Video Game / Sewer Shark
"Shoot the tubes, Dogmeat!"

"And what's my payback? A million pounds of tubesteak!"

Sewer Shark is a first-person rail shooter that was sold with the ill-fated Sega CD console, and shortly afterwards ported to the equally ill-fated 3DO console (with somewhat higher quality audio and videos than the Sega CD version). The game was made by Digital Pictures, the company who also made such classics as Make My Video, Night Trap and Corpse Killer.

Set 20 Minutes into the Future, it centers around "sewer jockeys", exterminators hired to clean the sewers of dangerous mutant vermin using flying ships and gatling guns. Gameplay-wise, it's fairly average rail shooter - mostly, it's known for being the first video game for a game console to use Full Motion Video for its primary gameplay and for its memorable cutscenes.

This game contains examples of: