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Ship Tease: Literature
  • Overlapping with Ship Sinking, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had Harry×Hermione shippers pretty pointedly teased by the scene in which Ron destroys the Horcrux: it belittles him, saying a lot of the same things that rabid Harmony shippers did (useless next to Harry, not worthy of a girl like Hermione, etc.) and then shows him an image of Harry and Hermione passionately kissing. At this point, Ron smashes the thing to bits with the sword of Godric Gryffindor.
    • Though by that book, it was obvious what the ships were. The constant Harry×Hermione imagery and scenes in said books was less a tease and more of a way to appease shippers who would have perfered a Harry×Hermione to Hermione×Ron.
    • Many Potterfans figured Luna Lovegood was introduced for the purpose of being Harry's intended, especially given the lengths JKR went to to establish their connection as "outsiders". And especially since — in the same book (Order of the Phoenix), it's stated that the reason Ginny could actually talk to him without blushing was that she'd gotten over her crush on him. (The ship was subsequently sunk and eaten by Harry's "Chest Monster" in Half-Blood Prince)
      • Harry/Ginny had foreshadowing in the same book (Ginny takes the snitch right under Cho's nose. But Harry and Luna share many intimate moments.
    • Averted with Luna and Neville, where most fans seemed to be under the impression they would end up together, despite having no signs of attraction to each other.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has, in order of descending squee fuel, Sansa/Sandor, Jaime/Brienne, and Dany/Daario. Tease consists mostly of the aforementioned characters talking about, thinking about, and dreaming about each other a lot. There also manages to be hints for Lyanna/Rhaegar, even though both characters were dead long before the start of the story.
    • Also, some fans interpret the whole "Blue rose growing from a wall of ice" business as Jon/Dany shiptease. For the uninitiated, the blue rose is what Rhaegar gave to Lyanna when they first met (Rheagar and Lyanna being the most likely candidates for Jon Snow's parent). And the wall of ice thing just speaks for itself.
      • And the title of the series can be interpreted as lending support to the ship as well, with "ice" representing Jon (being the commander of the people who stand watch on the giant wall of ice) and "fire" Dany (with all of the dragon symbolism and the walking into Drogo's funeral pyre and coming out unscathed).
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians series:
    • It has Annabeth/Luke, Annabeth/Percy, and Thalia/Luke. But especially with Thalia/Luke - the readers are teased so badly that it's agonizing. And let's not mention their little kiss in the Demigod Diaries.
    • The Sequel Series The Heroes of Olympus has Annabeth/Percy, Ella/Tyson, Hazel/Frank, Jason/Piper, Leo/Hazel, Jason/Reyna, and Piper/Leo. The first four become canon. Leo/Hazel is sunk as Hazel knows she loved his great-grandfather Sammy not him, (and he's confused anyway). Hera sinks Jason/Reyna before it could begin. Piper/Leo is pretty mild with kisses on the cheek, and a shared friendship at Wilderness school neither of them can remember. Percy and Reyna as well. It's fairly common for praetors to become romantically involved and Percy becomes the new praetor after Jason disappears for eight months.
    • The end of The Blood of Olympus teases Nico/Will Solace like crazy.
  • Temeraire has major ship tease with Laurence/Jane Roland. Despite six books and six years since His Majesty's Dragon, Laurence and Jane hooking up at least once, and even a marriage proposal from Laurence, which Jane turns down, readers, nor Laurence, have definitively seen Jane appear in person since Victory of Eagles. Nevertheless, author Novik continues to tease readers with occasional mentions of Jane's activity and goings-on in relation to Laurence and Temeraire's travels.
    • There's also Laurence/Granby.
      • This ship in particular may have been upped a notch when Granby confesses to Laurence that he is gay in Crucible of Gold, and Laurence admits he may have already suspected Granby's sexual orientation for a while.
      • Add the fact that Iskierka states she deliberately wants to have at least one egg fathered by Temeraire, and that Granby and Laurence have been close friends, and with Laurence choosing Granby for Iskierka's egg in Black Powder War, Laurence/Granby shippers have quite the array of ship tease to work with.
    • On a lesser note, a small portion of the fanbase ships Temeraire/Lung Qin Mei, since Mei and Temeraire had a fling in Throne of Jade. Nevertheless, like Jane Roland, Mei has not appeared in the flesh since Throne of Jade, though Novik has also made a few mentions of the Imperial dragoness.
    • Another fanbase faction ships Temeraire/Iskierka, especially since Iskierka announced her intentions to have at least one egg by Temeraire at the end of Victory of Eagles. Author Novik also continued with more Temeraire/Iskierka ship tease in Crucible of Gold, when it's implied that Iskierka may have gone through all the trouble with the Incan Empress and Maila to make Temeraire jealous, which she succeeded in accomplishing - as well as Temeraire's agreement to mate with her to try and make an egg. However, it's implied that Temeraire seems to be having more than enough trouble with that.
    • Yet another small portion of the fanbase ships Laurence/Emily Roland, Jane Roland's daughter - despite neither character showing any affection of a romantic nature towards each other [as of Crucible of Gold]; Laurence's and Emily's age differences (Lawrence is in his 30's, while Emily is still a preteen); the fact that Lawrence slept with, and even proposed to, her mother, and the ship being just a little bit creepy.
      • However, Laurence/Emily has been effectively sunk with Emily showing clear romantic affection, and even aggressive possessiveness, towards Demane in Crucible of Gold. More ship tease for Emily/Demane has since emerged. Blood of Tyrants also established that Laurence regards Emily almost as his own daughter.
  • There's any number of possible ships being teased in The Dresden Files, primarily among them Harry/Murphy, Murphy/Kincaid, and some Harry/Lara Raith, but there's also some Harry/Molly and Molly/Ramirez. There's also other, less obvious ones like Cujo Hendricks/Miss Gard.
  • For the Artemis Fowl series, after about six books of going between Fire-Forged Friends and Friendly Enemy, Artemis and Holly end up sharing a kiss after Holly saved Artemis.
    • Don't forget Holly's date with Trouble. Bonus points for having Artemis bring it up.
    • ...And then comes the last book, which not only sinks Trouble/Holly but is also one long Artemis/Holly tease. The two of them act rather intimately (like Artemis watching her sleep and Holly stroking his neck) and the scene of them visiting Opal's clone plays out a bit like parents visiting a dying child. Oh, and just about everything in the last third of the book is this.
  • Book 10 of The 39 Clues had SEVERAL: Some (but not as many as the shippers would have liked) mentions of Ian and Amy, several Hamilton and Sinead hints, some moments of DAN AND NATALIE (gasp!!!), and one mention of Reagan helping Ted draw some diagrams.
    • Basically the second half of the third book for Amy/Ian, not to mention a small spot where the haughty Natalie blushes when she thinks Dan's complimented her.
    • In the sixth book, Irina remembers once sharing a meal with Alistair, providing a surprising amount of shipping fuel.
  • Blyton's Malory Towers - If the shipping is kept at the level of 'firm schoolyard friends', Alicia/Darrell or Mary Lou/Darrell might be this, as the first-mentioned girls in both cases seem drawn to the heroine (by jealous possessiveness and worshipful admiration respectively). Alas, Blyton pairs Darrell off in the first book and nobody BUT NOBODY will ever replace Sally Hope as her BFF. Not in canon, at any rate. Averted by Bill, as she states outright (in the third book) that she wants Darrell as a best friend but knows she can't have her.
  • This transcription of a reading from an as-yet-unpublished Vorkosigan Saga novel teases By/Ivan pretty heavily.
  • Fablehaven, starting around Book 3, really enjoys tugging on Kendra's romantic strings. Her attraction to Gavin is immediate and obvious, but he's kind of evil. In Book 4, she meets Raxtus, whom she immediately turns into her own personal in-universe woobie, and they spend the night curled up and sleeping next to one another...but species is kind of a barrier there, since Raxtus is a dragon, and a ''fairy dragon at that. Book 5 seems to set up the Official Couple as Kendra and Bracken, but they themselves admit that relationship won't go anywhere any time soon, due to yet more interspecies shenanigans.
  • The Last Dragon Chronciles is kind of interesting on this matter. Although the Official Couple is technically David and Zanna, Book 4 introduces Tam Ferrel, who has a huge number of Ship Tease moments with both Zanna and Lucy. Lucy harbors a fairly obvious one-sided crush on Tam, what with her obsession with him, and her excitement over getting to spend time with him. And Tam, during his initial introduction, is interpreted by many people (including Lucy) as hitting on Zanna. Even when she explains that she's taken, they do go on to form a fairly close bond. Lucy does not let this go unnoticed, either.
    • Gwilanna with Henry, surprisingly.
  • The Hunger Games is ripe with it, both for the reader and in-universe. Katniss exploits this trope for all it's worth in the 74th games, pretending to be in love with Peeta in order to win sponsors. In the second book it's taken even further. In the Hunger Games movie, it even teased Cato/Glimmer, and a bit of Cato/Katniss, due to the bits where she notices him constantly staring at her.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple Jayfeather/Briarlight got a fair amount of tease in the Warrior Cats series. While the fact that she lives with him can be overlooked (he's a medicine cat, she's permanently crippled, so it's akin to her living at a hospital), what can't is how she's the only one who can actually get him to stop working and take care of himself. There's also the scene where she breaks down and confides to him how she hates feeling useless to the Clan and how much she wishes she could make something of herself, and he offers to make her his assistant to cheer her up. They frequently cuddle, clean, and/or sleep together, which is something reserved for siblings and mates. She's also one of about three cats who believes him when he says he didn't murder Flametail, which touches him enough to snap him out of his Heroic BSOD.
  • No official couples are overtly established in the ColSec Trilogy. That said, when Cord first meets Samella, he notices the way her smile lights up her face. Later in the series, they not only rush to each other's defense fairly often, but hold hands, dance, and hug; while it's never outright stated, the narrative hints strongly at times—especially by the final book—that he's in love with her (and, more subtly, that she reciprocates). And while Jeko and Heleth are usually Volleying Insults or threatening retribution, they also occasionally show genuine concern for one another. While Heleth's end of it is ambiguous, Jeko's end of it comes off decidedly like a crush.
  • In one scene in the Honor Harrington novel Shadow of Saganami, David Weber ship teases Ragmiel Pavletic (one of the viewpoint characters of the book) with a random Marine. He then blows away their pinnace, killing them both. What makes it worse is that they had been about to board an enemy ship, which would have been an excellent opportunity to introduce said Marine as a Mauve Shirt.
  • Pride and Prejudice manages to tease the notion of Lizzie/Wickham before she learns the truth about him, at which point it teases Wickham and another minor character before he finally ends up with Lydia. Before that, there is plenty of hinting at a Lydia/Denny ship, but she torpedoes that ship herself when she goes to Brighton and returns married.
    • One of the more famous ships from Pride and Prejudice is Mary/Mr. Collins. After Lizzie turns him down, everyone thinks that he'll propose to Mary, who states that she is fine with the idea. Instead, he marries Charlotte Lucas instead.
  • The Mortal Instruments: Simon with both Isabelle and Maia.
  • Jacob and Fox in The Mirrorworld Series.
  • Almost all the romance in Chronicles Of Magic is hinted at, except in a couple cases. Justified, perhaps, in that the main characters are around twelve years old. Special mention, however, goes to Benjamin Burrow and Skeeter Traps. During their own private POV moments, they each think of the odd feelings that they get for one another. Benjamin seems to come closer to realizing it, while Skeeter (being a tsundere) is in constant denial.

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