Trivia / Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Vic's actor, Mark Venturini, who was also in The Return of the Living Dead, was known to be the complete opposite of Vic and to be very kind hearted, actually becoming friends with Dominick Brascia (Joey) and remainded great friends till Venturini's death in 1996 from leukemia.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Corey Feldman was supposed to be the lead actor, but he was working on The Goonies at the time so he only appeared in the opening.
    • The opening dream originally had Tommy fighting his way through a hospital to reach Jason's corpse in the morgue. When he reaches him, Jason rises from the autopsy table and Tommy would've woken up.
    • Violet's death was originally supposed to have Roy stab her in her vagina, but it got changed to her stomach as the staff (Or the MPAA) felt it was in poor taste.
    • According to IMDB, Billy Wilder almost came out of retirement to direct, but ended up passing when Paramount wouldn't let him have dibs on the final cut.