The Scrappy: Animated Film

  • Despite being major characters who give directions to the main characters so they could return home, Marcel and Paddy from Alpha and Omega are not really that popular with the fandom. Go ahead and check out any fanbase on Deviantart or Youtube, you'll be surprised that those two have barely to any mention with the rest of the characters, a majority being wolf fans.
  • Gurgi of The Black Cauldron is in the same boat as the gargoyles below, being the Plucky Comic Relief in a movie that's mostly held up for its darker aspects. The only problem: The gargoyles were at least kinda funny, while Gurgi kinda isn't. The voice doesn't help, either. About half the movie's fans forgive him a little for his actions in the climax; the other half wish Taran had asked for the sword back.
  • Buck, Chicken Little's father is considered to be one of the biggest complaint in the film due to him being an assholish and neglectful father to his own son, only supporting him when it is in his best interests.
  • Though Delgo as a whole is a Scrappy Movie, the comic relief is generally the most hated character, being seen as an even more annoying Jar Jar. Allow YouTube to demonstrate.
  • Frozen: The trolls, given how misplaced their comedy song 'Fixer-Upper' is given that Anna is dying at the time and immediately collapses after the song is finished and that their role in the plot being just exposition devices. To make matters worse, their advice is also unclear at two very important points; 1) Their vague declaration that fear is most dangerous to Elsa leads the king and the queen to isolate both of their daughters from the outside world to prevent others from learning about Elsa's powers, thus causing her to become even more afraid of her powers and less able to control them. 2) They seem to strongly imply that an "act of true love" needed to save Anna from freezing solid is a True Love's Kiss, when, in fact, Anna performing a Heroic Sacrifice for her sister is what saves both of them.
  • One would have a difficult time finding someone who likes Nozemkemph (The "wild breed" cat) from Felidae. Fans were not thrilled that Francis ended up choosing her as his mate and not Felicity, ignoring the fact that one, Felicity is murdered not too long after Francis meets her and, two, cats aren't known for romance. It doesn't help that Nozemkemph is never mentioned by name in the movie, only appears for a brief time to provide some exposistion, has sex with Francis, and then just leaves until showing up at the end of the film.
    • While several characters have their share of fans, including Bluebeard and Pascal AKA Claudandus, Kong's lackeys "Hermann" and "Hermann" (Or Herman 1 and Herman 2) are often overlooked by the fandom due to their lack of plot significance or any real distinctive personality.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Nobody seems to like the gargoyles (unless you're a Jason Alexander fan), mostly due to their contribution of the Lighter and Softer tone of the film. And causing Mood Whiplash in almost every scene they appear in.
    • They are pretty funny. The question is whether or not their relatively broad humor is a good thing, given what the rest of the movie is like.
    • The gargoyles are Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in the German musical version. They are portrayed as figments of Quasi's imagination and their humor is toned down, which many feel is how they should have been done in the actual movie.
    • To be more precise, Hugo is the one usually considered The Scrappy, while Victor and Laverne are at the very least tolerated. In particular, the Running Gag of pigeons annoying Laverne is generally considered a little funny at the beginning and very funny by the end.
    • Sarousch in the DTV sequel is considered one of the worst Disney villains of all time, especially in comparison to his predecessor, Frollo, who is considered one of the best.
  • Ice Age:
    • Sid is sometimes regarded as this by fans who aren't as fond of him as they are of Manny and Diego.
    • While Sid and Scrat have their faults, they at least contribute to the plot and give a few laughs. Crash and Eddie don't. Those Two Guys are annoying, and if you remove them from the third and fourth film, the story will be completely the same. Even in the second they are not very useful, as all they do is making Ellie, a mammoth, believe she's a possum (whether because they are stupid, or because they want to keep her as a sister, which is no better). They are reduced to background characters in the fourth film, and appear only to give some gags. And they can't even do THAT right!
    • Shira from the fourth movie, much like Lola Bunny, is a boring "tough girl" clone of one of the main characters who only exists to serve as a love interest. Not only that, her pretty white fur and flawless face sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the more ugly pirates, with the only part of her that's even remotely asymmetric being that she only has earrings on one ear.
    • Teenaged Peaches in the 4th movie also gets this for her plot of that movie being pretty much a cut and paste of a million teen sitcom cliches.
  • In the movie adaptation of The Lorax, Aloysius O'Hare is not well-liked, especially by fans of the book. This is mainly because he has no reason to exist other than to give us someone to root against and to make The Once-ler look better by comparison. He may have been better received if he had any charisma, but he doesn't. At all
  • Eliot, the one-antlered mule deer from Open Season, is basically an Expy of Sid above. Not only is he extremely annoying and unintelligent, he was also responsible for coaxing Boog into a drunken eating binge throughout the town and sabotaging one of his nature shows by panicking the audience when they thought Boog was gorily dismembering the deer through a curtain covered Shadow Discretion Shot, leading his owner to tearfully relocate him in the middle of the forest hundreds of miles away. Even though he's been living in the forest his entire life, Eliot's attempts to get him back home results in complete disaster for Boog and those around him. Even the leader of Eliot's former herd, Ian, seemed to have the right idea to banish him despite being a Jerk Jock. Fortunately, unlike Sid, he undergoes a personality change in the second movie when trying to marry his sweetheart, Gizelle, becoming somewhat less annoying and more reliable, which may have rescued him for some.
  • Pocahontas:
  • The Rescuers has Madame Medusa. Unlike Percival McLeach from the second film, who balanced realism with a cartoony edge, Medusa was an uncomfortably realistic villain to many, who outright kidnaps Penny to exploit her for obtaining a giant diamond and treats her like shit.
  • In Don Bluth's Rock-A-Doodle, there's Edmund. Nobody likes him, probably due to his voice and lisp. Made even worse by the fact he's a friend of the lead character, Chanticleer.
  • Snow White gets picked on by some people due to tasting like diabetes and being Too Dumb to Live. She's also frequently cited by anti-rotoscoping attitudes as a prominent example of the Uncanny Valley, compared to her costars who were much more cartoony and stole the movie for many people. Disney probably toned down the realism of future animated characters for that very reason.
  • All of the new characters created for Tom and Jerry: The Movie are scrappies, Pugsy, Frankie, Aunt Figg, Lickboot, Captain Kiddie, Squawk, Dr. Applecheeks... And especially Robyn Starling, the girl that Tom and Jerry help to find her lost father, and the one responsible for making Tom and Jerry stay Out of Focus and making the movie being about Tom & Jerry In Name Only. The few that aren't universally reviled (Lickboot, Applecheeks to name a few) are only liked because of YouTube Poop remixes and memes.
    • Pugsy deserves a special mention, as he is the one who got Tom and Jerry to talk and sing about how they are best friends, despite Tom and Jerry being, you know, mortal enemies... Sometimes. Really, Tom and Jerry's actual relationship is very difficult to define, with them being enemies one minute and allies the next, and their reason for battling likewise being very difficult to define. Still, Tom and Jerry aren't supposed to talk all that often.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: