Shown Their Work: Fanfiction

  • Bringer Of Death is first a Dragon Ball Z fic, and second an attempt to plausibly explain the physics of DBZ. The result is an epic story that appeals to fans unwilling to suspend their disbelief in poorly-explained spaceship mechanics, etc.
  • The writer of Rainbow in the Dark uses this as a Title Drop of the Arc Words to a good effect of this trope.
  • The Back to the Future fanfic The Almanac Chronicles is accurate with respect to geography, as well as history from 1958 to November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy is not assassinated due to a side effect of Biff's fortunes .
  • The fanfic The Butterfly Effect 0, based on the film, is accurate with respect to southern New York state geography as well as historical events.
  • Kalash93 puts A LOT of effort and research into his stories. The greatest examples of this so far are the gun porn and detail about the military equipment in ''Racer and the Geek, and the high levels of realism and detail put into the military aspects of Shell Shock. His erotic pieces greatly avert You Fail Sex Ed Forever. He isn't very fond of using artistic license for anything.
  • A lot of details went into the researching behind the locations, schools and universities that appear in the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle real-world AU Freefall, as well as the symptoms of leukaemia, which a main character is diagnosed with early in the plotline.
  • Between Minds (Portal and Half-Life) is packed with this with everything from helicopter specifications to language translations to first aid to building layouts to real-life weapons to cut game material to the actual mechanics of an EMP.
  • Half of Hunting The Unicorn is a Cerebus Retcon of Blaine's Relationship Sue and Knight in Shining Armor portrayal. The other half is showing what it would take to produce someone like Blaine. Given that the author is studying psychology and read up on medieval chivalry, it isn't surprising that some readers find it so believable.
  • The author of Hogyoku Ex Machina asked her high school readers if they could define tuberculosis without using Wikipedia to determine if Ichigo and friends would reasonably know. She even checked if House airs in Japan to justify Ishida watching the show.
  • The Wizard in the Shadows is notable for having lots of accurate references to the First and Second Ages of Middle Earth.
    • Child Of The Storm takes it up a few notches and shows that this part of Nimbus Llewelyn's Signature Style. The story uses historically accurate Norse titles and foods, drawing on a lot of minor throwaway details from obscure corners of each of the canons and displaying an awareness of basic physics (in chapter 54, Harry is flying on a souped up Firebolt, which, in the interests of fairness, can't exceed its production top speed on the Quidditch Pitch. Harry considers that he'd rather not find out what would happen to him and the broom if he suddenly lost a third of his speed, and skirts the Quidditch pitch).
      • It also displays awareness of certain political realities - for instance, it is abundantly clear in earlier chapters that Harry feels that he has a very large bone to pick with Odin, and it is repeatedly pointed out to him that Odin is an absolute ruler and cannot/will not accept such levels of defiance in public, even from his grandson. In private, under certain circumstances, he is rather more accommodating and understanding, the implications of Younger than She Looks where an attractive teenage girl is concerned and uses the exploration of consequences of the basic premise (Harry is the son of Thor, who was incarnated as James Potter in his first shot at humility) of the fic as the engine of the plot.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, the author clearly has done some research into the show and the franchise as a whole. Little in-jokes from the fanbase are prevalent in the fic, and most impressively, the author manages to tie in even the most obscure sources to create one unified Equestrian history canon, pulling from the show, comics, and even the often-forgotten chapter books.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction Silent Knight, Nightfyre's flightsuit puts constant pressure on her limbs, ensuring proper blood-flow to the brain during stressful maneuvers. This is the same way real life flightsuits work for jet and fighter pilots.
    • In the same chapter, Ash Coat notes some materials on the human sword that genuinely act as absurdly sharp material when treated correctly; it's suggested that some Applied Phlebotinum is employed to sustain this condition.
  • Cornova did a lot of research with regards to the ins and outs of the Pokémon anime for Poké Wars.
    • A prime example is how he included an entire chapter on Kaiza, a character from an episode of Pokémon that never made it out of Japan.
    • Also, numerous one-shot characters (Duplica, Yas and Kas Gyms, AJ, etc.) are portrayed perfectly in character.
  • The author behind XSGCOM has an author's notes section after every chapter, where he/she explains from exactly where in the original works every character, plot-twist and gadget in the chapter came. He does the same for Hunted Tribes and New California Dreaming.
  • The Total Drama fanfic writer, Gideoncrawle shows his work routinely.
    • In his first story, Legacy, this is most apparent in the details related to the victim's wound. His later stories have substantial Notes sections that explain the more obscure allusions, among other things.
    • His Season 1 reimagining story, The Legend of Total Drama Island tends to show his work in-story for such things as inventive solutions to certain problems, and the effects and treatment of hypothermia.
  • GreenSonic21, the author of Sonic Generations: Friendship Is Timeless , has clearly done plenty of research on not only pretty much all of the Sonic games, but also the Sonic cartoons and comic books, and it clearly shows. He's even referenced events from the FiM comic books into the story.
  • One of the reasons the Homestuck fan blog Brainbent is so popular with fans is because of how accurately and sympathetically it portrays people with mental health issues (except John, who's disorder is unspecified). In particular, Autistic readers really like the non-stereotyped portrayal of Autism.
  • Friendship Is Optimal has a lot of accurate science, and the author has clearly done a lot of research on artificial intelligence and philosophy.
  • Different, Not Defective features a well-researched and sensitive portrayal of an autistic Harry Potter.
  • Divided Rainbow, which contains lots of links to phenomenon such as moonbows and lunar phases.
  • Aaron12, author of the Danny Phantom fanfic series, Facing The Future Series takes his time research the cartoon, picking up obscure details and other things to avoid Continuity Snarls. It only helps to make the series more popular.
  • There's a women's basketball rpf pirate!au fic that actually has a list of references the author used when researching the era. Half of the fic is written as a popular history book, half as a novelization of a film based on the book.
  • As part of its Deconstructor Fleet, quite a lot of the setting of Sonic X: Dark Chaos was based on (and inspired by) obscure Bible stories and passages, and so is much of the symbolism. A lot of the Emirate of Mecca was based on the actual Hadiths of Muhammed as well. Several lines of dialogue from Angel characters are in accurate Hebrew and Latin too.
  • Every hotel, restaurant, new age shop, and strip joint mentioned in Origin Story is an actual location, and all the prices involved are authentic. The writer mentions several times in his notes that he actually called these people up and asked them questions. Of special note were the women who worked in the men's department at Macy's in New York City, who actually had a twenty minute long phone call with the writer in which they described what could be seen outside the store from the window's of their department.
  • "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn"'s author's notes mention doing a lot of research to get the details of Shi'a religious practices correct (the main viewpoint character is an Iranian Shiite, but the author is an American Methodist), and even link to a Shiite-specific handbook for the daily prayers.
  • Heroes For Earth has the author's notes in every chapter noting how true to life or factual each chapter is, making the aesops about what one can do to protect the environment even more poignant.