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Shout Out: Baldur's Gate
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    Baldur's Gate 

  • Boo is a reference to the Giant Space Hamsters of Spell Jammer.
  • Marl's voice-actor's opening lines ("You talkin' to me?") are taken from the film Taxi Driver.
  • Some say that Kivan sounds like Clint Eastwood's character Dirty Harry.
  • Clicking on Khalid's portrait enough times will get him to say Porky Pig's "Th-th-th-that's all, f-f-folks!" and also "Ch-ch-ch-chia!".
  • Clicking on Jaheira's portrait will eventually get her to say "By your command" in the style of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica (Classic).
  • Clicking on Dynaheir's gets her to say "These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do", after the song by Nancy Sinatra.
  • When his morale fails, Garrick panickedly sings "Brave-brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick led the way/Brave-brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran away!"
  • In one area, the party comes across a kobold, a xvart, and a tasloi. None of them attack you on sight, so you may be inclined to talk to them. If you do, one of them says "Hi, I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl." You can get them to give you their autographs on a scroll if you like.
  • A character named "Lord Foreshadow" extols the general awesomeness of nights in Neverwinter. Neverwinter Nights was still in development at the time of BG1's release.
  • The game also has a character named Pallonia who mentions "a city where winter never rears its ugly head" that "will soon welcome the return of a multitude of citizens." Neverwinter Nights was also the name of an old MMORPG that shut down in 1997.
  • In the field just south of Beregost, you can run into a character named Bub Snikt who can smell ogres nearby and claims that what he does ain't pretty. 'Snikt Bub' is a nickname of Wolverine...
    • And of course, there's Wolverine's penchant for calling people 'bub', and 'snikt' being his claws' signature sound effect.
  • Repeatedly clicking on Safana results in the sultry-voiced thief quoting Mae West, telling you "When I'm good, I'm very very good. But when I'm bad...I'm better," and "Between two evils, I always choose the one I haven't tried."
  • Shar-Teel paraphrases a couple of quotes from Predator: "If it bleeds, I can kill it," and "I don't have time to bleed."
  • The paladin Ajantis will sometimes tell you "My honor is my life." This is, word for word, the creed of Sturm Brightblade from Dragonlance.
  • There's an NPC named Peter of the North (encountered during the wyvern hunt quest). Peter North is the screen name of a well-known adult film actor. In the game, Peter of the North calls himself a "master woodsman," just in case you thought it was a coincidence.
  • In the last dungeon, you are confronted by a mage named Rahvin who serves the Lion Throne.
  • In the city of Baldur's Gate there is a man named McFeelie who, if spoken to, tells you about his speedy delivery.
  • When Quayle offers to join the party outside Baldur's Gate, he says, "Surely this leads us a familial bond of sorts...." The player can then turn him down with the response, "No, and don't call me Shirley."
  • If you click on Xzar enough, he will ask you to tell him about the rabbits.
  • On the third level of the Nashkel Mines, there's a stone bridge overlooking what seems to be a bottomless chasm (or a very deep lava pit). Now, where have we seen that before?
  • In the Enhanced Edition there's a Gladiator Sub Quest in which at one point you have to fight a Druid with a swarm of giant spiders called "Parker". His specific fight is even called "Unfriendly neighbourhood Spider man"
  • The password to the Baldur's Gate Thieves' Guild? Fafhrd.
  • Some of the last fights of the Black Pits pits you against a party of ogres and a frost giant and then a collection of mages. The next fight after those two, against a mixed party, has the sorcerer who owns the pit comment that you have bested his giants so you must be exceptionally strong, but you've also bested his mages so you must have studied. When you beat that fight, his only comment is "inconceivable!".
  • Quayle sings about "wiling away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain."

    Baldur's Gate II 

  • Garrick, an unrecruitable NPC in this game, is involved in a subplot that is very much like Cyrano de Bergerac.
  • When the party investigates a string of bizarre murders in a remote village called Imnesvale, one of the potential culprits is an old legend about the Umar witch, living in the hills. Apparently, a trio of apprentice mages vanished into the hills some years ago while looking for the witch, leaving behind one of their journals. Sound familiar? The journal, which you can get a copy of find multiple copies of, is called "The Umar Witch Project".
  • When the player discovers Khalid's body, Imoen says that Jon Irenicus forced her to look as he was torturing his prisoner, asking after each cut ''Do you see?''.
  • If you decide to snitch on Jan, he'll be taken to prison and will plead with you to break him out, concluding with "Help me, CHARNAME, you are my only hope."
  • One of the things that Aphril sees when you talk to her in Spellhold is a walking corpse talking to a pillar of skulls.
  • During one conversation, Korgan tells the PC "Killing is our business, and business be good."
  • In Throne of Bhaal, the Spectator Beholder shows up again in Sendai's Enclave. He mocks Captain Egeissag by saying "Oh Captain, my captain!" (quoting Dead Poets Society). When asked why he's doing that (bearing in mind the Spectator is about as un-Beholder like as his race comes) he simply says he's always wanted to say that.
  • Also in Throne of Bhaal, when Captain Samand wishes to find the truth behind a recent crime in the city of Saradush, the player can respond with the immortal line: "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"
  • In Athkatla's commercial district is a huge store of magical items. If you go to the top of the store, you'll find some pictures of Hank and Bobby, two of the characters in the 1980's Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Clicking on them reveals that apparently all of the teens (or at least Hank, Bobby and Uni) never made it back to their own world, as they were eaten by Tiamat.
  • A moose and squirrel have been conspicuously caged together at the circus in Waukeen's Promenade.
  • Doubling with Actor Allusion, but if you click Firkraag (voiced by Jim Cummings), he'll say, "Oh... Bother."
  • On the western side of Brynnlaw, there are two pirates having a disagreement of sorts which culminates in a fight to the death. After slaying his opponent, the victor humorously quips, "Fairly warned be thee, says I."
  • Black Pits 2 features a battle against two demi-liches named Dogar and Kazon.
  • If you have both Korgan and Imoen in your party, one of their banters sees Imoen insulting Korgan by calling him a "gully dwarf", which he laughingly notes as a terribly low blow. Gully dwarves are a mentally stunted, degenerate strain of dwarves from the Dragonlance setting, where all other dwarves revile and disdain them as stupid, filthy, primitive savages.
  • In Throne of Bhaal, if you have the Bard's Gloves (needed to craft the Wondrous Gloves,) Cespenar will proclaim "A glove? Only one? What is you, a rock star?"
  • While being gnomes rather than dwarves the Underdark quest involving the svirfneblin awakening a Balor in their mining is almost certainly a reference to Moria and the Balrog in The Lord of the Rings.
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