Offscreen Moment Of Awesome / Video Games

  • In the video game adaptation of Power Rangers Samurai, the first level ends with them making the Megazord...then you get text saying that the Megazord won. No fight, no cutscene, no nothing. At least you get to fight with the Megazord in future levels (as a Quick Time Event).
  • After spending hours in Xenogears undergoing hideous trials such as Babel Tower and Kislev's Absurdly Spacious Sewer, it is difficult to convey how disappointing it is to have entire dungeons and some truly epic-sounding battles narrated as recaps by characters sitting in chairs.
    • Considering Xenogears had some nightmarish dungeons, especially Nortune's Goddamn Sewer, that's something of a blessing.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: The Big Shell falls apart as Arsenal Gear breaks free. Then a few hours later Arsenal Gear crashes into New York, causing even more destruction. But the master discs were burned on September 12, 2001 so it all happened off-screen, making the ending even more disjointed.
    • Speaking of the Big Shell falling apart, while we do see the Computer Room fill with water, we never see it touch or carry away the lifeless body of Emma, and so miss out on what could have potentially been a very poignant Burial at Sea. It wouldn't have been much of a stretch either, considering the game had already done something similar for Sergei Gurlukovich and Scott Dolph, who were far less important to the story.
    • Not to mention Solid Snake, as a - well, as a concept. We get to play as him for two hours, if you play slowly and get all the Easter Eggs, And Now for Someone Completely Different! He runs around the Big Shell killing sentries left and right and doing crazy stunts to defuse bombs, and we have his word to go on, only. He goes off to have a showdown with a ninja, and the only indication of this we get is him telling Raiden that he has his hands full with something on his end, followed by another character explaining what had happened, later on. The raised middle finger of this whole aspect was very, very, very intentional.
    • Also, the opening cutscene of MGS2 explains that Solid Snake and Otacon traveled around the world for two years destroying Metal Gears as part of the non-government group Philanthropy. Considering that Snake has only starred in two full next-gen games (to date), was it too much to ask for a interquel game detailing the intervening years of their involvement with the group?
    • Fortune drags him atop Arsenal Gear in handcuffs. How did that happen? It was probably awesome. We probably would have liked to see that.
    • After Sons of Liberty Raiden goes on a journey to rescue a child named Sunny from The Patriots. With help from another party he finds her and leaves her under Otacon and Snake's care. He still has a horrible confrontation with the Patriots who play with him and ruin his body. Raiden manages to escape and journey has affected him so much that he Took a Level in Badass after being The Scrappy. He later goes on a journey to find the corpse of Big Boss in compensation assistance with Sunny. When will Kojima Productions develop a game focused on this? (The answer was original supposed to be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but when they handed it over to Platinum they made it a sequel) .
  • In Halo, the Battle of Earth as a whole is this trope. The actual massive battle takes place in between Halo 2 and Halo 3. Additionally, the climatic space battle between the Elite and Covenant fleets in the latter game also happens offscreen while you're off doing your own thing. Similarly, a lot of the massive battles of Halo: Reach happen in the background.
  • The House of the Dead: OVERKILL plays this for laughs at the final boss. Then subverts it because you fight the final boss anyway.
    Agent G: Varla, this is for you!
    G: How we survived that, I don't know.
    Washington: Hey, if we hadn't found these miniguns just lyin' around, we'd be fuckin' dead for sure!
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, the enchanter Sandal apparently slaughters an entire platoon of darkspawn. You arrive in the aftermath of this.
    Sandal: Enchantment?
    You: What happened here?
    Sandal: Enchantment!
    • He does this again in Dragon Age II. Twice, no less.
      • The first time, much like the event in the first game, there's a giant frozen ogre, and Sandal's response?
    Sandal: NOT Enchantment...
  • There's one implied in Dragon Age: Inquisition, if Horsemaster Dennet is recruited before the end of Act 1. During the sacking of Haven, he's one of the few named NPCs who doesn't require the player's help to survive. Later, when the Inquisition settles at Skyhold, he's there along with all of the horses in his care. There's no opportunity to ask him how he managed to do that; if the player character goes to the stable, s/he can be heard commenting, "I forgot about the Fereldan horses!"
  • The fangame Paper Mario World sets up a boss battle... then doesn't deliver any boss battle at all. To elaborate, Mario's allies just managed to free Mario from being trapped in a cave, but then Bowser shows up. All of them prepare for what what would be a third Bowser battle, but then a white screen shows up saying something like, "And then Mario and friends defeated Bowser." Then you see Bowser running away, and the others continue the game as if nothing happened.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Ezio Auditore walks into the Rosa expecting to find his sister dead at the hands of the guards. Instead he finds that she killed a group of armed and armored guards with a knife, while wearing a dress, off screen.
  • In the "Fate" route of Fate/stay night, Archer's standoff with Berserker is relegated to an off-screen bang, and Rin and Shirou's reactions. The anime fully renders the awesomeness, with perhaps more justice than the Visual Novel could.
    • Another one in the "Heaven's Feel" route, if you decide to let Rin kill Sakura. Kotomine predicts what's going to happen next and it sounds awesome - then you get a Game Over screen.
  • In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn this comes at the very end of the game when Alex goes off to fight Blados and Chalis off screen to give you time to save the world. Of course they all wind up surviving this little encounter. Camelot is quite skilled at never letting you know just how powerful this particular character is.
  • In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Henry does Travis a favor by killing ranks 6 and 5, but the player doesn't get to control him (Despite the fact they just fought a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere in Henry's dream as Henry himself). In true No More Heroes fashion, the game then proceeds to call players out on their disappointment, and Henry sends Travis pictures of him posing with their corpses to "Hold you over".
    • Although, it's thought pretty widely that the boss fights were supposed to be played, but got Dummied Out.
  • In Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend, there is a segment where the Postal Dude is asked to help "relocate pigeons," and he is handed a rocket launcher. The game immediately cuts to a video of Running With Scissors' CEO complaining over the phone that they don't have the money to make such a level. When the game cuts back to the Dude, he's standing in a massive pool of blood and feathers.
    Dude: "Man, that was the most incredible thing I've ever done!"
  • Runescape features a quest called "King of the Dwarves", where you trick a troll warlord into battling an army of Chaos Dwarves. And what does this epic battle look like? The troll warlord tells you to go back to the city and he'll take care of it.
    • The Player-Owned Ports minigame culminates in the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits you've been helping on their individual quests banding together to take down an Eastern warlord with the powers of an Elder Artifact, an unlimited horde of brainwashed sea monsters, and potential godhood. Since you're stuck managing the port, you never see any of it.
    • If you talk to Kuradal after "Ritual of the Mahjarrat", she's frustrated that she missed the battle with Lucien and the appearance of the Dragonkin, as she got trapped in the cave by a rockslide. All she got to do was battle a few hundred Glacors to kill time waiting for rescue...
  • Quest for Glory II: Played hilariously straight. Your caravan is accosted by hundreds of brigands and looks to be overwhelmed. Following an intermission, you find yourself on top of a mountain of corpses, the brigands vanquished.
  • In Sam & Max: Freelance Police, Sam sums up the events that lead them to be trapped by Jurgen. When Sam and Max confront him, the flashback ends the second they're about to start fighting.
    Sam: And then there was the most epic battle of our entire career!
  • In Mass Effect 3, after spending the entire game gathering war assets and building an army, almost none of your war assets are seen or even mentioned during the final battle.
    • More generally, from the first game, it's been established that the Elcor fight by strapping massive clusters of heavy weaponry to their backs, and laying waste to their enemies using VI-targeted fire. They are referred to on several occasions as "living tanks". After three games, we still never got to actually see this.
    • We hear two different, unrelated stories about a Krogan battlemaster and an Asari commando tearing apart a space station in epic duels. Both times, the storyteller neglects to describe any parts of the battle itself.
    • One minor Fetch Quest involves finding a dinosaur fossil so they can be cloned and used as cavalry. As with all other War Assets, we never see the results of this.
    • Pretty much everything Anderson does: Earth is one of the first planets attacked, Humanity's homeworld takes the brunt of the Reapers' wrath, its main cities are destroyed within days if not hours, yet Anderson manages to mount a resistance movement, reorganize the Humans living outside the cities efficiently enough that not only does Earth resist until the very end of the game after Thessia has gone silent and Palaven has been abandonned by Turians who cannot both defend their homeworld and prepare to escort the Crucible anymore, but manage, with no help from the outside to prepare a final assault against the Reaper beam in London. And we don't see any of it.
    • The Miracle of Palaven also qualifies. The Turian navy draws the Reapers away from Palaven, the Turian leadership and resistance infiltrate the Reapers when called aboard them for "peace talks" and set up bombs, destroying several Reapers from the inside. At the same time, the Krogan (with said dinosaurs) arrive and join the Turian military in a concerted push that takes back large areas and boost galactic morale. Sadly, we only learn about it from a Codex entry.
    • Ashley/Kaidan had an offscreen One-Man Army moment at about the game's halfway point when Cerberus launched a coup on the Citadel.
    • Many of the DLC missions in Mass Effect 2 become this if you didn't buy or play the DLC prior to starting 3, with Alliance marines and mercenaries taking Shepard's place, and taking far more casualties.
  • Many Companion quests in Star Wars: The Old Republic involve some of these (as companions after the first accomplish most of their personal goals off screen to save development time. Jaessa Wilsaam kills a sith lord in single combat, despite only being an apprentice herself, Lt. Pierce manages to take one of the most fortified stations in history with only a small team of black ops troopers and a small detachment of soldiers, while M1-4X's entire storyline involves ever increasingly awesome deeds of patriotic fervor, starting with capturing an Imperial propaganda specialist through incredibly precise timing, a flimsy window, and a passing speeder, and ending with Capturing an Imperial scientist... with only basic motor functions intact.
  • The Costume Quest kids get down from the Ferris wheel with a brilliant plan. Immediate cut to the kids on the ground.
  • Street Fighter has Akuma's Raging Demon attack. It is never shown onscreen, but it is one of the most epic and powerful moves in the entire series.
    "Die one thousand deaths!"
  • The Umbrella corporation in the Resident Evil franchise is portrayed as the evil Mega Corp. that caused the zombie outbreak throughout multiple games. The endings of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis imply that the protagonists are going to take on Umbrella directly, but the closest they ever gotten was Claire storming Umbrella's headquarters at the start of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica and then getting captured quickly. By the start of Resident Evil 4, Umbrella gets into trouble with the government and they fall into bankruptcy. To rub the salt further into the wound, Jill and Chris in a flashback during Resident Evil 5 are shown to be hunting down the man behind Umbrella, but Wesker intervenes and cuts their plan short. A shame that the player never gets to take Umbrella down themselves directly. Spencer, the guy behind Umberlla, is shown to be an extremely frail and old man confined to a wheelchair and is killed off by Wesker in a cut scene. It is also stated that Wesker was the one who had leaked information to the government about Umbrella's experiments and also testified against them in court.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky/Darkness/Time:
    • Team Skull attacks Wigglytuff and attempts to knock him out. This fails, and Wigglytuff singlehandedly destroys all three of them without breaking a sweat off screen. Team Skull is not seen again for a long time.
    • Wigglytuff has another one when narrating his flashback of the first visit to Brine Cave; Chatot prevents Kabutops and his henchmen from instantly defeating Wigglytuff after which Wigglytuff effortlessley thrashed them.
  • Pokémon Black and White has N defeating the Elite Four before you can, and by the time you reach the Champion, N has already defeated him.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic, you can find Calo Nord's journal. Reading it reveals he once chucked a grenade down a rancor's throat. While riding its shoulders.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a moment where the Dovahkiin has to ride a dragon to reach their final destination. "Hold on, Dovahkiin! Prepare to see Skyrim as you never have before!". As soon as they rise into the air and the choir kicks in, the player is skipped directly towards the destination. They adressed this later with the "Dragonborn" Downloadable Content, which adds the ability to travel Skyrim by riding dragons.
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS has the reveal trailer of Lucina and Robin, which starts off with Chrom (also from Awakening) lying in defeat and Lucina barely holding her own after facing Captain Falcon in battle, who looks no worse for wear. There's still plenty of awesome afterwards though.
  • Upon reaching Mars in Super Robot Wars Z: Tengoku-hen, the Arc Sabers reveal they were fighting the Meganoids all this time. Just before Z-BLUE's arrival, Banjo had singlehandedly destroyed them all.
  • Christa and Clementine have this in The Walking Dead during the beginning of season 2 considering the two of them survived sixteen months until they got separated in the apocalypse. Keep in mind that Clementine is a little girl and Christa was a Broken Bird after losing Omid and also her baby and it's also implied that they never joined a group during that time meaning they managed to do all that on their own.
    • Also Luke who at one point follows the player and several others back to Carver's settlement by foot without stopping to sleep or eat in season 2 episode 3.
  • Angel gets one in the second Digital Devil Saga game. A group of Karma Society soldiers attempt to arrest her, to which she simply asks "who do you think invented the demon virus?" and reveals her Atma brand to them. Unfortunately, the Curb-Stomp Battle that the first game's Final Boss undoubtedly handed them is never shown.
  • The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies DLC case notably ends just before the new aquarium show is about to start. There's no cinematic for it or even dialogue. The ending cinematic to "Turnabout Academy" has this to a lesser extent, as it shows the start of the rescheduled concert, but ends before Juniper starts to sing.
  • One of the most iconic events in the Castlevania franchise is Dracula's Killed Off for Real moment in 1999, in which Julius Belmont sealed off Dracula's castle, cutting off Dracula from his source of power, and then killed Dracula. The catch? This climatic battle has never been depicted in any Castlevania media; the closest we get is retellings of it in the Castlevania: Chronicles of Sorrow duology, not even a cutscene.
  • Quite a number of people would like to know how, in Fire Emblem Fates, Camilla talked Beruka, her would-be assassin, into becoming her loyal subordinate.
  • Can occur in Overwatch. At the end of each match, the game awards "Play of the Game", and shows a replay of it. The problem is, the replay is from the player's perspective, even if they're someone like Torbjörn with indirect attacks. In that case, it won't show the actual Play of the Game, but what you coincidentally happened to be doing at the time, such as sliding off a cliff while dead, or ogling a teammate.
  • In Undertale, once you complete the Neutral path and sorta-befriend Flowey, eventually he will tell you how Papyrus' brother, Sans, 'caused him more than his fair share of resets', presumably when Flowey tried to kill everyone in the underground. We never get to see it ourselves, but you can have a taste of it in the No Mercy route. But be forewarned: You're gonna have a bad time.
  • In RefleX's final two stages, as the ZODIAC Ophiuchus you get to fight ZODIAC Virgo and ZODIAC Libra. While there do exist 10 other ZODIAC units, their destruction, also by Ophiuchus, is only mentioned in a text interlude between the 7th and 8th stages.