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Trivia: Batman: The Animated Series
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Breakthrough Hit: The show served as one that put Alan Burnett, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm on the map.
  • Creator Backlash: "I've Got Batman In My Basement," which named the relevant trope, is not well regarded by the production team.
  • Executive Meddling: The executives required many changes to be made to the series for reasons based on both decisions of what was appropriate for a kids show and what was likely to get the biggest profit.
    • The very successful Tim Burton series of Batman films were one of the main impetuses for the creation of this series, and executive's hoped to capitalize on their success. The design for the Penguin was based on the design of the character as it appeared in the then-current and highly successful Batman Returns, which cast Danny DeVito as a physically deformed and emotionally scarred man with fingers fused into a flipper-like arrangement, as opposed to the comic counterpart, who(although only about 5' tall and sporting a prominent aquiline nose) was a still just a regular man. Catwoman was likewise turned into a blonde woman to match Michelle Pfeiffer's character, as opposed to her darker-haired appearance in the comics. Both characters were returned to their original comic appearance after the series was revamped into The New Batman Adventures.
      • Well, in spite of his physical appearance, the Penguin is written as a civilised criminal in a tail coat and top hat. He just happens to also look a little freakish (though nowhere near as much as the film version does). It's ambiguous where his name comes from; probably a combination of his obesity and deformity and his clothes (which is sort-of the same as in the comics). The important thing is how he acts, and if anything this one is even more civilised than the comic book one.
    • Several episodes were actually improved because concern over the detail on-screen in some scenes forced changes to the animation, giving them much more emotional power. Dick Grayson's parents falling from the trapeze showed his parents swinging off screen, with a frayed rope swinging back in and everyone gasping in shock. If they showed any more, it would not have been as effective. "Over the Edge" contains another instance. Apparently, when Batgirl is thrown off of City Hall to her death we were originally going to see a police car pull up and then her body would land on the hood. When this was deemed too extreme, Timm redesigned the sequence as though the viewer was in the back seat of the car when the impact occurred. This has the effect of making things far more disturbing. Similarly, "I Am The Night" originally wanted to show Robin getting shot on camera. The network made them change this, so they picked Gordon and did not actually show the shooting. They all agreed this made the scene more powerful.
  • Fake American: Tara Strong, who voiced Batgirl in Gotham Knights, is Canadian by birth, although her parents are American.
  • Fan Nickname: Tim Drake has Timmy Todd, due to being a composite of Tim Drake and Jason Todd.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Mark Hamill played a one-shot Corrupt Corporate Executive "Mr. Boyle" in the episode "Heart of Ice" before being cast in his now-famous role as The Joker. To this day, some people are still surprised that Luke Skywalker is the Clown Prince of Crime.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: The Penguin squawks out a grating accompaniment of I, Pagliacci in "Birds Of A Feather". His voice actor Paul Williams is actually an acclaimed singer/songwriter with notably smooth, melodious vocals (as can be heard in the Penguin's speaking voice).
  • Name's the Same:
    • "Be a Clown" reveals that Mayor Hamilton Hill's son is named Jordan. Yep. Jordan Hill.note 
    • Thanks to bird-Theme Naming, one of Penguin's henchgirls is called Raven.
  • Playing Against Type: At the time, Mark Hamill playing the Joker was this, but it worked so well that he now plays villains more or less full time.
  • Old Shame: By the time he's an adult in ROTJ, Tim Drake regretted being Robin. Because "superheroes and capes" are "kid's stuff", and no matter how much work he did "it wasn't enough" for Batman. After his ordeal with the Joker, Batman forbade him to become Robin again. He may have been angry with that decision at first, but he felt that Batman did him a favor.
  • The Other Darrin: Alfred was voiced by Clive Revill for a handful of episodes, then by Efrem Zimbalist Jr. when Revill left to fulfill a theater commitment. A number of villains also were recast for the New Batman Adventures series including Scarecrow, Baby Doll, and Killer Croc. Penguin and Bane were recast in the Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman film. Excluding Batman Beyond, Batgirl went through three actors during the course of the series — Melissa Gilbert in the early episodes, Mary Kay Bergman for her later appearances and Tara Strong for the revamped episodes in The New Batman Adventures.
  • The Other Marty: Tim Curry was originally cast as the Joker, but he was replaced by Mark Hamill (who had already appeared as one-time villain Ferris Boyle) because Curry's Joker voice was too strenuous to produce.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Mark Hamill was cast as his favorite character. By sheer enthusiasm. Bonus points for becoming one of the most famous portrayals of said character.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Tara Strong and Lauren Tom worked together for the first time in one episode of this show as Batgirl and Ice Maiden #3. Years later, they're together again in Codename: Kids Next Door as Mushi and Numbuh 3.
  • What Could Have Been: Tim Curry was originally cast to be The Joker, but Paul Dini states he was let go due to the physical strain his Joker voice put on his throat. You can actually hear his Joker laugh (somewhat modulated) in the episode "Be A Clown", coming from an animatronic clown.
    • There were talks of featuring The Sandman in an episode back in '93, but the whole Vertigo/DC divide came into play and cursed it forever. Link. They also wrote a Catwoman Black Canary episode, but the network killed it because Robin wasn't prominent enough in the episode.
    • Al Pacino was offered the role of Two-Face.
      • And Anthony Hopkins was offered Mr. Freeze.
    • There was once going to be an episode featuring the comic villainess Nocturna as a vampire, but the Fox censors complained about the story involving Batman becoming a vampire and craving human blood.
    • The Creeper was originally planned to appear in the earlier seasons before he finally showed up in The New Batman Adventures season.
    • Roland Daggett was initially planned to be Max Schreck.

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