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Video Game: Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey

Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey is the fourth pinball game in Cunning Developments' Pro Pinball series. It was released in 1999 for Microsoft Windows PCs, Apple Macintosh, and Sony Play Station, and was also available for the Sega Dreamcast as part of "Pro Pinball Trilogy".

The game takes place in Victorian Britain, where the evil General Yagov is threatening to destroy the Moon, and only the intrepid Professor Steam (and his player assistant) can stop him. Collect the parts to build four amazing Contraptions, then tunnel to the Earth's core, journey to the ocean depths, fly through the tallest mountains, and sail the Amazon. Fend off various creatures including a giant Octopus and a fire-breathing dinosaur, gather four special Crystals, then penetrate the shield protecting the General's Mysterious Island and foil his schemes!

Pinball buffs tend to have mixed feelings about Fantastic Journey. On the plus side, the game engine is the best in the series, with highly-detailed graphics and an even more refined physics engine. On the other hand, the playfield and rules are a little sparse compared to earlier Pro Pinball titles, and the high difficulty curve makes it a challenge for even the best players.

Not to be confused with the Parodius game, or the 1977 television series.

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