Pinball: F-14 Tomcat

It's fast. It's furious. AND IT FIGHTS BACK!
General Yagov: "Now you die, comrade!"

F-14 Tomcat is a 1987 pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie, programmed by Eugene Jarvis, and released by Williams Electronics.

As a pilot of the Navy's F-14 Tomcat, nicknamed "Hitman", your goal is to engage and destroy the evil Russian General Yagov and his fleet. Shoot down all seven of his planes, then defeat the maniacal Yagov himself. But stay on your guard — you'll need your best reflexes to fight off the Yagov Kicker, which suddenly launches pinballs straight down your flippers. Lock three balls to start a four-ball multiball blitz, then make three safe landings on the Launch Ramp to collect the jackpot. For even higher scores, get a Hot Streak going to build the bonus multiplier, then spell TOMCAT to collect the Hot Streak Bonus.

F-14 Tomcat is noted for being the first pinball game to include a ball save feature, referred to in this game as "Flight Insurance". Its unabashed Patriotic Fervor and intense gameplay boosted F-14 Tomcat to the best-selling pinball of 1987. The rules may not be particularly deep, but the nonstop action, adrenalin-pumping soundtrack, and nonstop action makes it an iconic game that many players consider one of Steve Ritchie's best.

The F-14 Tomcat pinball demonstrates the following tropes:

General Yagov: "You cannot win!"