Trivia / Friday the 13th Part 2

  • Billing Displacement: Adrienne King gets a third billing, even though she has less than 10 minutes of screentime and most of that is just a flashback to the first film. The credits don't even begin until after she's killed by Jason.
  • Crosscast Role: Jason's legs in the beginning of the movie is that of a woman, marking it as the only time in the franchise Jason was played by the opposite gender.
  • Similarly Named Works: Oddly, there's an adult film named Friday the 13th Part 2.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • During the development it was planned that the sequels following the original one would have their own stories, and wouldn't have continuity with each other.
    • In the originally planned ending, Mrs. Voorhees' head was supposed to open her eyes before the credits start to roll. Sharp-eyed viewers can even tell that it's an actress in makeup rather than a prop. The sequence was scrapped because the producers felt the effect would be too cheesy.
    • Tom Savini was offered to return to do the effects, but he chose to do The Burning instead.