Recap: The Simpsons S 2 E 13 Homer Vs Lisa And The8th Commandment

Episode - 7F13
First Aired - 2/7/1991

Homer gets an illegal cable hook-up, which causes Lisa to worry for her father's soul, as she learned about the 8th Commandmentnote  in Sunday school ("Thou shalt not steal") and begins seeing theft everywhere she looks.


  • Being Good Sucks: Homer misses the match and deprives himself of cable after his conscience gets the better of him.
    Lisa: Dad, we may have just saved your soul.
    Homer: Yeah, at the worst possible time!
  • Cable Piracy is Evil
  • Early Installment Weirdness: When Homer says he only invited a few close friends to watch the fight, and then Apu shows up, it's meant as a joke: the idea is that Homer has actually invited anyone and everyone to watch the fight, even if they're less a "close friend" and more just a "guy I see at the convenience store a lot". Since this episode aired, however, the show has really built up the friendship between Apu and the Simpson family, to the point where him showing up at a gathering Homer's close friends would make complete sense.
  • Insufferable Genius/Rightly Self-Righteous: Lisa and Marge guilt trip Homer into giving up cable. Homer eventually admits defeat, but tells them he loathes them for it. They just smirk in response. Earlier Lisa does the same to Marge over testing two grapes in store, she is similarly annoyed by it while Lisa just smiles. She's right and both sides sure know it.
  • Special Guest: Phil Hartman as the Cable Guy, Moses, and Troy McClure