Headscratchers / Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

  • How far did Eddie go to wash up to not be able to hear Tina's screaming?
  • Why the hell didn't Roy Burns tell anyone that Joey was his son? If he did then it would prevent this whole mess.
    • How? How would it prevent the whole thing?
    • For starters, Roy would have been given custody of Joey, who he knew was his son thanks to the picture in his wallet. The entire plot is a case of disproportionate retribution, just because someone who knew he had a child made no effort to find out what had happened to them.
    • Embarrassment, maybe? Regardless, they outright say at the end of the movie that we'll probably never know.
  • Why did Roy go after everyone at Pinehearst EXCEPT for the guy who actually killed his son? Hell, you think Victor would have been his first target.
    • Well, Vic was probably in police custody at the time. It would be harder to reach him and maybe he didn't want to kill members of law enforcement
  • Of all the places to send Tommy to, why send him to a halfway house near Crystal Lake? Wouldn't it be healthier for him to be kept far away from there?
    • In the second movie, Alice had been advised by her therapist to move there to confront her demons. Same logic, I guess.
    • Plus, it's a small county. Probably didn't have any other places for Tommy to go. It's mentioned earlier in the film that Tommy had been bounced around various institutions before ending up at Pinehurst.