Fridge / My Life as a Teenage Robot

Fridge Brilliance
  • Dr. Wakeman built the XJ series after the Armagedroid debacle, and then you realize that she did so to build a humanistic protector, one who wouldn't be greeted with abject fear everywhere she went. Which is why Jenny is the final model, and the slightly-less-than-human XJ8 is the younger sister.
    • Another Escape from Cluster Prime example: Vega describes her mother as a, out of all the words in the world, tyrant. Considering that Vexus took away her kingdom's rights to defend themselves, and framed a foreign robot just because she didn't want to become a resident of her home planet, leaving her home planet open for any hostile takeover...

Fridge Horror
  • One episode features a villain called Armegeddroid. He was programmed to destroy all weapons, but goes a bit too far with his mission. When he comes back, Jenny realizes "He must destroy all weapons. He has no choice!" She then proceeds to show him that he is a weapon, so he must be destroyed. So he self-destructs. What. The. Fuck, Jenny? Even better, in an older, unrelated episode, she tried to convince what she thought was a Cluster drone that Wakeman could reprogram her so she wouldn't have to be a member of the Cluster, but Jenny offered no such thing to Armegeddroid. The kicker? Since Wakeman created Armegeddroid, he is technically Jenny's brother. She talked her own brother into committing suicide.
    • To be fair, he tried to destroy her first.
    • Plus, I don't think Armageddroid would be one to cooperate. We can also assume that Wakeman already tried talking him down in the past, holding "trick him into diving into a volcano" as a backup plan.
  • There's also Wakeman's decision to keep XJ's 1-8 shutdown. So basically, she was keeping Jenny's sisters down in her basement never to see light again.
    • She loosens up on this later though, and in light of events during the series it's safe to assume that she did so for the sake of public safety. Maybe a lack of a proper anti-virus or firewall? XJ-8 alone would be problematic to deal with if the Cluster pulled a Brainwashed and Crazy with her somehow.
  • Whatever happend to guy the Exoskin took over at the of "The Return of Raggedy Android"?
Fridge Logic
  • What relation is Armagedroid to Jenny, exactly? Same creator, different series - half-brother? Cousin?
    • Given he's a much, much older series, I'd go with "uncle", but this is all mostly semantics considering they're about as disowned as family can get.
    • This ties in with a point brought above: Little Acorn, a wooden puppet that Ms. Wakemen built when she was a child, wanting to marry Jenny.