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Trivia: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
  • Actor Allusion: Dana Delany delivers the line "He laughs!" exactly as she did in Tombstone.
    • While it's purely casual, in the Finnish dub Joker says that the Phantom looks like Darth Vader. Coincidence ?
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The woman at the party who shouts, "Brucie, where are you?" off camera is Arleen Sorkin, voice of Harley Quinn.
  • Reality Subtext: Andrea is named after Andrea Romano, the voice casting director for the series. The entire romance plot came about because of Kevin Conroy ad-libbing an "Oh! Andrea" after a series of grunts. It was originally intended to be Batman getting punched, but the ad-lib made it sound a little different.
  • The fighting style Bruce was shown practicing was very close to Taekwondo, despite him calling it "Jui Jitsu". The move Andrea performed on him, however, was from Jui Jitsu.

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