Trivia: Baldur's Gate

  • Ascended Fanon: Almost. Beamdog tried to contact the authors of the BG1 NPC Mod (a mod which greatly expanded the characterizations of the companions from the first game) for permission to include it in the Enhanced Edition, but were unable to. Many fans accept it as canon anyway.
  • Let's Play: Shugojin made a particularly hilarious Let's Play. Of course, hilarity is expected when the protagonist is a cross between a CloudcuckooLander and Sociopathic Hero and the party consists of Minsc, Jan Jansen, and Haer'Dalis as regular members. More hilarity comes from the endless mocking, Squick and sanity erosion of a trainwreck of a romance mod.
  • User Operation Prohibit Flag: In the original release of the first game, an unskipable Planescape: Torment trailer will play when you launch the game for the first time.
  • What Could Have Been: The Enhanced Edition was supposed to be an HD version, but the original art for the areas were lost, hence the Enhanced Edition.
    • In addition to recruitable NPC romances that didn't get implemented, in BG2 Solaufein was meant to be a recruitable character that was dropped at the last minute. Some indications are that Garren Windspear's child (a male, Tarr, if your PC was female; a daughter, Iltha, if your PC was male) was possibly meant to be another romance option and also recruitable. The NPC Durlyle (if PC is female) or Delainy (if PC is male) was meant to have a bigger romance role than the brief flirtation that was actually implemented in Tales of the Sword Coast.
    • There were also quests for certain characters (such as Minsc, Haer'Dalis, and Valygar) that were not implemented due to time constraints.
      • The modding community and their good relationship with the developers of the games has prevented much of this content from being lost. The Unfinished Business mods added in a lot of the cut content or recreated the lost quests based on developer input; a Solaufein mod was made so he could be recruited (and romanced); romance mods were made or are being planned for the recruitable characters that never got theirs (Valygar and Haer'Dalis).
    • The biggest one of all was that Throne of Bhaal was originally planned to be a full game, not an expansion pack. Unfortunately, it never got beyond the planning stage.
    • Khalid was originally planned to be a Fighter/Mage. There's at least one Game Mod out there that reverts him to this (and bumps his INT to 17 in the process).