Funny: Peppa Pig

  • Anytime George cries.
  • "The Camping Holiday"
    Peppa: Thank you for a lovely holiday Ms. Camper van!
    • And the excerpt from when they feed the ducks.
    Peppa: Say "Thank You" to Daddy Pig ducks.
    Ducks (in unison): QUACK QUACK!
  • Peppa is trying to learn how to whistle, so she calls her friend Suzie to see if she can. And despite her admitting she can't:
    Suzie: What's whistling, anyway?
    Peppa: You put your lips together, and blow.
    Suzie: Like this? (whistles)
    (cue Peppa hanging up on her)
  • In "Mr Fox's Van", it turns out that Mr. Fox has everything in his van except petrol note 
  • In Lost Keys, when Daddy Pig loses his keys down a drain at the top of a mountain and goes to the gift shop. He asks Miss Rabbit if the shop sells fishing rods, so he can use one to get the keys back.
    Miss Rabbit: We do, actually. I don't know why, we don't get fish in the mountains!
  • Daddy Rabbit's saying "Rockin' Gazelles", but with his accent it almost sounds as if he said "F***in' Gazelles"
  • Every joke in Mummy Rabbit's Bump is hilarious. Especially the Lampshade Hanging of Added Alliterative Appeal.
  • 'Mr Potato's Christmas Show'.