Recap: Farscape S 02 E 15 Wont Get Fooled Again

Season 2, Episode 15:

Won't Get Fooled Again

Crichton finds himself in a strange copy of Earth, populated by the various people and races he's met in his travels living out ordinary lives — and not acting remotely like themselves — without anyone seeming to notice. As things get stranger and stranger, it becomes apparent that the only familiar face within this fantasy who might be able to help him is Scorpius.

When Crichton finally breaks free, he discovers that a Scarran is attempting to extract knowledge using a machine designed to Mind Rape the victim until their consciousness collapses and their memories can be examined at leisure. He defeats the Scarran with help from the imaginary Scorpius, who he is able to see in the real world too. In the end, it is revealed that the imaginary Scorpius is a neural clone of the original, who resides within Crichton's mind thanks to a neural chip that Scorpius placed in Crichton's brain during the Aurora Chair interrogations, and it has spent the past year attempting to copy the wormhole knowledge. Once the threat of the Scarran is neutralised, the neural clone deletes Crichton's memory of their encounter in order to keep his presence secret.