Video Game / Frog Fractions
Like a Billion
Frog Fractions is a Flash Game from Twin Beard Studios that parodies the everloving hell out of Edutainment Games, among other things.

You start as a frog sitting in a pond trying to keep bugs from eating your fruit. Eating bugs scores you points (which are expressed in fractions), and you have to collect the fruit when it ripens and falls off the vine (a tall order, since your character can't move back and forth right away). The fruit you do collect you can spend on power-ups (some of which are seemingly prohibitively expensive and sold in a currency you don't have), and as you do so you discover hints that there's more to this game beyond this little frog's pond.

"Discovery" is a big theme of the game, according to Word of God, and as you play you'll discover all sorts of nonsense we'll try not to spoil here.

Frog Fractions 2 was Kickstarted (but don't expect the game to be called that).