Funny / Peppa Pig

  • Anytime George cries.
  • "The Camping Holiday"
    Peppa: Thank you for a lovely holiday Ms. Camper van!
    • And the excerpt from when they feed the ducks.
    Peppa: Say "Thank You" to Daddy Pig ducks.
    Ducks (in unison): QUACK QUACK!
  • Peppa and her family's favorite TV show, "Detective Potato," starring Mr. Potato with a Sherlock Holmes hat.
    Mrs. Potato: Please help me, Mr. Detective! I cannot find my flower anywhere!
    Detective Potato: Hmm...your flower is on the top of your head!
  • Mrs. Rabbit's condescending attitude toward Gertrude, Grandpa Pig's home-built locomotive, in "Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue"
    Mrs. Rabbit: Morning, Grandpa Pig! Out on your toy train again?
    Grandpa Pig: Gertrude is not a toy. She is a miniature locomotive!
    Mrs. Rabbit: Oh, that's nice!
  • Peppa is trying to learn how to whistle, so she calls her friend Suzie to see if she can. And despite her admitting she can't:
    Suzie: What's whistling, anyway?
    Peppa: You put your lips together, and blow.
    Suzie: Like this? (whistles)
    (cue Peppa hanging up on her)
  • In "Mr Fox's Van", it turns out that Mr. Fox has everything in his van except petrol note 
  • In Lost Keys, when Daddy Pig loses his keys down a drain at the top of a mountain and goes to the gift shop. He asks Miss Rabbit if the shop sells fishing rods, so he can use one to get the keys back.
    Miss Rabbit: We do, actually. I don't know why, we don't get fish in the mountains!
  • Daddy Rabbit's saying "Rockin' Gazelles", but with his accent it almost sounds as if he said "<F-Bomb> Gazelles"
  • Every joke in Mummy Rabbit's Bump is hilarious. Especially the Lampshade Hanging of Added Alliterative Appeal.
  • 'Mr Potato's Christmas Show'.
  • "Pedro is Late" Pedro misses the playgroup bus, both coming and going. Madame Gazelle has to double back for Pedro, and when they reach the exterior of the museum, they find that the bus has left without them. This prompts Madame Gazelle to wonder what happened to everyone else. Cut to Miss Rabbit leading everyone on the bus in a rousing chorus of the Bing Bong Song, all of them having forgotten about Pedro completely.
    Pedro: Petrol pumps (narrows eyes)... interesting...
  • In the basketball episode, Daddy Pig stresses the importance of being fit for playing basketball. Asked if he's fit, insists his fat is "pure muscle."
  • In the episode where Grandpas Pig, Rabbit, and Dog get stranded on an island, the latter two wonder what they're going to do about food. You look at Grandpa Pig's face, he has a subtle Oh, Crap! expression.