Trivia / Peppa Pig

  • Actor Allusion: In one episode, Grandpa Rabbit does a Tarzan howl. Adding to this is that while Brian Blessed didn't voice Tarzan himself (he was the Big Bad, Clayton), he did the vocals to Tarzan's howl.
  • Acting for Two: In the Japanese dub, the voice actors of both Peppa's parents (Osamu Sakuta and Yuko Sasaki) also voiced Peppa's respective grandparents as well.
  • Banned in China: One episode was banned in Australia because it taught children that spiders are not to be feared. That's too crazy to be true, right? That said, it's justifiable; Australian spiders are near-universally highly poisonous, if not outright deadly. When one of your most common spiders is a cousin to the black widow, with equally lethal venom and a much worse temper, you don't want kids thinking it's okay to play with spiders.
  • Channel Hop:
    • Peppa Pig first started airing on the short lived Cartoon Network block, "Tickle U". Then had a stint on Noggin. It can now be seen on Nick Jr..
    • The show had multiple Channel Hops in the UK. It first aired on Milkshake, then settled on three Nick Jr. channels.
  • The Other Darrin: Peppa has had three voice actors. However, other characters voiced by children still have their original voice actors.
    • The Latin American dub was dubbed twice in different countries: The first dubbed version was voiced in Venezuela and the second one in Mexico.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Good luck finding the American dub of the show that aired on Cartoon Network back in 2005.