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Awesome: The Idolmaster
Kokoro ga kowaresou DA YOOOOOOOOOO!

  • In the anime, when Miki not only energizes the crowd after telling them Ryuuguu Komachi will be late, but then proceeds to last through two hard songs in a row (her performance of "Marionette no Kokoro" is pictured)...and all of this after nearly quitting because she couldn't be part of Ryuuguu Komachi in the first place.
  • During Episode 10 of the anime, Makoto gets an injured leg. When the chips are down it seems like she won't quite make it, but then Yayoi starts cheering her on along with everybody else and she manages to win the entire race even with her injury.
    • Same episode, when it became apparent that the rival producer was telling his idols to bring Yayoi's spirit down and even tells the Producer to go easy so they'd win, Iori suddenly appears, threatens the sleazeball producer to stop with his bullshit or else she'll unleash the power of the Minase group to bring him down. The sleazeball backs down wisely.
    • Yayoi by default has delicate morale, so when the rival team starts taunting her in the middle of the track race, she starts sobbing. Makoto and her friends encourage her to run and give the baton to Makoto. When the trophy is presented to Makoto, she hands it to Yayoi, saying there is someone else who deserves it more than herself.
  • Makoto gets another one in Episode 17, shared with Producer. Makoto, being upset the whole episode about being called a 'prince' sucks it up and forgets about her complex to save a couple of young women being harassed by a bunch of thugs. Unfortunately, the girls recognize her and get right in her way but the thug still tries to punch Makoto in the face. Which is when Producer steps in front of her.
  • And previously in Episode 8, Makoto gets one for her fighting against the Men In Black while in suit. On the other hand, Azusa gets one when despite having No Sense of Direction, she managed to allocate a runaway bride to return her wedding ring, and along the way just generally making everyone else feels better by being herself, as well as making an accurate fortune-telling that brought the runaway bride together with the bridegroom looking for her.
  • And in Episode 19, it's Takane's turn along with one more for the Producer for setting up a trap for the Paparazzi sent by Kuroi by staging a 'be a Police Chief for a day'. In which when he's exposed, the Producer tried to tackle him only to be thrown judo-style by the Paparazzi, but then he grabbed the Paparazzi's leg, enabling Takane to throw him and eventually had him arrested by the actual policemen.
  • Episode 21: Chihaya sings Nemuri Hime in acapella. Not only that, Jupiter, now fed up with Kuroi and his nonsense, finally decides to quit 961 productions, and start all over.
  • Awesome Music - It got its own page.
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