Quotes: Pet the Dog


"Oh, hooray! In a lifetime of evil, at least he didn't add 'Animal Cruelty' to the list!"
— A skeptical Sokka on Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender

"We must know when to be strong... and when to show compassion."
Scorpius, in a moment of pragmatic compassion, Farscape.

Fate: No, they did it out of their own free will. I picked up 57 more of them and sent them to school. Well, it looks like it's a hobby for me.
Rakan: Hey, hey, you serious? Doing such a nice thing and all...it's surprising.

I've murdered tens of thousands in cold blood. If I can't ice the sad-eyed puppy too, I don't deserve the job.

"But yeah, I've racked up such a rep for killing things that it actually makes you suspicious when I take a moment to help out a mom and her little girl. Maybe you think there's a bit of a weird vibe there and that's all you need to go to town, right? Shrinks and mommy issues."
Alcatraz, Crysis: Legion

Real Life

"Jessie's lost in the black depths of junkie despair, scratching and flailing at the pills, I need them! Thrashing like a tasered hippie, Zack's forced to physically restrain her Rather than picking her pocket, feeling up her butt, or calling a Time-Out because he feels super awkward, Zack tenderly talks her down, reminiscing about the time they snuck out together to see ET as kids, and got scared riding home in the dark on their bikes. They got through that, didn't they?"
Stuart Millard, So Excited, So Scared: The Saved by the Bell Retrospective

Anon #1: Fate Tertium Averruncus promotes destruction of entire civilizations, squishing innocent passerby with giant monoliths, and completing primary education. What a nice chap.
Anon #2: Well it's only fair that they have a future before he destroys it.
4chan, on chapter 260 of Mahou Sensei Negima!. See below.