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Ruined FOREVER: Web Original

  • Everytime Facebook announces new privacy settings, a new profile layout, or more people join, people complain that it's not as good as it used to be.
    • And now, they're all rushing YouTube for the same reasons. Odds are the yelling will prove useless on Sept. 30.
    • MySpace suffers from this as well, granted, their version 2.0 profile layouts really are considered inferior for most users. Unused spare 1.0 profiles have become a hot commodity among the Myspace RP scene. Most agree that they began to Jump the Shark once they started copying Facebook.
    • It's even funnier when the people claim "the administrators want to copy facebook/myspace/youtube/..." even though those sites also get ruined forever every year.
    • Timeline anybody?
    • Even mere rumors of change to Facebook fall under this. Facebook might become a pay site/be shut down/(insert rumored change here)? QUICK! Re-post an anonymous blog and warn everyone!
  • Yahtzee beat the fans to the punch when he unveiled the new musical intro to Zero Punctuation, noting at the end of the video that "I'm certain some of you pricks are already putting this down as my shark jumping moment". They were. (The update to his website that week was titled 'You Changed It, Now It Sucks'.)
    • Of course, Yahtzee's own reviews often sound like this, with each new game heralding that the industry is even more ruined for even more forever.
  • Lots of fans were angry when Ben Leffler came out with Ex Mortis 3, the third of a trilogy of flash games. Problem was, this time you had to pay $20 to get the full version, where the first two had been free online games. Granted, there was a free demo version, which was nice, but was composed only of the first level and revealed none of the plot. Fans who weren't willing to cough up 20 bucks were not happy.
  • The Transformers Wiki timeline, as quoted in the page above, has such gems as:
    "13500000000 BCE: The Big Bang creates the universe as we know it. The protons, neutrons, and electrons that will eventually compose Transformers are formed, thereby ruining the Transformers franchise forever."
    "1964: Hassenfeld Brothers introduces G.I. Joe, the first "action figure." The action figure industry is simultaneously born and ruined forever."
    "July 1, 2011: Transformers 3 is currently scheduled to ruin Transformers forever by opening on this date."
    • It also has a page on the subject, which lists a good amount of Transformers series that ruined the franchise FOREVER and also happens to link to the one for "GEEWUN"
    • In fact, they were the first to have a Ruined FOREVER page. This Wiki and the Star Wars one are following the leader. Probably, any wiki about a long-running franchise will either have one or be sorely in need of one before long.
  • Deviant ART's new Version 7 layout has sparked much complaining as well, as it takes forever to load and crashes some browsers. The developers say it's to look good on the iPad, yet there is still no support to write journals on the iPhone format.
    • And the new membership system, hoo boy, everyone complained how it made them look like beggars because it said "Needs Premium Membership" on their page (although they had stamps saying "I wish I had a subscription so I could use this stamp") and that it also displayed who donated a membership and whatnot... DAT RUINED MEMBERSHIP STATUS FOREVER!!
    • The new deviation and journal "stacks" system is now in effect, meaning that you'll no longer have some 20 pages of deviations to look through on your message bar (as well as journals) since it organizes things into stacks by artists. The complaints are really starting to roll in, to the point there's stamps made issuing how horrible this feature is.
  • Neopets, when it went through a site overhaul and the pets got re-drawn so users could put clothing and stuff on them without giving the artists a headache. Yes, there IS now a degree of sameness that takes some of the fun out of the pets (the Meerca no longer stands on its tail, the Usul no longer looks demonic when angry/upset), and every new change introduced thereafter has sparked outrage and threats to leave across the boards.
    • Or even earlier, when they started integrating advertising tie-in games and items.
    • As soon as the solution to the Bonju avatar was discovered, people began complaining that the avatar was "ruined forever".
    • Wait. What's that? ...Neocash?
    • Oh wait. There was that world which you can't enter without paying for a subscription.
    • Pretty sure the game was Ruined Forever when they got rid of Dating Threads, guys. Like nine years before any of these changes.
    • Not to mention even earlier then that, when they removed the human-type pets such as the original Bruce design.
      • And this going along with growing out of the idea that there were humans, such as you, in Neopia at all - which did kind of subvert the original concept of Neopets - didn't help.
  • Ironically, the posters at the 'official' Jump The Shark site demonstrate a tendency to do this; it seems that, for most (if not all) currently running shows, every week something happens to have its fans cry that the show has now jumped the shark (when it seems that they actually mean this trope). There have even been instances of people logging on immediately after the very first episode of a particular show to bemoan how something they didn't like is a clear evidence of a shark being jumped, despite the fact "jumping the shark" is supposed to be a moment when a show makes some radical departure from the original cast/premise/tone/etc., and the first episode is by definition the original cast, premise and tone.
    • Even more ironically, Jump the Shark itself was said by almost everyone to be ruined forever when TV Guide decided to remove the ability to post and stripped about 95% of the site's content.
  • When Game and merged their forums, everyone lost their minds, positive that this would instantly fill every board on Game FAQS with flaming, trolling, innumerable spelling errors, and just general horror. While it's true that for a while after the merge, you could click on just about any abysmal post's poster and be told that they were, in fact, a GameSpot user, the general idiocy levels only increased slightly overall, and it wasn't long before terrible posts were as uncommon as ever and you'd find interesting and insightful posts from GameSpot users as often as from Game FAQS users. Nonetheless, many Game FAQS users still quote CJayC as saying that he'd never merge Game FAQS with another site.
  • Gaia Online, anytime the slightest change is announced. Boy, and how the users do whine. And yet they never leave the site...
  • The massive overreaction when it was announced that YouTube was making deals with major studios to put movies and TV shows on the site. I'll just let this oft-mirrored video speak for itself. This was from April 2009, and aside from some unrelated layout changes, very little has changed as of October.
    • Granted, that might actually be because of the widespread 'Ruined Forever!' outcry generated by that very video, as well as news which was leaked onto various online articles at the time. It's possible that Youtube decided not to go through with the changes after the criticism, or, that they're only going to go through with the changes much more gradually now.
  • Websites like Bauer Radio's, which fans have seen the quality of go downhill since 2005.
  • When did a site redesign back in 2007, many claimed the site was Ruined Forever. The outcry of "It sucks, change it back!" prompted annoyed moderator JeffK to comment "You'll get over it." Amusingly, the userbase has indeed gotten over the redesign, but they still haven't forgiven Jeff for telling them to get over it.
  • The Gawker family of sites did a massive redesign in early 2011 that was not well-received. The Internet Backdraft was pretty huge, prompting things like this Penny Arcade comic. However, this seems to be more than just a vocal minority, as it's been reported that traffic to Gawker sites has dropped 25% since the redesign.
  • My Anime List now has a new layout and navigation page. Cries of "Ruined FOREVER!" were shouted almost immediately after these changes were announced. There's even a club at the site demanding MAL to change back to the side panel.
  • And for a lampoon on this site, head over to the Darth Wiki Ruined FOREVER page.
  • For another lampooning, the Hitler Rants About videos on YouTube parody the idea of ruined FOREVER relentlessly.
  • Pick any Video Review Show. If said reviewer doesn't deliver just ONE episode up to normal standards, prepare for cries of ruined forever.
  • Averted: On the Red vs. Blue Revelations commentary, Burnie Burns says that he and the others were scared that they did this with the new pre-rendered scenes that didn't use the Halo engine. This technology was used to amp up the action scenes and do things that weren't possible using the games. However, their fears were put to rest when they debuted it at a Convention and everyone cheered like mad.
  • Epic Meal Time had lots of people complain it had jumped the shark (naturally meaning this trope) when they did their Drunken Mess video.
  • Toyota Motors decided to put Miku Hatsune in a few of their commercials. The fan reaction is predictable. Sankaku Complex has put up several responses from both America and Japan right here (side columns NSFW).
  • Netflix's price increases are causing this from a lot of users, with a lot of them angrily threatening to cancel their service.
  • A strange in-universe example with The Irate Gamer and his "Breakfast Rants". He complains about minor cosmetic changes to breakfast cereal, including different marshmallows in Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch having only one of the three original bakers on the box. He even ends his rants with "Face it, breakfast is ruined!"
  • Some users of Mario Paint Composer felt this way after the use of soundfonts became so popular that it eventually came to be regarded unfavourable to NOT use them.
  • With the addition of Inspector Spacetime, TV Tropes itself is RUINED FOREVER.
  • The Yogscast are now suffering from this, with the announcement of their new game, Yogventures. Your Mileage May Very when it comes to the validity of the Fan Dumb's grievances.
  • Many people reacted this way when Microsoft Office 2007 replaced the traditional toolbar with a new ribbon toolbar that was so unfamiliar to them after using the traditional toolbar for decades. When other programs started upgrading their toolbars from traditional to ribbon, people who loved the traditional toolbar became even more outraged.
  • Doug Walker killed off The Nostalgia Critic?! TGWTG is RUINED FOREVER.
    • Doug Walker brought back the Nostalgia Critic?! RUINED FOREVER.
    • The Nostalgia Critic employing sketches in his videos? RUINED FOREVER.
    • Spoony left TGWTG?! RUINED FOREVER.
  • YouTube has been getting this more and more with every redesign, especially the new "One Channel."
  • WHAT?! JonTron left Game Grumps to focus more on his own videos?! They got this random Danny dude from some band called "Ninja Sex Party" to replace him?! RUINED FOREVER!
    • WHAT?! They're asking people to subscribe at the ends of videos now?! RUINED FOREVER!

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