Playing Against Type: Foreign Dubbing

  • The Latin American dub for Bleach has several cases of Playing Against Type. Seriously, Ichigo is voiced by Kohaku? Kenpachi is Dumbledore? Renji, by Vash The Stampede? Mayuri, by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Chizuru, by Kodachi Kuno? Byakuya, by Roronoa Zoro? Yumichika, by Tadao Yokoshima?! And the list goes on, and on, and on...
    • Mayuri is voiced by who? Oh dear god, I just imagined him singing the Fresh Prince Theme...Awesome.
    • No, Zoro is voiced by Gabriel Basurto and Bykuya is actually Christian Strempler. And Aloof Older Brother's aren't new to Alfredo, his most famous role was Sesshoumaru from InuYasha. ZORO is the role where he plays against type. And he nailed the role — but sadly the One Piece dub is VERY hated among Latin American fans for being based on the 4kids version of the show. Which is sad considering that, performance wise, it's actually pretty good.
    • Even more so! Ricardo Mendoza is an expert in playing The Lancer or the Number Two (either Hot-Blooded or Deadpan Snarker subtypes). His role in Bleach? SOUSUKE MOTHERFUCKING AIZEN. It makes The Reveal so very weird to watch - specially because some fans were betting on him playing Renji instead.
  • Portuguese theatre actor, dancer, etc. Henrique Feist has had this at least twice: First, his most famous dub work would be in Dragon Ball, as Goku (as a plus, he voices him both as a kid and a grown-up). Not surprising, since most actors at that time (and some now) originated in such backgrounds. What's more surprising is his role in The Prince of Egypt, as Rameses.
  • Dirty-mouthed comic George Carlin played Mr. Conductor in the American version of Thomas the Tank Engine.
    • George occasionally brought this up in his stand-up, including one of his HBO specials, when talking about the problems with kids these days. "This is Mr. Conductor talking! I know what I'm talking about!"
    • Ringo Starr later had played the same role. Imagine children's surprise upon discovering the Beatles and seeing Mr. Conductor with a band singing about drugs.
  • Mexican bass-baritone Gerardo Reyero usually plays The Stoic (Cyclops), the Team Dad (Ukitake), or the Big Bad (Freezer). And then he plays Might Guy.
  • Maynardo Zavala was a Mexican voice actor typecast as fat old men with deep voices. Then he was Fangface (A teenage werewolf whose human form is skinny)
  • Laura Torres, from Mexico, is known for voicing innocent and naive children like Son Goku (and his two kids), Tommy Pickles, and Ralph Wiggum. Then she voiced the all but innocent Shin-chan (Vitello/Phuuz version)... And it's HILARIOUS!
  • The Mexican voice actor Jesus Barrero is mainly known for voicing youths like Seiya, Yamcha (first voice), Koji Kabuto, Impmon (and Beelzemon), and even Emperor Kuzco. Then he became the second voice of Peter Griffin. These days, he still voices immature characters.
    • Let's not forget him as Professor J and Dekim Barton from the Gundam Wing dub.
  • Although said characters are actually in line with his regular typecasting, it's still uncanny to hear characters speaking with Ed Asner's voice in Lucio Fulci gore films.
  • The Italian dubber of Scar was Tullio Solenghi, a comedian who usually plays light and sympathetic roles.
  • Due to his high-pitched voice, Italian actor Davide Garbolino is typecast as kids and/or talking animals. Somehow he was also Adult Gohan.
  • Danish actor Mathias Klenske is usually type-cast as teenage heroes such as Ash. Then he became Chris McLean.
  • In Brazil, Fábio Lucindo usually voices teenage heroes (i.e. Shinji Ikari). Then he became Red Mist.
  • German dubber Hannes Maurer is usually typecast as sweet little boys such as Spike. Somehow he became Red Mist, who is anything but sweet.
  • Hungarian voice actor Csongor Szalay usually voices children or teen heroes. Then he became Gaara.
  • Mario Scarabelli is an Italian voice actor with a rough voice, usually voicing either old or grumpy characters, like Squidward or Muten Roshi. For some reason he also voiced Cheetor and Big McIntosh.
  • In Hungary, Janka Solecki voices villainous women such as Courtney and Azula. However, one of her roles where she didn't portray a villain, was Applejack.
    • This is reversed in Poland, where Monika Pikula voices nice ladies, such as Anne Maria, Sam Manson, and Sandy Cheeks. However, she voiced Azula, who wasn't nice.
  • Hungarian dubber Szabolcs Palmai is usually typecast as teenagers or Adorkable characters. Vicious is how brutally he played against type.
  • Polish actress Ewa Smolinska is known in her few voice acting roles as a number of Hot Witch characters such as Maleficent (replacing notable actress Zofia Mrozowska), Mala, Lady Bane ''and'' Marzipan, and Mirage. She is also notable for being one of the female voices of Lampy.
  • Ruben Cerda is a Mexican comedian that have dubbed a lot of big and good guys, and his two most known roles in dubbing are Mickey Mouse and Barney. Then he gave voice to the big, but not so good Oogie Boogie.
  • French voice actress Sauvane Delanoë is typically heard on the Bratty Half-Pint (Fievel, Skippy Squirrel, Ben Tennyson) or the Plucky Girl (Cera, Blossom). So knowing she's part of the cast of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which got its share of both, you would be forgiven to expect her to get one of these parts... instead of Ax-Crazy Baroness Adiane... and clearly having a hell of a time with all the profanities and funny faces.

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