Shout Out / My Life as a Teenage Robot

  • The show's Art Deco aesthetics and spray-painted backgrounds drip with homage to Metropolis, especially its posters.
  • Why does Vladimir/Mr. Scruffles and his fellow lab rats want revenge of Mrs. Wakeman? Because she altered their bodies to resemble Mickey Mouse. And at the end of their debut, Wakeman holds up a familiar pair of pants for Vladimir to wear...
    • That episode was also an allegory of the Soviet revolution; the leader's name is Vladimir, he speaks in a Russian accent, calls his fellow rats his "comrades", there's a Russian-style music score throughout the episode, and there's even a hammer and sickle in the episode's title card.
  • To Elvis Costello, of all things.
    Wisteria: What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding?
  • There was also in "Mist Opportunities" a fire-breathing rabbit.
  • The male half of the alien couple in "Unlicensed Flying Object" sneaks one in.
    Alien: Yeah, well, personally I can't wait to get off this hick planet! Bunch of rip-off artists, these earthlings: five bucks for a cup of coffee, no Extraterrestrial discount at the hotel, and I know that bellboy stole my tricorder.
  • She flew, she fought, she conquered.
  • Lancer - upon seeing Jenny's ridiculously big ears - quotes Dumbo.
    Lancer: I've seen a peanut stand; I've heard a rubber band; I've even seen a needle wink its eye...but I think I've seen about everything when I see an elephant-eared robot girl!
  • In "Future Shock" when Jenny gets to the Vault: Jonny Quest, Batman, Tintin and probably a couple others.
  • The Cluster (for the most part a fully roboticised version of the Borg from Star Trek) uses the "resistance is futile" line.
  • Vexus says "be seeing you" to Jenny in her first appearance, complete with the same hand gesture.
  • The bad guys in the first part of "Speak No Evil" are a reference to Zedd's Z-Putties in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, in that they're both easily defeatable via obvious targets somewhere on their bodies.
  • In "Weapons of Mass Distraction": "He got better."
  • Two episodes include a shout out to the Shoujo anime Magical Princess Minky Momo via Brad singing a "One-Hit Wonder".
  • Shout-outs to Jurassic Park and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in "Histrionics" with the plot being essentially Jurassic Park with historical figures instead of dinosaurs.
  • Sweeney Todd, Red Dawn (1984) and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! in "A Robot For All Seasons" (with Jenny-Santa basically being a non-Egyptian Giant Robo).
  • "Escape From Cluster Prime" references the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro.
  • In "The Puppet Bride", the boy that eventually finds Little Acorn looks identical to Lucas from MOTHER 3.
    • That episode is also based on the original story of Frankenstein.
  • In one episode, Tuck calls Dr. Wakeman to get Jenny and Brad in trouble for throwing a party while she is away. When Brad decides to let him stay for the party, Tuck responds to Dr. Wakeman's "Hello?" with, "I just called to say I love you."
  • The Mad Hammer Bros., complete with one instance of the Super Mario World jumping sound.
  • The scene in "Ball and Chain" where Jenny bangs on the window while shouting Brad's name is an obvious reference to The Graduate.
  • Nora's first hypothesis of what androids dream of? Electric sheep.
  • The runamuck invention in the beginning of "Turncoats" sings "Daisy" as it shuts down.
  • When Brad and Tuck wind up in front of a Japanese crowd, one man shouts "Do Freebird!"
  • In "Queen Bee", Vicky Vexus throws Brit and Tiff into unpopularity, and by 'unpopularity' I mean the D&D club.
  • In "Historionics", Sheldon refers to Caesar as a "salad dressing dude".
  • In the first episode, Larry 3000 can be spotted on a table full of robotic scraps.
  • In "Dressed To Kill", Jenny falls out of the sky, and a hillbilly couple pulls up nearby and has the following exchange:
    Pa: What do you reckon it is, Ma?
    Ma: Why, it's one of them UFO's, Pa.
    Pa: Let's crack it open and see if it has one of them super-powered orphan babies inside.
  • You would be hard pressed to miss The Wonderful World of Disney Wizzly and the famous It's a Small World After All
  • Tuck saves Jenny from the bikers in a Mini-Mecha à la Aliens: "Get away from her, you bitch fish!"
  • In the episode that introduces Jenny's sisters, XJ-7 is asked what's got her so depressed, and she answers "Oh, life, the universe, everything..."
  • Heeeeeeere's Jenny!
  • When Jenny lands on Cluster Prime for the first time, she escapes a group of hostile junk-bots by hiding under Robby the Robot.
  • From "Indes-Tuck-tible", when Tuck is attempting his most dangerous stunt:
  • After taking a sip from a V6 engine block, Jenny cheerfully remarks, "Mmm...we coulda had a V8!"
  • When Jenny's identity is outed on Cluster Prime, a robot points at her, drops its jaw, and starts shrieking in a similar manner to Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • Sheldon and Nora argue and eventually brawl over their techniques in getting to Cluster Prime, causing each of their machines to topple into each other, resulting in an exchange worthy of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial.
    Nora: Hey! You got your time fissure capsule in my quantum defibulator!
    Sheldon: You got your quantum defibulator in my time fissure capsule!
    [The machines activate and open a portal to Cluster Prime]
    Sheldon: Two great machines...
    Nora: ...that work great together!
  • After Brad finds out that Melody is a robot, he asks how he can trust her again, and she kisses him. His response: "So she's mechanical!"
  • One to John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) of all ...things, in "Toying with Jenny." After Tuck tears the head off of one of the dolls, it produces four spider-like legs from its neck and walks away.
  • In the beginning of "Killgore", the toy store manager calls him Kilroy.
  • The entrance to Messmer's resembles Felix the Cat, and the place is named after Felix's creator Otto Messmer.
  • The Lonely Hearts Club Gang
  • Sheldon's training sequence in "Agent Double-O Sheldon" spoofs J's in Men in Black.
  • When Jenny passes through a convention in "Infectious Personality", one of the con-goers wears a cardboard box over his head with a downward-facing arrow on the front, which looks a lot like an airbending tatoo.
  • In the pilot Jenny eats an ice cream cone, only to open her stomach and take it out, much like Astro Boy.
  • After a robot takes control of Tuck's body he forces Brad to build him a snow fort after telling him "You are not the boss of me now"