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Amusingly, Dioschorium found TV Tropes by accident while reading a post on a Livejournal community. TV Tropes now shares the ultimately insignificant honor of being Dioschorium's favorite Web site with the aforementioned

Diosch is somewhat alienated from fandom because of its lack of interest in live-action television shows, with the dual exceptions of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Blackadder. Thus, it has very little knowledge of what seems to compose a large part of fandom: no Merlin, no Sentinel, no Due South, no Star Trek, no Doctor Who, no Glee, no Arrested Development, no Smallville, no Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, no Xena: Warrior Princess, no X-Files, no Queer As Folk, no L Word, no Firefly, no Dollhouse, no Lost, no House, no Scrubs, no Heroes, no Supernatural, and no Flight of the Conchords. It repeats: MST3K and Blackadder are the only live-action TV shows that interest this troper. In other words, Diosch does not read any live-action television examples on trope pages. This isn't because of Hype Aversion. Diosch simply has yet to be captivated by any other live-action TV show.

Similarly, Diosch does watch some anime and read some manga, but is usually unfamiliar with the most recent or popular productions. Consequently, it has very little understanding of Death Note, Bleach, and the various Gundam series, among others.

However, it is inordinately fond of Speculative Fiction, usually finding the genre vastly more intriguing than non-genre fiction, though there are exceptions (Show Boat, for instance). Recently, it has renewed its interest in fantasy and begun a newfound love of comic books, thanks to Watchmen and the documentary In Search of Steve Ditko. Moreover, Diosch has been a fan of the horror genre since childhood.

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