of the reasons why 961 has the three idols it has - in fact, it's an odd case where the "redhead" of the trio is actually blonde, considering Takane's silver locks. Unless, of course, you count Miki's hairstyle from after she stops dying it, which is probably closer to being red....
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience - The Perfect Sun girls (Makoto, Haruka, Yayoi and Hibiki) are red, the Wandering Star girls (Takane, Ami, Mami, Iori and Yukiho) are yellow, and the Missing Moon girls (Azusa, Chihaya, Miki and Ritsuko) are blue. This color code was also used in Cinderella Girls.
  • Disproportionate Retribution - Why did Miki switch from 765 Pro to 961 Pro? Because President Takagi ate her onigiri.
  • Fan Translation - As of November 2012, The Idolm@ster SP Perfect Sun is fully playable in English. Chihaya's route from Missing Moon is also released with Iori and Yukiho from Wandering Star. The people at TLWiki are continuing to work on the other two PSP game routes.
  • Lover Tug of War - The Producer is the victim of this in Azusa's ending, with her and Miki on each side.

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