Headscratchers / Peppa Pig

  • In the episode when they rent the camper, why is the control for the kitchen sink on the driver's dashboard?
  • They have a washer, a computer, a car with SatNav... why don't they have a clothes dryer?
    • Because they spent all their money on the washer, computer and car - not to mention all the toys as well.
  • Are we to assume that the parents, including those of Peppa and her friends, are all actually called Mummy/Daddy (Animal)? That must have made things fun when Mme Gazelle was teaching them.
  • The rabbit kids live underground but can still see the sky and sun through their windows.
    • This is because they're occupying the inside of a hill.
  • Peppa is disgusted by the fact her newborn cousin wears diapers. George is only two though. Shouldn't he be in diapers to, or at least Peppa should remember when he was.
  • How exactly does Tiddles the tortoise climb a tree?
  • In "The School Fete", they have a facepainting booth where the kids get their faces painted up like tigers (because Miss Rabbit can only do tigers). In a world where all mammals (and only mammals) are sapient humanoids, isn't that like having a blackface booth? Especially considering one of the choices, which Peppa chooses, is an elephant and we KNOW elephants are sapient.
    • Not all mammals are sapient — note the hedgehog that Grandpa Pig finds in his garden.
  • Given that most of the animals are native to England (where I'll assume the show is set due to the accents), are we to assume Emily Elephant is supposed to be of African descent? Equally, Mme Gazelle could be said to be from a French speaking part of Africa.
  • Mummy Rabbit's Bump has several. First, were the kids watching Mummy Rabbit give birth? It makes it seem like they did. Along with that, there's the fact that over nine months, Rebecca hasn't told Peppa about her mother's pregnancy somehow.
    • Rabbit pregnancies only last about 31 days. But that's still a long time for Rebecca not to have told Peppa.
  • How did Peppa not recognize the Queen after seeing her on TV? Especially because the Queen is one of only TWO beings that look human, and The Queen certainly doesn't look anything like Father Christmas.