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I am Yomegami (usually D.L. Yomegami - the "D.L." stands for "Dark Lord"). I'm a gamer who plays any games he happens to like, although I do have a few franchises I'm particularly fond of (see the folders below). Due to having No Social Skills, I'm more a lurker than anything and tend not to post much outside of the two subforums I frequent (Video Games and Writer's Block).

While I call myself a writer, I don't actually spend a lot of time writing. I just come up with a bunch of ideas for stories instead of focusing on one idea at a time. That said, I do have several stories/universes that I happen to spend the most time thinking about, which are detailed a little further down the page.

I'm generally someone who won't be a bother until bothered himself, but I suffer newbies badly (ironically enough) and have a low tolerance for idiocy. Ultimately, how I act around you depends on my perception of you: I can be anywhere from a really nice guy to a really big Jerkass.

In case you're wondering where the name "Yomegami" came from, it's a mishmash of several Japanese words that was mostly inspired by Ōkami. The exact thought processing was Yami (Okami's Big Bad)/Yomi (the actual name for the Japanese underworld) + Yumigami (Okami's moon brush god), with the middle "I" changed to an "E" for more originality. A more direct path to the name would have been Yomigami (Okami's regenerative brush god) with the first I changed to an E, although that wasn't the inspiration (my mind likes taking the long way around when it comes to a task). I pronounce it "YO-me-GAHM-ee," but given that no one speaks out loud on a forum pronunciation really doesn't matter.

Now that the intro stuff is out of the way, I'm going to categorize a bunch of other things here.

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     Favorite Works of Fiction 
These are all video games (for now), since it's the media I'm most familiar with.

  • Creatures: easily my favorite franchise. I've been playing all of the original games for years, as well as being an old member of the community around them (where I go by the username "Grendel Man"). I've made over a hundred mods for them, and I have my own blog about them here. I like open-ended games, and the scientific aspect of them is really appealing to me.
  • Pokémon: I didn't get into Pokemon until shortly before I started college, and yes I do realize that's a bit late. I'm not quite sure what drew me in the first place, but now I'm in for all the strategy that can come from screwing with movesets.
  • Dungeon Keeper: Bullfrog made some great RTS's - this game and Populous: The Beginning are the main reason I'm a fan of the genre. Dungeon Keeper is particularly good because it manages to combine A Life with RTS.
  • StarCraft: The other RTS series that has my interest. Got into Brood War during my junior year at high school, and I've been a major fan ever since. I mostly screw around with the map editors, though - lack of social skills is a major hindrance for me when playing online.
  • Myst: I suck at puzzles, but everything else about this series majorly appeals to me. I like the storylines (for the first three games, anyway), the characters are mostly awesome, the music is awesome, and the atmosphere is among the best out of any games I've played (I'm a big fan of the Beautiful Void feel).
  • Kirby: Return to Dreamland is the main reason I'm a Kirby fan, although I've also played Adventure. I should probably give some of the other titles a spin at some point.
  • Touhou: Touhou's an odd case - I've never actually played any of the games (although I might at some point, with full knowledge of what the heck I'm getting into). I'm mostly in it for the sweet music, awesome characters, and fairly decent storylines. To that point, I even have an idea for a couple of fangames, which are detailed in the "Main Projects" folder.
  • Ōkami: The original Okami is easily my favorite console game - the gameplay's very nice, the story is awesome, and the music even more awesome. I don't think so highly of Ōkamiden, though (mostly due to the latter half of the story having a major impact in quality).
  • Super Smash Bros.: I've played Brawl and 64, but never Melee. The gameplay is what sold me here - at one point, I was even trying to prepare myself for the competitive field, though I've lost that interest. These days, if I boot up Brawl, it's to hack it.
  • Asura's Wrath: Similar vein to Touhou - I've never played the game (though I want to - I don't have the consoles for it, though), but the story, characters and music are right up my ally.
  • Mass Effect: See Touhou and Asura's Wrath, though the music plays a much lesser role (the biggest reason I'm a fan would be due to the Reapers).
     Tropes that characterize me 
  • Asexuality: In that I'm not interested in sex. I am interested in having a relationship and a significant other, but I've gotten so many conflicting signals from my brain that I have absolutely no idea what my sexual preference is otherwise.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: The main reason I don't write as often as I brainstorm is because I find the actual process to be somewhat tedious. Laziness also drives my path through life - I could be absolutely amazing, but I find no reason to go beyond "passing."
  • Buffy Speak: My speech pattern most of the time.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: If I have nothing better to do, I tend to be daydreaming. Good luck getting my attention during that time.
  • Cross Player: In real life, I'm a male. Very obviously a male. Yet about 99% of my characters are female (and a lot of the ones who aren't are either genderless or not human), my avatars often depict females, and I always pick the female option in the games that have it.
  • Dandere: Towards people I'm unfamiliar with, I never say anything and I never engage anyone else in conversation (not even small talk). With people I'm friendly with? I'm difficult to shut up.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: For some reason, I tend to lapse into this during writing - I often don't notice it until after the subject in question is finished. Suffice to say, it's never intentional.
  • Double Consciousness: All I'm saying about this is that it applies.
  • Motor Mouth: In real life, mostly because of autism. I'm getting better, though.
  • Most Tropers Are Young Nerds: I'm in my early twenties and fit the description of a nerd more or less perfectly.
  • Nice Guy: Generally speaking.
  • The Nicknamer: At least online - I tend to start referring to people by a shortened version of their username once I'm familiar enough with them, and feel like I've made some progress when another person starts referring to me as "Yome" rather than "Yomegami" or "D.L. Yomegami." I usually don't do this in real life, though.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: A little bit. I do have my limits, though.
  • No Social Skills: HOH BOY. Autism does that to you.
  • The Quiet One: Most of the time, but see Dandere.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Sometimes.
  • Suffers Newbies Poorly: As mentioned up above. That said, I tend to warm up to newbies who show themselves to be sane, well-behaved people much quicker than newbies who act like morons.
  • Silent Snarker: While I can talk, I really fit this trope better than the standard Deadpan Snarker as I don't really like to talk and am a bit slow when it comes to making sarcastic remarks anyway.
  • Unusual Euphemism: I use these quite a bit and for various things.
  • Verbal Tic: While not quite a "verbal" tic, per se, I do tend to overuse commas in my sentences. I have a few "typical" tics as well, but for the sake of brevity I'm not listing them.
With fancy headers! Yes, there's a lot of them. I spend a good chunk of my time coming up with ideas for stories. The chances that any of these might get written down someday is depressingly low, although I did write my thoughts down for a few of them (and my participation in stuff like the CDTs is partly so I can work my way up to proper writing).

Generally speaking, my stories tend to lie somewhere in the middle of the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism. On the whole, they tend to lean towards the idealistic end (although there's an outlier or two that's far on the cynical end). My protagonists will usually have to earn their happy ending, and as a result my plots tend to be somewhat dark (and it's practically a guarantee that there's going to be at least one thing that's intended to be Nightmare Fuel). I really have no idea what genre most of my stories would go under, although most of them tend to lean towards fantasy. I'm also fond of epic quests, curses (especially ones that involve a transformation of some sort), and thought-provoking settings.

One final note: the grand majority of my protagonists are female, and they also tend to be teenagers (although there's a few exceptions). Beyond the fact that I really like writing for teenage girls, your guess is as good as mine (though I'd say autism probably has something to do with it).

Enough with the rambling. Let's get to the stories, shall we?

Named Projects

"Named," in this case, means "has a title." It doesn't really matter if that title is finalized or not. For the most part, these are the most well-developed of my ideas, and the ones I devote most of my (depressingly limited) focus to.

The Odd Tale of Kaguya

Summary: A rather loose adaptation of the Japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Kaguya Koizumi is beautiful, but nevertheless ostracized due to how different she looks from everyone else. Her rather ordinary life gets turned upside down when she meets a kitsune by the name of Hayate Tsukino. From him, she learns that she's actually a Youkai princess who was sent away by her real parents for an unknown reason. Although he's unwilling to take her back at first, Kaguya decides that she'll find the acceptance she craves among the youkai, and as such the two set out to take her back home.

I came up with the actual details for this one recently, but the basic idea behind it (beautiful girl feels like an outsider and finds out there's a good reason for that) has been something I've been ruminating on for a long while. Now that I've actually been able to do something with it, it's been getting surprisingly far. The first half of the basic plot's been thought up, the two leads have their basic personalities set in stone, and I've done a decent amount of worldbuilding. I've even written a little bit of my thoughts down. Not only is it my current main work, it's also set to be the first in a series of five stories (tentatively titled Tales of Youkai).

Snow White Bones

Summary: An odd expanded adaptation of Snow White. While the same basic plot is the same (for at least the first half), there's quite a few things that sets this one apart from the original story. For one, Queen Katharine is also itching for power in addition to beauty, giving her yet another reason to off Anne (Snow White), who's next in line for the throne after her father dies. The person who would normally be a huntsman in other adaptations is a sorcerer in this one. And most notably, Anne is cursed into a half-rotting form as opposed to winding up in a coma (hence the title). And that's just the first half of the story.

What started off as a simple thought spree one day eventually became one of my main works. Unlike a lot of my stories, I'm actually doing quite a lot more than just thinking a lot about it - it's actually lead me to regain my interest in movies for the sake of finding inspiration, and I've actually written most of my thoughts down. It's also the farthest along of any of my ideas: the entire basic plot has been nailed down (I actually came up with the entire plot in one night), and right now I'm working on stuff like closing up plot holes. Most likely, this will be the first idea I'll actually turn into a complete story someday.

The Infection

Summary: A zombie virus breaks out in a suburban town. The zombies in question are more in the style of Left 4 Dead and 28 Days Later than Dawn of the Dead, in that they don't rot, are technically alive, and move rather quickly. The protagonist, teenage girl Rachel Pahlke, contracts the virus and winds up having to flee her home to avoid getting killed by her Crazy Survivalist father. She eventually meets a fellow infected by the name of Selena Rogers, and the two decide to travel together to see the outbreak through.

This is the third of my main works, and the one that's been around the longest. It's also the one that has had the least done for it; besides having the two leads participate in the Character Development Threads, I haven't written anything down for it. I do know what the basic plot's like, the three major characters are all thought up, and there's been some worldbuilding done, but it's otherwise pretty far off from completion.

The Corruption

Summary: A host of mysterious kidnappings hits an ordinary suburb. One of the victims is Violet Jenemann, who finds out firsthand that they are the doing of a science facility seeking human test subjects for a process that will turn them into monsters.

This is another one of my oldest works - in fact, it was my main work until it got supplanted by The Infection (which was rather similar in basic concept). Also like The Infection, it got nothing more than a lot of thought processing and some character sheets. The protagonist is notable in that, for a while, I considered her to be my self-character (despite being the opposite gender). I recently picked up thinking about this work again, and am currently changing the plot slightly to fix potential sources of Fridge Logic and what would have been bad writing had it ever gotten down on the page.

Birds of a Feather

Summary: Talitha Davis is a closet lesbian who is still rather uncomfortable about her sexuality, and as a result is mostly a Shrinking Violet towards the other people in her high school. After several years of this, another girl by the name of Rosaline Gagnier comes up with her own conclusions about Talitha's shyness, and decides that she's going to snap her out of it.

This story is a blend between a Coming-Out Story and a romance novel. It's probably the most realistic of my planned works, but at the same time it's also one of the least developed. Apart from the two leads and the basic plot, I haven't thought about/figured out much about this one. Talitha has been run through a CDT before, so that accounts for something I guess.


Summary: Melissa transfers to a new town in order to attend a college, only to find that the place has a dark secret: A curse set upon the town at its founding makes the inhabitants transform into monsters at night. Even better, she'll start transforming too if she stays too long....

Cursetown is quite possibly the absolute oldest of my original works. I came up with the idea for it back in middle school, and even started writing stories using the setting. That said, the idea only received its title recently, and it's gone under a major retool. I wrote most of the original stuff while still getting the hang of writing and while undergoing puberty, so a lot of it was written badly and rather NSFW (though not to a truly major extent). As far as progress goes, I'm still working on the plot and certain other details.

Voices in the Wastes (Working Title)

Summary: One thousand years have passed since an event known only as "The Day of Wrath" devastated Earth and undid much of humanity's progress. Humanity has since recovered, although it will still be a long while before it reaches its former glory, and much of the planet is still covered in barren, mostly infertile desert, dotted with ruins from the past. In this environment, a girl by the name of Saya, who is best known for the mysterious song that accompanies her wherever she goes, joins a large group to move to a different settlement. On the way, a freak sandstorm hits and separates her from everyone else, setting her up to meet a team of nomads in search of paradise. With no other options, she joins them. In the ensuing journey, she learns about a phenomenon known to the nomads simply as "the voices," and possibly their connection to the Day of Wrath....

This story's influences come in from all over the place.
The main inspiration was an odd dream I had. It was about a Don Bluth-esque movie titled "Quest for Camelot" (Never mind the fact that there's already a movie with that name), set in a post-nuke world that starred a boy travelling across the wasteland with a group of odd-looking critters, and featured some seriously creepy-looking ghosts.
The Day of Wrath was an idea I came up with a long time ago for a similar world where humanity survived the event but got knocked back to the stone age and had to rely on the information left behind by their ancestors to get back up to speed. I've forgotten what the inspiration for this was; my best guess is that it was a combination of World War II and Mass Effect.
The protagonist, meanwhile, is essentially a human version of my favorite Creatchi at Creatures Caves (who herself took her name from Saya no Uta). Her human version has been around as a character for a while, although until I decided to pair her with the setting of the dream she never had a story to call her own.
As of now, this is the project that has most of my attention at the moment. Whether or not it gets farther than my previous projects remains to be seen (although I wouldn't get my hopes up).

A Ghost's Story (Working Title)

Summary: Dahlia McGuire is a lonely ghost girl, sad that she can't really interact with most of the living. She then meets Madeline Seaver, another girl about her age who can see and interact with ghosts, and attempts to strike up a friendship with her. Madeline finds Dahlia very annoying at first, but eventually warms up to her and helps her figure out the exact circumstances of her unusual death.

This story was largely inspired by The Sixth Sense, namely the relationship between Cole and Kyra. I thought it a little disappointing that it wasn't fleshed out a little more (Kyra was a bit of a two scene wonder, in my opinion), and eventually I channeled that disappointment into coming up with this story idea. Madeline was run through Character Dig Site (lost interest after a couple of posts, so not much was done), and the basic plot's been thought up, but it's still rather WIP.

Sea Quest (Working Title)

Summary: Juliet Trinwald goes on a cruise with her father, only to find herself knocked overboard during an unusually vicious storm. When she wakes up afterwards, she finds that 1. she's in a kelp forest, and 2. that she's been turned into a mermaid. As it turns out, she was saved from floating into the depths by a manta ray named Jules, and was turned into a mermaid by a being called the Sea Lord. Jules takes Juliet on a journey to help her adapt to her new life, and maybe find some way to return to her old one.

Another freakishly old idea (this one's definitely older than The Infection). At the moment, it doesn't have much of a plot beyond "a siren and a manta ray wander around the ocean and show off how awesome it is," but the characters (the two protagonists, at least) are fairly fleshed out.

Pieces of Seven (Working Title)

Summary: When her kingdom is taken over by a conquerer, Princess Morgan manages to escape the fate that her mother and father suffered (that is, execution). Unfortunately for her, she winds up meeting an old witch in the woods, who decides to make her hunt down seven magical artifacts. Morgan attempts to refuse and tell her to find a knight instead, but the witch forces her into it by turning her into a vampire. Some time later, Morgan meets a clan of actual vampires, who agree to help her track down the artifacts.

Yet another strange story idea. I'm not quite sure what inspired this one, but I think it may actually be slightly older than The Infection. Either way, this one's in a similar state to most of my other ideas (plot's being worked on but has a basic outline, protagonist was run through a shared story thread, etc.).

Touhou: Neverending Darkness

Summary: Reimu Hakurei wakes up one morning to find that someone made off with her Yin-Yang Orbs. At the same time, everyone else starts to pin the blame on her for various destructive happenings occurring around Gensokyo. Reimu now has to set out to recover the orbs and find out who's really to blame for all of this.

This here is one of two Touhou fanfics. I normally don't write fanfiction (I strongly prefer original fiction), but I liked Touhou enough to actually write fanfiction for it (helped by the fact that the series' nature makes it quite receptive to it). Neverending Darkness was mostly inspired by the lack of truly malicious villains in the official Touhou series (though Double Dealing Character helped alleviate that somewhat). While the villain of the piece in question isn't actually any more evil than the canon antagonists, her motives are far darker than any of them (she's an outright Omnicidal Maniac under the belief that the gods told her to destroy Gensokyo). It just so happens that this is one of the few stories I actually wrote anything down for, if for no other reason than I actually plan on turning this into a fangame someday. The plot is currently undergoing a major rethink since the villain's powers changed, so coupled with the fact that I'm not quite the Touhou fanboy I once was and the fact that I've little programming knowledge and no art skills, that dream is still quite a way from fruition.

Touhou: Outsider's Journery

Summary: A girl from the outside world is yanked into Gensokyo by Yukari, and has to learn to adjust to the rather strange habits of the populace and eventually learn how to use danmaku herself so she can "convince" Yukari to put her back where she came from.

The other Touhou fanfic I'm working on. This one is actually older than Neverending Darkness, but since I liked the idea of that one more, this one didn't recieve quite as much work. That said, its plot is far more complete since I haven't needed to revamp its plot at all. Also like Neverending Darkness, I plan on making this into a fangame, but for the same reasons as the former fanfic, that's quite a long way from happening (if it happens at all).

Pokémon Steel Version

Summary: A Pokemon fangame set in a new region with new characters, but with already existing Pokemon (with one exception).

Pokemon Steel has been bouncing around in my head in various forms for a long time. Since I know quite a bit more about Pokemon than I do Touhou (and am actually still very fond of that series), this fangame is closer to reality than the Touhou ones are, but still quite a ways off. I also wrote a fair bit of this thing down and even organized it into a wiki. That said, I'm still thinking of things like towns, Pokemon distribution, etc.

Unnamed Projects

These stories don't have names, either because I'm just lazy or because nothing I can think of works. These are usually more underdeveloped than the projects that have names, but not always.

Untitled (1)

Summary: 100 years after the exploits of King Arthur, the land of Briton has become largely peaceful. Princess Guinevere Pendragon, the latest descendant of Arthur, has become decidedly bored with her lot in life. Instead of being a stereotypical Princess Classic, she decides to pick up adventuring to pass the time. Unfortunately, she is also mute, which cuts her off from using the usual magic of the world. To remedy this, she learns how to use Blade Magic (using magic in place of swords, shields, bows, and suchlike). Soon after setting out, she learns that a great and powerful darkness has been contaminating Briton, and that as descendant of King Arthur, it is her job to rid the land of it.

If that long summary didn't clue you in, this work is easily one of my most developed projects despite the lack of title. It's had quite the history, actually. The main inspiration was Ōkami. After playing that game a crapton, I decided I wanted to do something similar with a different mythology. At first I decided to go with general European mythology, then I decided to switch over to Celtic mythology, before finally deciding on Arthurian mythology. For the most part, most of my work with this story has been aimed at differentiating it from Ōkami (there's still a lot of similarities between that game's story and this one), as well as filling in the parts between the beginning and the end.
This story's notable for a few reasons. The first, and most notable, is that I'd like to turn this into a video game someday (rather than settle for some form of literature as with all my other stories). Unfortunately, my lack of programming skill coupled with my inability to follow through with a programming-related major in college has been making that look more and more unlikely. It's also worth nothing that this story's villain is probably one of my most well-developed characters (as well as the most powerful, and the crowning example of the Nightmare Fuel most of my stories have).

Untitled (2)

Summary: Ashley appears to be an Alpha Bitch at first glance, but in reality she's far nicer than that; it's just a facade to ensure she remains the most popular in school. This doesn't stop people from thinking likewise. One day, she finds herself falling from grace for a reason she doesn't quite know why. The instigator of all this, as it turns out, was someone she hadn't expected....

This story started out as being more exotic than what the above summary states. Originally, Ashley was cursed by the antagonist to slowly turn into living glass (a random idea I had for a while that I wanted to do something with). However, I eventually decided that the story would be more interesting without the curse and axed it. While I never wrote anything down for it, the story does have a good amount of development (the lead and the antagonist are both fairly thought out, at any rate).

Untitled (3)

Summary: Princess Naitomea has a devastating power within her. Fortunately, she's unable to make use of it herself (and probably wouldn't use it even if she could). However, her mere existence has lead many nations to clamor over her, hoping to use her power for their own ends. Because of this, she has been constantly shuttled around from one place to the next. Naturally, she isn't so happy with this and often spends her days wishing for a way to make it all stop.

The big inspiration for this story was Braid (one could probably derive the same metaphor from both stories if they thought about it hard enough). I've always thought of this one as a short story, but since I'm naturally long-winded when it comes to story telling I doubt it's going to wind up that way if I ever write it down. It's probably the most underdeveloped of my works (the only thing I'm sure of is the nature of the main character and the ending), but at the same time it's also one of the darkest, at least implications-wise.

Untitled (4)

Summary: Princess Emily is more or less set to take her land's throne. However, she and her family have the misfortune of sharing the world with a Corrupt Church lead by Archbishop Lyold. Lyold decides to give the church more power by assassinating the entire royal family. His plan mostly succeeds, but Emily somehow manages to survive. With no other options, she has to learn how to fend for herself as she goes on a quest to see a friendlier priest and halt Lyold's plan.

Another really old idea of mine. Like most of my works, I never wrote anything down for this. However, it did receive a considerable amount of worldbuilding - among other things, the religion Lyold is a part of was planned out, and the basic feel of the world was also planned out. The general plot itself was also reasonably complete. This is one of those works I'd like to come back to at some point, but for now it lies simmering on the back burner.

Untitled (5)

Summary: A Dokapon Kingdom fanfic. It starts out much like the game's story mode does; monsters start popping up all over the kingdom for some reason. Worried about the state of his kingdom and of his great riches (mostly the latter), the King of Dokapon sends out a distress call. He also applies a reward to it: whoever brings him the most money after all is said and done gets the hand of Princess Penny in marriage and becomes the next King of Dokapon. Four adventurers answer this call: A fighter, a mage, and two thieves. The fighter, the mage, and the first thief simply want money and glory. The second thief, however, is much more interested in saving the kingdom from the monsters and preventing their spread to other lands. The story focuses on this fourth character as she makes her way through Dokapon and finds that a land whose inhabitants value money over practically everything else might not be the best of places....

I honestly don't know why I decided to write a Dokapon Kingdom fanfic. It started when I first watched The Runaway Guys' playthrough of Battle Royale mode (this after they uploaded the first video of story mode) and found myself getting rather intrigued. Then I read TV Tropes's page on the game, started following the story mode playthrough, and things snowballed from there. The best part is that I still don't know all that much about the game; all I know about it comes from the aforementioned Let's Play and what TV Tropes has said about it. I'm incredibly unlikely to try the game myself since I've no one to play it with and apparently the computers are cheating bastards to an absurd degree. I'm just running with it anyway, though; for all I know I'll be able to turn it into an original story someday.

Miscellaneous Ideas

The stuff in the previous two lists probably isn't half of everything I've dreamed up. This list of plotbunnies consists of either stuff I'd like to do something with but am short on ideas about how to do so, or stuff I thought up that was discarded due to being too similar to a previously existing story. It's probable that some of these will be expanded upon in the future, but until then they're sitting here. Other people are welcome to do something with these if it so floats their boat.

  • An Ordinary High-School Student one day spontaneously develops Scanner-esque telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and now had to deal with the fear everyone else has of her.
  • A princess is turned into a lamia by a pair of schemers aiming to usurp the throne.
  • Another princess gets turned into a fairy by another scheming usurper and has to adapt to her new size.
  • A girl lives an interesting double life - by day she's ordinary, but she turns into a vampire in the night.
  • A pair of poor farmers wish for a baby girl, only for the mother to wind up giving birth to a giant spider. They are scared out of their minds at first, but are convinced to spare the spider when told that keeping her alive will bring them great fortune. Years later, they become prosperous from selling their daughter's silk works. This comes at the cost of keeping said daughter hidden from the public eye. Naturally, the spider isn't so happy with this and wants to see the world beyond her home, and perhaps learn why she was born a spider to begin with.
  • A rather meta story that stars a Mary Sue...who knows full well that she's a Mary Sue and how that is a bad thing. So she sets out to find a way to become a "normal," and therefore better, character.

     This Space for Graffiti 
Well, this space would have been for graffiti, but I've been informed that the only person capable of editing a troper's page is the troper themselves (thank you for that information, ironcommando). So instead, all graffiti goes on my troper wall page.

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