Tropers / Tragic The Dragon

She's different.

She discovered TV Tropes in the summer of 2007 and took to it like a duck to water. While she has done some major editing before The Great Crash (mostly helping on what were then the new Nightmare Fuel example pages), today she just checks on new examples on her favorite pages for legibility. She actually shows up on "recent changes" as "Tragic T Dragon" thanks to accidentally losing her password (D'oh!) She is a FantasticFiction fan (once again, look at her screen-name) and she loves animals, and so does most of her contributing in those kinds of tropes.

She reviews movies and writes about other geeky things on her website. She also realizes that she has just written this entire page in the third-person point of view; an unofficial editing rule. Uh-oh...

She's the "Mom" of the following Tropes and launcher of the following pages:

And Just for Fun, the Tropes that seem to pop up most often in the films reviewed at The Realm (with links to typical examples) include: