Trivia: Friday the 13th

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  • Channel Hop: First eight movies were by Paramount. Then after the mildly received Jason Takes Manhattan, the original producers got the rights back and sold them to New Line, who were planning to cross over with their own slasher franchise (but did two other movies before that, and a reboot afterwards). Then New Line's parent company Warner Bros. gave the rights back to Paramount in order to co-produce Interstellar. In-between, Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes worked on the reboot and is on board for a Paramount-produced sequel.
  • Meaningful Release Date: Friday the 13th for many installments, naturally.
  • Missing Episode: The full, uncut death scenes of a majority of the earlier installments (the ones from Part II and Part VII being major examples) are gone for good save for still images.
  • The Other Darrin: Jason's unmasked face looks different in every entry of the series, ranging from slightly misshapen to fully rotted.
  • Referenced by...: Has its own page.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • An unmade novel would've had Jason's spirit possess a scarecrow.
    • At one point, producer Sean S. Cunningham planned to make a television series called Crystal Lake Chronicles, which would have followed the everyday life of Crystal Lake, with Jason as a recurring background character.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Friday the 13th wiki.
  • Jason has always been played by a career stuntsman. Stuntsmen are not actors. They don't usually get big roles in movies, nor do they need to pull off dramatic performances. Since they're filling in for the stars, they don't even become well-known by the public. Friday the 13th is one of the few exceptions.
    • This is a combination of his action scenes, and the fact that you don't see his face or hear any dialogue from him.