Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 02 E 01 Rocketship XM

Film watched: Rocketship X-M

Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured Rocketship X-M in its second season premiere, which also featured Kevin Murphy taking over as Tom Servo's new voice, along with the introduction of Frank Conniff as "TV's Frank", Dr. Forrester's new sidekick.

The Segments:

  • The Satellite of Love has been completely redesigned, but Crow is suffering from a toothache.

Segment 1/Invention Exchange
  • After installing a new voice module in Tom Servo, Joel unveils the BGC-1.9 drum machine as his invention. Frank gets punished soundly by Dr. Forrester for unveiling the exact same invention.

Segment 2
  • The crew give the reporters from the film goofy names in a tribute to them.

Segment 3
  • Joel conducts several quizzes on the 'Bots on objects and people which are either funny or unfunny when they're floating.

Segment 4

Segment 5
  • Joel and the 'Bots chew out the Mads for sending them — a crew stationed on a spaceship with no chance of escape — a film about a spaceship which crashes.

The MST3K presentation of this film featured: