Recap / Family Guy S 10 E 10 Meg And Quagmire

Airdate: January 8, 2012

After a violent night at the Teen Choice Awards and when plans for Meg's 18th birthday party fall apart, Meg finds solace in Quagmire, who uses this opportunity to finally nail Meg (as he has been waiting to do it since at least the pre-cancellation episodes), and the Griffins (who usually don't give a crap about Meg) stand up and keep Quagmire from taking advantage of Meg.

"Meg And Quagmire" contains examples of:

  • Bowdlerization: The following scenes have been cut or altered for TV, but can be seen on DVD and on Netflix streaming:
    • The Teen Choice Awards show crowd: On TV, one of the teens in the aisle is a blond pregnant teen who gives birth and swings her newborn child by its umbilical cord. On the DVD version, the girl is brunette, not pregnant, and, instead, pees herself (kind of hypocritical, as it pretty much says that FOX censors will allow newborn abuse played for laughs over Potty Failure played for laughs).
    • The announcer's line: On TV, it's "And now, here's your host..."; on DVD, it's "And now, everybody scream like fuckin' retards for your host..."
    • Wilford Brimley shooting the teens in the audience is Bloodier and Gorier on DVD than on TV.
    • Meg's text message from Quagmire: On TV, it's "Can u fit ur fist in ur mouth?"; on DVD, it's "What do u taste like?" (which is odd, considering that the text that was allowed to air on TV is raunchier than the one that wasn't allowed. Must have been a Censor Decoy in the "The censors picked the blatantly obscene choice over the mildly obscene one because they saw something really obscene in the mildly obscene choice").
    • Quagmire having sex with the meatloaf in the refrigerator: On DVD, he has his pants down; on TV, he doesn't.
    • The boring girls in Mexico: One of them says "I'm going to go poo so I won't have to later" on the TV version; on DVD, "go poo" is replaced with "take a dump."
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Meg slips back into this after years of being the Butt-Monkey mentally disturbed teenage girl. Subverted when she thanks her parents for preventing her from sleeping with Quagmire.
  • Little Brother Instinct: Played for laughs with Stewie punching and kicking Quagmire, saying "Stay away from ma sis."
  • Mama Bear: Lois
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Peter actually cares about Meg's safety.
  • Overprotective Dad: Peter gets really hostile with Quagmire when he attempts to have sex with Meg when she turns 18. Surprisingly as he is the one who is abusing Meg.
  • Papa Wolf: Peter.
  • Pet the Dog: Peter and Lois to Meg. They even tried to throw her a decent birthday party (even after all the crap they give her in past episodes, which is sweet, but very hypocritical).
  • Take That!: The opening scene really shoots the Teen Choice Awards (and stars that are popular with today's teens, which Brian says that he doesn't know who they are) with both barrels (literally, when Wilford Brimley starts blasting kids with his shotgun).