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Website: My Anime List
MyAnimeList, often abbreviated as MAL, is a social networking site for anime/manga fans. Created in 2005 by Garett "Xinil" Gyssler, The site's main feature it is that it allows you to make a list of all the Anime and Manga you've watched/read, hence the name.

In addition to its list feature, the site also has a database for anime/manga, staff, characters, etc. as well a forum and social groups (called "clubs") in the vein of MySpace and Facebook.

MyAnimeList has undergone several changes to the front page and site, most recently they made a new layout and navigation page, which has a "dropdown" feature. Cue cries of "Ruined!" for some users and demanding that MAL should go back to its side panel navigation. But it has since wound down, although for the most part, the "bubbles" layout is an eyesore for some users.

TV Tropes now has a fan club on MAL.
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