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"Y'know, for kids!"

  • An American Tail: After the drunk politician Honest John says "Oh, a rally!", Gussie Mausheimer responds, "That's what I said, a wowwie". John looks at her chest and is about to grab her breasts when she slaps his hand away.
    • He's actually about to pick up a feather that had fallen onto her cleavage, but given her ample bosom, and he's a little too enthusiastic about it, the scene counts.
  • An American Tail: Fievel Goes West:
    • A woman above the stage says "Ohh Pussy pussy pussy pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Ohh! Pussy!'' while stuffing Cat R. Waul between her cleavage.
    • During Tanya Mousekewitz's dance, "The Girl You Left Behind", some cats appear a bit too interested in her, showing an excitement as if she were performing a burlesque dance. A dazed drummer cat stares at her, and she smacks him in the face with a cymbal.
  • In the opening of Puss in Boots, Puss wakes up and you see a non-anthro female cat right next to him. Worse still, he is seen putting on his belt upon getting up, suggesting that it was off before. What exactly were those cats doing?
  • The Boxtrolls has its share of naughty gags:
  • In some widescreen edits of Yellow Submarine as the Beatles are walking away from the giant head after "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has finished playing, there is a cloud in the sky that's shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy.
  • Bartok the Magnificent got away with a Breast Expansion gag because the "breasts" weren't really breasts. As Ludmilla is transforming into a dragon, one of the first things that transforms is her chest, complete with a boing sound.