Nightmare Fuel / My Life as a Teenage Robot

Not all is cutesy in this life...

  • At the beginning of the first episode, Tuck walks into Jenny's house to retrieve the baseball. Much of the house looks dilapidated, with what looks like the remains of a robot leaking oil. This is never brought up again.
  • When Tuck envisions the Planet of the Bikers, there's a sudden art shift in the character design, giving it a more-than-creepy look. The fact that the evil bikers' designs are based on the work of Rob Zombie doesn't help much, either.
    • Although Tammy doesn't have an scary appearance initially, her monstrous mouth and tongue (a Shout-Out to Alien) can catch people off guard in "Ball in Chain". Also, there is the concept of being a slave in marriage; trying to get out of it involves the groom being eaten by the bride. It is said to be the tradition on the Space Bikers' planet.
  • Gigawatt is certainly unsettling...mostly because he's one of the few villains that could effortlessly curbstomp Jenny time and time again.
  • When Vexus has her Villainous Breakdown. Both that and her obsession with Jenny and her various disguises and Evil Plans.
  • The Exo-Skin, which simply turned out to be, a G-rated version of Venom! SpiderMan. The way the Exo-Skin slithers up to Jenny like a snake in the middle of the night and its appearance in the moonlight still gives many fans the shivers.
  • Or when the Exo-Skin finds a new host? When Jenny first tries out the new skin, it latches itself onto her body and slowly crawls over her face. She tries to tell Nora Wakeman that there's something wrong, but Wakeman ignores her.
    • And then at the end of the episode, after the skin has supposedly been "deactivated" by Jenny pouring milkshake on herself, the cranky, grumpy old boss at the diner gets attacked: as all his customers desert him, he begs for them to come back, proclaiming that he has seen the error in his ways — right as the skin's sensors latch onto him. We hear the exo-skin CHOMP down on him off-screen, laughing menacingly, as the screen goes black. Even worse, is the simple fact the the Exo-Skin was never brought up again, or seen ever again. Therefore its whereabouts are unknown. "Nothing Is Scarier", Indeed.
  • This bit from "The Wonderful World of Wizzly":
    Jenny: Go on, little robots! Be free!
    Robot Raccoon: But where are we supposed to go?
    (Jenny twists her head 180 degrees revealing a big, blanked-eyed Death Glare)
    Jenny: (monotone) I free.
  • "Armagedroid". The first fight against him and seeing him tear Jenny apart. Plus the fact that, although not explicitly stated, it appears that he came dangerously close to killing her. There's also the fact that he was built by Wakeman, essentially making him Jenny's brother.
    • In a similar sense, "Enclosure of Doom". Just the fact that Jenny managed to talk Armagedroid into destroying himself.
      • How it's done it also unnerving: first you have him tearing into himself, basically causing a robotic disembowelment, and ripping out as much of his insides as possible, and then you have him activating his self-destruct.
      • It's worth pointing out that he was still in town when he did this.
  • Lil'Acorn. Everything about him, from his backstory to the fact that he almost succeeds with his plan.
  • The fact that Larry-3000 from TimeSquad, appears to be dismantled, in his cameo appearance of the first episode, as if someone murdered/tortured him.
  • Vexus' plan to convert Jenny in "Extreme Makeover", where a bug she plants in Jenny's system causes her to hideously mutate into a violent, supersized robot. Jenny's fear as the changes escalate is unmistakable. [[Spoiler: She gets better though.]]