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Awesome: My Life as a Teenage Robot
  • In "Puppet Bride" Ms. Wakeman standing up to Little Acorn after being antagonized by him for so long.
  • In the first episode Jenny obliterating an asteroid that was heading towards Earth.
  • In the movie Ms. Wakeman fighting Vexus.
    • Let's face the fact that anytime Vexus shows up, somebody is gonna open up a can of woop-ass.
  • All the times that Jenny's prototype sisters get their act together and fight the enemy as a team.
  • In his debut episode, Sheldon rescuing Jenny, even after she said that she didn't like him.
  • The orchestral remix of the theme song in "Escape from cluster prime."
  • Brad is pretty awesome in "Teen Team Time". During a fight with a giant frog monster, he blinds it with huge lamps, goads it into attacking him with its tongue, backflips off said lamps and watches the frog electrocute himself when XJ-9 and one of said Teen Team members couldn't do a damn thing.
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