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Recap: Family Guy S 5 E 10 Peters Two Dads
Peter and Lois realize that Meg's 17th birthday is coming up, so they try their best to throw a party, which sucks, and to make matters worse, a drunken Peter accidentally crushes his father, who later dies in the hospital with his dying words, "Peter... you're a fat, stinking drunk!"

After Peter tries to switch to crack, Brian suggests for him to go to Bruce, who hypnotizes Peter, and he realizes that Francis Griffin is not his real father, and his mother reveals that Peter's real father is Mickey McFinnagan, who lives in Ireland and is the town drunk. Peter and Mickey bond when they have a drinking contest.

Meanwhile, Stewie goes through a selfish phase, claiming Meg's presents and Lois' pearl necklace. After Lois spanks him once, Stewie runs away crying, and he realizes that he may be masochistic and intentionally misbehaves so that Lois can hit him again.

This episode contains examples of:

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