Quotes / Person of Mass Destruction

"Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson are to return to the main office immediately. Furthermore, in a conference held the other day, it was decided that Vash the Stampede will be designated as mankind's first official human disaster. From this day forward, no matter what kind of damage he causes, the Bernardelli Insurance Society will be uninvolved."
Meryl, reading aloud a Bernardelli memo issued after Vash the Stampede's destruction of August City, Trigun

"[T]here will be no more pain. No doubt. Only absolute rage and unparalleled power."
Brainiac on Davis Bloome/Doomsday, Smallville, "Legion"

"Wherever that madman goes, death is sure to follow."
Batman on the Joker, Batman: Arkham Asylum

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war
Disturbed, "Indestructible"

"I'll credit you this, Ms. Hebert. You manage a great deal of grief and chaos in very short spans of time."
Quinn Calle, Worm

"You still don't understand," Saki snapped. "The TSAB has thought this out. It takes immensely powerful, potentially unstable superbeings who could wipe out cities in a flash," she whirled around and pointed at Hayate, "and puts them behind a desk. That is wisdom."
— Unknown Lyrical Nanoha fanfic

"An ostler has a mood and he kicks the dog. A mage has his moods and a town disappears."
Anduin Lothar, Warcraft: The Last Guardian


Stokes: Who the fuck is Alma, anyway?
Snake Fist: She's the mother of the apocalypse.

"It may very well be us that meet our end here today... Because that man... HOLDS THE POWER TO DESTROY THE VERY WORLD!!!"

Michael Garibaldi: Something's happened to your abilities. You're not a P5 anymore. Hell, you're not even a P12. You're the strongest telepath that I've ever seen. What did the Vorlons do to you, Lyta? Who... what are you?
Lyta Alexander: I've only recently begun to understand it myself. You know the Vorlons used telepaths as weapons during the Shadow War, but what no one stopped to consider was that in a war, you have a certain number of small weapons, a certain number of medium-sized weapons... and one or two big ones, the kind of weapons you drop when you're out of the small weapons and the medium weapons and you've got nothing left to use.
Michael Garibaldi: Someone like that would... be the telepathic equivalent of a thermonuclear device, a ... a doomsday weapon.
Lyta Alexander: (eyes start glowing) Pleased to meet you, Mr. Garibaldi.

"Last time I was in New York, I kinda broke... Harlem."

"She's not a US citizen, and they don't give out visas to weapons of mass destruction!"
Tony Stark (on Wanda Maximoff), Captain America: Civil War

Fitz: This whole planet is a wasteland.
Hive: It wasn't always. Thousands of years ago, there were people here. A prospering civilization. They had nine cities, spread across the planet.
Fitz: What happened to them?
Hive: I did.

See me rise, the mighty Surt,
Destroyer of the Universe
Bringer of flames and endless hurt
Scorcher of men and Earth
Amon Amarth, "Destroyer of the Universe"

"I already told you that the only one who can stop me is Hashirama. But he's not in this world anymore. Plus, I should say that it's probably a good thing for you that he is not here, because... if I'm the only one here, the extent to which the maps will need to be redrawn won't be too drastic."
Uchiha Madara, Naruto

"The Wars to end wars, the weapons to end wars, these things have failed us. Now we have a man to end wars... By placing our superhuman benefactor in the position of walking nuclear deterrent, it is assumed we have finally guaranteed lasting peace on earth. It is with this last contention that my most serious point of issue lies: I do not believe that we have a man to end wars. I believe that we have made a man to end worlds."
Prof. Milton Glass, Superpowers and the Super Powers

Roddick: So tell me about John Dandy, Major. Can we trust him?
Main: That's like asking if you can trust a hurricane, Ms. Roddick. You point him in the right direction and hope to God that when the shit stops flying, the enemy is in worse shape than you are.

Garovel: The Monster of the East? The Black Scourge? Those are both him, too.
Hector: Actually... yeah, I've heard of the Black Scourge. When I was little. I thought it was like... a plague or something.
Garovel: Nope. It's a guy.

Dunstan: Wasn't [Lac'Vayce] the one where nearly a million people were killed?
Rezamaar: Yeah. Lamont and Jackson against Jercash, Ivan, and Gunther. The fight leveled the entire city and completely wrecked the local ecosystem. And Lamont and Jackson almost lost. Barely managed to hold on until Sermung arrived and bailed them out. [...] Five of the strongest servants in the world all duking it out in one place. Overra said Lac’Vayce won’t be habitable again for hundreds of years.

THAT'S why Hayate has a limiter. Nanoha is a Magical Killsat Girl.

Hayate is a Magical MIRVed ICBM Launch Complex Girl.

How'd she get a Red Lantern Ring? [...] A Kryptonian wearing one of those is an extinction level threat—!
Shay Veritas on Supergirl, Red Daughter of Krypton

Danneth is eighteen and he has the power to eat worlds. The government has no choice but to deal with him. At first, the akropolia supplement the old forces; they did in the Middle East in two weeks what the president was stumbling over after twenty years. Traditional police are obsolete. Two akropolia can maintain order in each city. Armies follow. Soldiers, weapons, technology, they all become meaningless. Danneth can render a nuclear reactor inert from halfway across the world. He can boil submarines in the furthest depths of the ocean. He can bring down planes - or cast a spell that causes the sky to swallow them.
Akropolis, by Matt Wallace