Quotes: Apocalyptic Log

So that notable deeds should not perish with time, and be lost from the memory of future generations, I, seeing these many ills, and the whole world encompassed by evil, waiting among the dead for death to come, have committed to writing what I have truly heard and examined; and so that the writing does not perish with the writer, or the work fail with the workman, I leave parchment for continuing the work, in case anyone should still be alive in the future and any son of Adam can escape this pestilence and continue the work thus begun.
Brother John Clyn, Irish historian at the time of the Black Plague.

[...] we rescued Balin's body [...] we have barred the gates but doubt if [...] can hold them long. If there is [...] no escape it will be a horrible fate to suffer [...] We cannot get out. We cannot get out. They have taken the bridge and Second Hall... fell there bravely while the rest retr [...] Mazarbul. We still ho[...]g ... but hope u[...]n[...] Óin's party went five days ago but today only four returned. The pool is up to the wall at West-gate... we cannot get out. The end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep. They are coming
The Lord of the Rings, final entry in the Book of Mazarbul

If someone is reading this...I must have failed.
This star NAJU was our home
but we were invaded by evil life-forms.
Everyone except me was killed.
I am going to try to activate the self-destruct device.
If I fail, I would like you to do this task so this cannot
happen to any other race.

Itchy. Tasty.
— Man becoming a zombie, Resident Evil

Mary had a little lamb
Little lamb, little lamb
Mary had a little lamb
Whose fleece was white as snow

I am Elysian, descendant of both the Chozo and the First. I am facing the last moments of my life and transferring my memory to the data pod.
Metroid Prime 3, from lore on Elysia.

Seth... is gone. I don't remember what happened. We were the only two left... and I left him. Brian is gone. Tim... Jay... and Sarah... everyone... is gone. I just woke up in this house with the tape. Seth's camera is gone. All I can remember from the night is right here. All I can remember at all is on the tape now. I'm leaving this house. I thought I would be safer here, by running away... but everything's just gotten worse. I'm going back to my home, and I'm burning these tapes. All of them.
Alex Kralie, Marble Hornets Entry 22

tehres soemhngs inthecore. It maknig thinngsto other tihngs. somethrg not righght hppnng to m.e I nddd hlep.e But snoonenot heree. someone here.
Alter Aila, Orbital Prison 3 Note

The thing's hollow — it goes on forever — and — oh my God — it's full of stars!
Dave Bowman, 2001: A Space Odyssey

I've only two requests to make, Doctor. When the taxonomists classify this creature, I hope they'll name it after me.
And - when the next ship comes home - ask them to take our bones back to China.
Jupiter will be cutting us off in a few minutes. I wish I knew whether anyone was receiving me. Anyway, I'll repeat this message when we're in line of sight again - if my suit's life-support system lasts that long.
This is Professor Chang on Europa, reporting the destruction of spaceship Tsien. We landed beside the Grand Canal and set up our pumps at the edge of the ice-

I know its early in the morning, I've stayed up all night, I can't sleep, I don't care if people see this, that's not the point, I just want the word to get spread so I don't suffer for nothing. I've lost the will to type about this, the less I dwell on this the better, I think the video just speaks for itself. [...] I don't want to play anymore. I feel like something bad will happen if I don't, but that's impossible, it's a video game - haunted or not it can't hurt me, right? Like seriously though, it can't, right? That's what I keep telling myself, but every time I think about it I'm not so sure.
Jadusable, Ben Drowned (Arc 1, Chapter 3: "DROWNED.wmv")

8th Felsislte, 1064
All burn. Children burn fastest. Less fat. Locked lot crazy nobles in statue garden. Won't move until they all stop moving. And burning. Some escaped. Still burning. All burn.
The very stones themselves are burning. Nothing can stand in the heat.
The fires have claimed all of the second hall. There are only five of us left, and Unib Berog walks back and forth, carrying objects uselessly, not understanding anything.
The tales are true... adamantium is cursed. We did naught but uncover the vein, and doom befell us.
Cerol Likotag told me he had to "fill the pool" and wandered into the fires. Poor creature.
Berog declared that he wants new Bonobo leather trousers.
The Chronicles of Boatmurdered

aw;'jf OrDe R p[fal al Hlep HeLp dme Me, LosS mInd CANdofw stopthem gEt OUT m[pofmy HED
— Diary of Vault 92 resident Zoe Hammerstein, final entry, Fallout 3

3rd Malachite, 1064
Rakust Ulterolin went mad and slaughtered two dwarves, then wandered to the flames.
I am now the last one. I saw a child, feral and and crazy, lurking in the bonehoard. She looked happy enough, so I left her alone.
I will leave, cut my beard and seek my death somewhere else. There is nothing for me here. The child will now be the ruler of Boatmurdered.
The Chronicles of Boatmurdered

I think someone is below. I don't know who it is, but I'm afraid. No one should be out here but me. I'm going to stash my journal just in case. Maybe I can hide.
— Last entry of Katherine Heaton, Virals

I hear. Them. Everywhere. They're coming. Can't sleep. Ever. They'll eat me. Eat.
— Personal log of PFC G. Haley, Galactic Federation Marine Corps, Metroid Prime 2

...alled Reapers. Cannot be stopped. Cannot be stopped.
— Data fragment of Prothean origin found on Ilos, Mass Effect 1

If you are reading this...get the hell outta this place! Now!
— A rather succinct example from Mass Effect 2

If you're hearing this... then there is still hope. Hope that you can avoid the same mistakes we made. We fought the Reapers, but we failed to stop them. We did everything we could. We built the Crucible, but it didn't work. We fought as a united galaxy, but it wasn't enough. I only hope the information in this capsule is enough to help you before it's too late. My name is Dr. Liara T'Soni. Herein lies the recounting of our war with the Reapers.
— Warning message left by Dr. Liara T'Soni, from the Refusal ending of Mass Effect 3

Data log entry 2467.3. This will be the last communication of the G.F.S Valhalla.
Our efforts to repel the Space Pirate boarding force have failed. They have successfully removed the primary mounting structure around our stasis tank. It is obvious now that they intend to extract us from the Valhalla.
It is vital that the Federation receive this transmission.
...Severing main power...
A large bioform is creating a wormhole.
...Implant into...
Sentient planet which is the source of all Phazon.
...Darkness coming.
Aurora Unit 313, Metroid Prime 3

King Arthur: What does [the inscription] say, Brother Maynard?
Brother Maynard: It reads, "Here may be found the last words of Joseph of Aramathia. He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the holy grail in the Castle of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh..."
King Arthur: What?
Brother Maynard: "The Castle of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh".
Sir Bedevere: What is that?
Brother Maynard: He must have died while carving it.
Sir Lancelot: Oh come on!
Brother Maynard: Well, that's what it says.
King Arthur: Look, if he was dying, he wouldn't have bothered to carve "Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh" into the rock. He'd just say it.
Sir Galahad: Maybe he was dictating it.
King Arthur: Oh shut up!

I was wrong. We were so wrong.
Dr Elizabeth Shaw, Prometheus TV spot

This is deputy Jerry Hoobs, and I´m leaving this record in case I don´t survive. Sheriff Rockwood's gone insane, and i couldn't reason with him. I barely escaped the station. The problem is it's too widespread to escape on foot. Nobody here is set to travel, so I´m gonna search for help. But I think it´s a little, too late...
The military has come in, but not to help. I found a CEO, and before he died he told me that the Pentagon had authorised the assured "Scorched Earth Policy." This is it man. It´s Armageddon. Shit man, I'm gonna save my own ass! Damn the Valley!

If you've come aboard this ship... you're dead men! Don't go back to your own ship. You have one chance. Get down there. Get down there fast. Captain Tracey is...*screams and falls from view*
— Final entry by the Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Exeter, Star Trek "The Omega Glory"

Libera te...tutemet...ex inferis... Translation 
Captain Kilpack, Event Horizon

Item #: Pending
Object Class: Keter. God help you.
Special Containment Procedures: You're going to die, you poor dumb fuck.
This isn't a threat. I'm Agent Barclay. I'm in the middle of this goddamned thing, and I'm telling you, if you're here? You're going to die. I'm probably already dead.
— A note found in SCP-1983, SCP Foundation

“Ten minutes have passed since I partook of the ‘elixir of life’. Feeling groggy… Oh God, No! All seems to fade, darkness comes and anal leakage. Oh, shit! My bollocks have exploded! Hope fades, this is the… [The reader notes that the pen seems to have slid off the page.]”
The last entry in Great—Uncle Peregrine’s Journal, Bottom Live: Weapons Grade Y―Fronts, Act Ⅰ

Dreaming about my father. When he was drunk he lost all his English. Not that he had anything worth saying anyway. Fucking dipstick. I was so glad to get out of your house Daddy you fucking greaseball dipstick nothing cipher zilcho zero. I knew I'd made it. I walked away from you, didn't I? I walked on my hands.

But there's nothing left for them to cut off. Yesterday I took my earlobes

left hand washes the right don't let your left hand know what your right hands doing one potato two potato three potato four we got a refrigerator with a store-more door hahaha.

Who cares, this hand or that. good food good meat good God let's eat.
lady fingers they taste just like lady fingers
The last entry in the diary of Richard Pine, "Survivor Type", Stephen King

Wights all around us, he wrote, when he heard the shouts from the north face. Coming up from north and south at once. Spears and swords don't stop them, only fire. ...He wrote faster, note after note. Dead wildlings, and a giant, or maybe a bear, on us, all around. He heard the crash of steel on wood, which could only mean one thing. Wights over the ringwall. Fighting inside the camp. A dozen mounted brothers pounded past him toward the east wall, burning brands streaming flames in each rider's hand. Lord Commander Mormont is meeting them with fire.
We've won.
We're winning.
We're holding our own.
We're cutting our way free and retreating for the Wall.
We're trapped on the Fist, hard pressed.

One of the Shadow Tower men came staggering out of the darkness to fall at Sam's feet. He crawled within a foot of the fire before he died.
Lost, Sam wrote, the battle's lost. We're all lost.
A Storm Of Swords, Chapter 18

The war between the east and west which is now in it's three hundred and twenty-sixth year, has at last come to an end. There is nothing left to fight with, and few of us left to fight. The atmosphere has become so polluted with deadly germs, that it can no longer be breathed. There is no place on this planet that is immune. The last surviving factory for the manufacturing of oxygen has been destroyed. Stockpiles are rapidly diminishing. And when they are gone, (voice gets slower and deeper as ring slows) we must die.

My name is of no consequence. The important thing you should know, is that I am the last who remembers how each of us, man and woman made his own decision. Some chose to take refuge in the great caverns, and find a new way of life far below the earth's surface. The rest of us decided to take our chances in the sunlight. (voice gets slower and deeper as rings slows) Small as those chances might be.
The Talking Rings, The Time Machine 1960

I just find it surprising, that after so much effort the final act of our existence should be suicide. So why build this archive? It's a cautionary tale. Not for us. It's too late for us. But for, well, for whoever, whatever, eventually finds this recording.
The Archivist of the Future, last words after showing how humanity went wrong, The Age of Stupid

"Dead explorers leave the best mementos. If it's not supplies you get a long, detailed log of what happened."