Nightmare Fuel: Mortal Kombat X

The Krypt still isn't exactly safe....

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And you thought Mortal Kombat 9's cast was Made of Iron? You ain't seen nuttin' yet. Remember; everyone gets up after these like nothing happened.

  • Kotal Kahn's X-Ray move involves stunning the opponent with a blast of burning sunlight, summoning a blade and promptly stabbing it through the opponent's throat, twisting the blade to break the neck, and then kneeing the person hard in the face.
  • Ferra/Torr's has Torr smash one's skull into the ground and then punch the person so hard that their rips crack. As they fly away, Ferra springboards off Torr for a Wolverine Claws stab to the face.
  • Remember Sub-Zero's X-Ray from MK9? The same but worse - the frozen organs get pulled out and turned into a giant icicle that gets rammed into the person's eye.
  • Scorpion knees the opponent in the face so hard that they fly into the air, only to be stopped by both of Scorpion's spears, one of which hits the person in the forehead, and slams down on the head to break the neck.
  • D'Vorah lifts the opponent with her swarm, flies up, and uses one of her Spider Limbs to stab the person through the back of the head and out the mouth, only to kick both feet into his/her back, breaking it and sending him/her crashing to the ground.
  • Raiden's is one big Trauma Conga Line to the back: he sends them flying into the air with an electric blast, shocks them in the back with his hand, knocks them back down with another electric bolt, causing them to slam (back-first) so hard that they bounce, after which Raiden warps down, jumps up, and knees them in the spine, breaking it.
  • Cassie Cage's X-Ray stuns her opponent before she drops down into a splits pose and punches her opponent's balls/cameltoe so hard they explode. Following that, she takes out both her guns and claps them grip-first on both sides of the head before shooting both barrels into each eye. Like father/mother, like daughter, indeed.
  • Kano tackles the opponent, spinning them before jumping onto their back, jamming one of his knifes into their stomach before ripping it diagonally, cutting through the entire rib cage in the process, spinning them again so he could grab them like he's about to do a DDT, but instead lifts them up by the neck, breaking it.
  • Quan Chi throws a green skull at the opponent, stunning them before teleporting behind the opponent as they spin around, slamming two skulls on both sides of their head, crushing their skull before kicking them back into a portal, following them before another portal opens in the air as the opponent falls and hits the ground, Quan Chi following and stomps down on their neck with enough force to break it (and dislocate the jaw as well).
  • Kung Lao throws his hat into the opponent's forehead, spinning in blade before embedding itself in the skull with an audible crack. He then quickly runs at his opponent, vaults over them while grabbing the hat, and slams them over his head; the impact disconnects the spine from the ribs! As if that's not enough, the opponent then bounces into the air and Kung Lao warps beneath them for a flying knee strikes to said ribs, shattering them for good measure.
  • Reptile snaps the opponent's lower jaw off with his bare hands, then sticks his fingers deep into their eyesockets until their eyes burst. Afterwards, he slams the opponent down hard enough on their already battered heads, breaking the skull from the side.
  • After stunning his opponent with soul energy, Ermac does a flying headbutt, cracking the skull, falls back, and follows up with a Diving Kick straight to the throat, breaking the spine on the far side. Once his opponent is on the ground, he stomps with both feet on the side of the opponent's head, dislocating the jaw. All of this is done in one big levitation session.
  • Kitana does a small combo that knocks her opponent into the air, where she throws her closed fans into their throat. She then jumps up and slams their head on the ground; this drives the throat-embedded fans deeper. She then yanks them back to their feet, yanks out the fans, and knees her opponent in the face hard enough to crack the skull in half.
  • Johnny Cage, after stunning his opponent with an overhead stomp, opens up with the jaw-dislocating roundhouse kick from Raiden's reveal trailer X-Ray before grabbing his opponent's head and slamming them down into his knee, shattering the forehead. He then knocks them away with a flipkick to the jaw.
  • Mileena stuns the opponent with three teleporting dive kicks before jabbing both sais into opposite sides of the opponent's rear head. She then leans in for a big bite out of the opponent's forehead, shattering the front skull. Violently pulling out both her teeth and sais, she gets in one last jab... both sais to both eyes.
  • Takeda, after stunning his opponent with a jumping whip strike, launches his whip into his opponent's mouth, piercing through to the back head. He then dashes to the far side and kicks them in the back, breaking a bunch of spinal vertebrae. After his opponent lands back first on the ground, he drops his heel on their face, utterly demolishing the skull! Only the jaw and the back of the head are unscathed - everything else is smashed inward!
  • Kung Jin does a jump-strike staff strike to the back of his opponent's head, smashing the back of the skull. As they bounce up, he shoots two arrows directly into the eye sockets. Before they can land on the ground, however, he grabs the hafts of both arrows and flips his opponent by said eye-embedded arrows over his body and onto their back! Rather than smashing the back, however, the impact damages the rib cage, breaking ribs and sternum both.
  • Erron Black redefines the term "magic bullet" by firing a shot that has his opponent's name on it straight into the right side of their pelvis, shattering it, then having that magically change direction and go straight through their body, shattering their shoulder, before changing direction again and completely shattering their lower jaw!
  • Liu Kang's includes a palm strike to the nose that breaks his opponent's skull, a neck chop that snaps it in two and a palm strike to the back that splits their rib cage in half. All sandwiched in between a multitude of other vicious strikes.
  • Shinnok summons a skeletal cage that traps his opponent and then backhand slaps them, dislocating their lower jaw. He then replaces the cage with a skeletal hand that, matching Shinnok's own motions, squeezes and crushes his opponent's ribs. Shinnok then conjures a scalpel-like bone spear and stabs them in the chest, piercing their lungs.
  • Jacqui does Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs to the chest, breaking several ribs before a Shoryuken to the jaw, shattering it. The impact launches her opponent into the air, and as they drop, Jacqui leaps up and delivers a Superman punch to their back, breaking the spine.
  • Jax's involves lifting his opponent and preforming a Powerbomb on them, shattering their rib cage in the process. From there he grabs them by the thighs and slingshots them to the ground, breaking the backside of their ribcage and causing the spine to pop loose.
  • Kenshi throws Sento at his opponent and then telekinetically pulls them closer, impaling them through the head. He then pulls them even closer and strikes the pommel of his katana with his palm, the opponent's skull shattering against the hand-guard. Finally, he pulls Sento out of his foe and stabs them through the abdomen, puncturing a hole in their spine.
  • Sonya stuns her opponent with pink dust before drawing her garrote and flipping over her opponent, breaking their back in the process. She then does a reverse headbutt, smashing the back of the skull, before flipping the opponent over her, breaking their neck as they head the ground.
  • Goro grabs the opponent by the skull and forcibly twists it to the side, breaking their neck, then uses his other two arms to grab their waist and stretches them out vertically, shattering the spine and the ribcage.
  • Corrupted Shinnok hits his opponent until they're airborne, then releases a huge blast from the amulet in his hip, breaking several bones and organs. Then, he summons two boulders which impact on his enemy's skull, crushing it, finishing everything with a skull crush onto the floor.
  • Jason's is brutal even by Mortal Kombat standards. He plunges his machete straight through his opponents jaw and out through the top of their head, before then using the machete as a lever to force the opponents head back so hard that their neck breaks. Afterwards, he takes his machete out of their head before thrusting it into their stomach, breaking their spine in half and going clean through their body.

Mortal Kombat X is most definitely Bloodier and Gorier than 9, and what a better way to demonstrate that than with the new range of Finishing Moves, some of which are just downright sadistic (they died about three moves back, you're just screwing with the corpse by the end). Not particularly helped by the incredibly gruesome sound design decisions. And, just for that extra shock value, for most of them the camera keeps focusing on the deceased opponent as they die the most Cruel and Unusual Death imaginable. Viewer discretion is most certainly advised...

  • D'Vorah:
    • To start Bug Me she shoots flies right through her opponent and calls them back resulting in two gaping holes in their body. She shoots flies at her opponent again, this time aimed at their face, with the bugs eating at their head until a bloody skull remains and rolls off of the body (though not before the jaw falls off). And to put the icing on the cake, she stomps it like any other would do a bug).
    • Heart Broken has two of her ovipositors impale her opponent through the chest and skull, skewering their heart and brain like a kabob. She takes the body parts and smashes them together in her hands as her opponent collapses with their massive gaping holes in view.
  • Scorpion:
  • Sub-Zero:
    • When he performs Chest Kold he freezes the centre of one's torso frozen then shatters it with a punch, leaving nothing but the spine, which he yanks in half shortly thereafter. He's not done with them either; he hoists them into the air by their spine and tears them in half from there.
    • Bed Of Ice has him making a bed of ice spikes behind the opponent, kicking his enemy on to the bed and then stomping them into the ice spikes. Looks pretty tame, until he stomps the enemy down further to really drive the spikes in. One spike even has an eyeball on it when all is said and done. What makes this so frighting is that The victim is still alive after all this, but not for long
  • Ferra/Torr:
    • For Better Than One Torr suspends the foe in the air with Ferra stabbing them through their head. Next she flips over to their back with her blades still embedded in their face and slides down (still with the blades inside). Torr pulls them apart and just tosses them to the ground in a pile, with the viewer getting treated to a pleasant view of their insides in detail.
    • For Play Time, you get treated to the most violent Fastball Special ever conceived: Torr winds up and tosses Ferra at their victim and she dives in through their abdomen blade-first (and leaving a gaping hole too), sticking out about halfway. She extends her arms to her sides while her partner Torr walks up and pulls Ferra back out onto his back (while the victim is bisected and collapses).
  • Cassie Cage:
  • Kotal Kahn:
  • Raiden:
    • Jump-starting Bug Eyes, he grabs the opponent by the head with both hands, coursing electricity through them. This results in an Eye Pop before the head completely shoots off into the air. Raiden zaps it in the air to pop it like a balloon before the rest of the body flops to the ground.
    • In Conducting Rod, Raiden summons a staff and blows off everything below his opponent's knees with a lightning ball. Raiden leaps into the air then jams his staff down the incapacitated opponent's throat, impaling them all the way through. He finishes by summoning a bolt of lightning to strike the staff making it a makeshift lightning rod, sending an electrical surge through the opponent's body and frying them (while showing us what's left of their skeleton).
  • Kano:
    • For Head Case Kano takes out one of his knifes before suddenly slashing the opponent's stomach with it, causing their entrails to pour out to the ground as they look in horror before they fall over. Kano catches them and holds them up in front of him, and them the opponent's face actually starts smoking up and brighten as they scream in pain before a laser blast blasts a giant hole where much of their face should be, with Kano staring at his handiwork before his victim finally keels over.
    • Knife To Meet You has him pull out two knives and toss a one into his opponent's throat (you can hear them gasping out too). He starts to walk away nonchalantly before he whips around and tosses the other knife into their face. The opponent falls down front-first and the knives pierce through their head out through the back of their skull.
  • Quan Chi:
    • The demonic sorcerer uses his mind control powers for Mind Game to make the opponent walk into a sword that just so happens to be at the same height as their mouth, impaling them straight through the head. You can hear the blade grinding against flesh and bone for extra Squick value. He then uses his telekinesis to lift the opponent up while keeping the sword in place, slicing them in half (Kung Lao's Diamond Cutter anyone?). He then slams them down, cutting through the top of the head to complete the bisection.
    • Both Ends, glimpsed in the "Mortal Kombat X: Next" video, has him summoning two portals on both sides of him then shoving his opponent into one while catching their leg. The victim is now stuck between two portals on opposite sides of his body, an leg in one hand and an arm in the other. Cue Portal Cut. Seems MKX Quan Chi likes bisecting people.
  • Kung Lao:
    • For Face Grind he throws down his hat so that it spins on the ground like a buzz saw. One would think that he would perform his infamous fatality from the previous game; nope, but it's no less painful to watch either way. He instead trip throws his opponent towards said hat, where they barely managed to stop themselves from falling straight into it. However, Kung Lao's having none of that and puts his foot on their back to press them down, forcing their head to be split in half by the spinning blade.
    • Flower Pot appears to be a variation on his "Hat Trick" finisher from 9: he uses his hat to decapitate his opponent, which sends the head flying, then slices through their arms as he steps behind them. The head then falls onto the rest of the body and it spits open the top like a bloody flower with the head perched in the center (complete with twitching eyes).
  • Kitana:
    • Splitting Hairs has the princess uses her fans to slash off her opponent's hands then pins them to the ground before she shoves her fan blades into their forehead and jaw, trisecting their head. As she gets off, her victim's eyes roll back as the pieces start to fall apart.
    • Her other Fatality named Dark Fan-Tasy involves her throwing her closed fans into the opponent's chest and forehead. As the foe desperately tries in vain to pull them out, Kitana telepathically opens the fans, cutting their head, torso, hands, and arms to pieces. Kitana then calls back her fans, and conjures a gust of wind to scatter the opponent's bits across the battlefield, leaving only their finger-less hands and the top of their head remaining.
  • Reptile:
    • For his Bad Breath Fatality he spits a load of gunk directly onto the opponent's face, melting it off as they scream for dear life. Then he dashes in, grabbing their head and vertically tearing it in half with his bare hands.
    • Reptile's Acid Bath has him spit a load of acid at his opponent's feet, which proceeds to melt them alive as if they were sinking. As they descend into the puddle of acid, Reptile grabs his opponent's head in his tongue like his classic finisher and eats it up. The opponent's body continues to sink until only their twitching hand is left above the acid.
  • Ermac:
    • The one in his reveal trailer named Inner Workings has him telekinetically lift his opponent and twist them around with several popping/crunching sounds. He then straightens them out again and then pulls most of their digestive tract through their mouth so far that the stomach is on the far side of Ermac. He ends with crushing the stomach into a bloody ball and throwing it to the ground, Ermac staring at the remains with a pleased expression while the body still hovers in the background with intestines hanging from the mouth.
    • Head Out has him grab the opponent's head with telekinetic energy (with one hand) and lift it straight up, severing it from the body. He them slams it down into the body. With his other hand, he then pulls it out of the torso, spilling various guts in the process. For extra humiliation value, the Fatality concludes with Ermac triumphantly levitating the decapitated head right in front of him, as if he intends to keep it as a trophy.
  • Johnny Cage:
    • After spinning his opponent around with a punch to the face, jabs his hands into the middle of his foe's back and slowly rips their body down the middle from behind a la Shao Kahn's Double Down fatality, quipping "Heeeere's Johnny!" (the name of the Fatality as well)through the opening. Rather than ripping all the way through like Shao Kahn, however, he stops after the quip and leaves them to drop to the ground, bleeding out through the gaping hole he just made.
    • Johnny's second finisher, Little Improv, is brutally simple: he pushes his opponent to the ground then, using his shadow powers, smashes their face over and over at super speed until all the skin is torn off.
  • Mileena:
    • For Face Feast she stabs both sais into opposite sides of her opponent's head, then uses her foot as leverage to pry it off the body. Using her sais like a kabob in both hands, she then takes four big chomps out of the face. Finished with her daily intake of flesh she tosses it, leaving the faceless head on the ground by its body.
    • Tasty Treat is just eaugh - she foregoes using her sais and teeth and just plain tears apart her opponent with her bare hands. She then hunches over, scoops up the entrails with her hands and begins to eat them. She eats through her opponent's abdomen, which allows the upper-half of her opponent to vainly try to crawl away before succumbing to blood loss and trauma.
  • Takeda:
    • For Whip It Good he uses one of his Whip Swords to slash off both arms before stabbing the other whip (blades retracted) into the opponent's mouth. He then activates the whip's blades (while grinning no less) and pulls back, dragging out the spine. The armless body then drops to the ground, a foam-like disgusting gurgle of blood still bubbling out of the mouth as the "Fatality" announcement sounds.
    • Takeda's Head Cage has him spear his opponent through the ribs with his whips. The tips expand into grapples, which yank out the opponent's ribcage when Takeda recalls them. Takeda then takes the ribcage and jams it down his opponent's throat to finish.
  • Kung Jin:
    • To kick off Target Practice he does a flipkick to the opponent's jaw so strong that their head flies into the air. He then does a multishot of three arrows at the head - one in each eye and one to the mouth. The three shafts make a tripod landing for the head, which slightly slides down. As the body drops, the head-tripod hops a little and the head slides down slightly more. The fatality ends with blood trickling down each of the arrow shafts.
    • For Pinned Down, Kung Jin again does a multishot into the air then jams the fire-breathing dragon head end of his bow into their midsection, which blows them apart, sending their head and arms skyward. The arrows hit the head and arms on the way down and wedge themselves into a marionette-like pose with the opponent's arms and head.
  • Liu Kang:
    • His Sore Throat Fatality has him rip out his opponent's trachea then shoves it back in their mouth. They briefly start coughing up blood before Liu Kang gently nudges them to the ground, leaving them to choke on their own blood with a disgusting gurgling sound.
    • For Splitter, Liu Kang performs a backflip that sends his opponent skyward. He leaps into the air after them, his feet on fire, then hits them with a hard double-footed kick in the midsection before spreading his legs out in a split, which rips his opponent in half. He finishes by hitting a Three-Point Landing surrounded by a Rain of Blood and brushing off his shoe.
  • Erron Black:
    • Firing off his Sand Storm Fatality he shoots his opponent in the chest, then throws a sand grenade there and shoots that, causing sand to flow out and fill up in their body, which eventually shoots out of their mouth, eyes and ears, leaving their corpse propped up on a mountain of sand around their body. The fact that there's very little blood and gore involved once their face has been destroyed does not diminish how disturbing this fatality looks, as the sand never stops flowing out of the holes in their body.
    • Speaking of holes, if you suffer from trypophobia, you may want to avoid that Fatality and Six-Shooter, which basically has him blast solid holes in the opponent's body, one of the shots taking a nice chunk of brain meats with it and 3 point-blank shots to the gut.
  • Jacqui:
    • The first fatality Blown Out is quick but not merciful: she tears two holes in her opponent's sides, sticks her shotgun gauntlets in the holes and fires, blowing out the back of the opponent in such great volume.
    • Fist Pump is her grabbing the opponent by the neck and snapping it, then while still holding the neck she punches the head while firing her shotgun gauntlet, blowing out a huge hole in the opponent's head. As she's pulling out we can see the brain still intact for a short while longer before she pulls out completely, giving us a clear view of the hole.
  • Jackson "Jax" Briggs:
    • Jax's "T-Wrecks" fatality displays some disturbing creativity on his part: he turns his opponent into an rather shallow imitation of a T-Rex by shoving his opponent's arms into their torso so that only the forearms or hands are showing, lighting a cigar for a second, and then snapping off the top of their skull, leaving the jaw wide open as a sick parody of a roaring dinosaur. Then to add massive insult to injury, he places his cigar in the open jaw like it was an ashtray.
    • Jax the Ribber involves him neck lifting his opponent and using his other hand to tear out three of their ribs and stab them into the side of their head. He doesn't stop there, though - he completely wrenches the head backwards.
  • Kenshi:
    • Kenshi levitates Sento for Tele-Copter and makes it spin in place before telekinetically floating his opponent through the rotating blade like a blender. Their face is sliced off in one stroke; the rest of their body is turned into Ludicrous Gibs. Topping it off is a Swipe Your Blade Off conclusion.
    • My Puppet is pretty cringe worthy. He telekinetically pushes the opponent's ribcage out through their back, and dangles them like a puppet from the tendons attached to each of their limbs. He then uses Sento to cut through the tendons, which causes the opponent to crash to the floor in a heap along with the ribcage. The opponent shuddering and emitting cries of pain, though, is what makes this finishing move truly...unnerving.
  • Goro:
    • Peek-A-Boo has the Shokan prince grabs his victim's head, and forcibly shoves it down into their midsection, then he rips out a part of their stomach to reveal the head that's been shoved down there (with the rolled back eyes) right before they fall over.
    • Shokan Amputation involves Goro jumping on top of his victim's back, then grabbing a limb with each of his four arms until they break off in a bloody mess.
  • Shinnok:
    • For his first fatality — The Grinder — he summons two skeletal expies of Master Hand and Crazy Hand to grab his opponent. They wring out the victim's body like a wet cloth, snapping them and then ripping them in half before clapping the body together, crushing everything except for the legs and head, which rolls in front of the camera with blank eyes and an open jaw.
    • Flick Trick summons a single bone hand that grabs the opponent and pries off their head with the thumb as if it were flipping a coin for Shinnok to catch in his hand. Reveling in his victory he displays the lifeless head as a trophy.
  • Sonya Blade:
    • Her Target Marked fatality has her jam a smoke beacon into her opponent's mouth. She summons her drone which severs their arms with its laser cannons then blows off their head with a rocket.
    • In Head Hunter she pulls out her garrote wire and wraps it around the front of her opponent's neck and pops off their head by kneeing them. The drone absolutely shreds the opponent's head with machine-gun fire (and keeping it suspended in midair), leaving nothing but bloody bone behind as it flies off before Sonya grabs their ravaged head and attaches it to her belt as a trophy.
  • Jason Voorhees:
    • Jason's not one for theatrics (ironically). In his first Fatality, he just takes his sweet time hacking through his victim diagonally while they scream with every chop he makes.
    • In his second Fatality, he slams them onto the ground until all their limbs fall off. The first one to go is one of their arms, suggesting that the opponent tried with all their strength to hold on to the ground, but lost their arm to Jason's immense strength and their unyielding grip on whatever they could find.
  • Corrupted Shinnok:
    • He summons a spiked steel pillar behind his foe, then summons a pair of demons who impale his foe onto the spikes of the pillar in both head and chest. Then, he starts yanking his foe downward from their legs, beheading and bisecting them in the process. After that, the two Netherrealm demons from before swoop in to eat their foe's remains.

In the previous game with brutalities, it was just a very fast combo followed by an attack that would cause the enemy to explode. Here, it's a lot more gruesome. They're like miniature fatalities based on regular special moves, taken to their lethal extreme when certain conditions are met.
  • Cassie Cage:
    • Her Brawler variation's "Tackle" move keeps punching the opponent in the face until it's bloody mush.
    • Her Hollywood variation's "Nut Cracker" hits the opponent's groin so hard that their head pops off. The Ex version causes only the eyes to pop out and hang loose.
    • Her Spec Ops variation's "Air Assault" move calls in the missile strike, completely bowing the victim's torso apart.
    • Her Getaway Flip decapitates the opponent a la Scorpion's teleport punch.
    • She shoots the head, but unlike the Pretty Little Headshots of her Fatality, this punches out a gaping hole that takes almost the entire head off.
    • Using her "American Way", Cassie can Bitchslap the victim's head backwards
  • Kano:
    • One of his knife stabs is drawn upward in his Cuththroat variation, slicing the opponent's upper body in half like Kratos' first fatality in MK9.
    • His Cybernetic variation launches the opponent upwards before he lasers off the lower half with his eye.
    • Headbutts his opponent repeatedly with his metal faceplate, the final, rising headbutt knocking the victim's head off.
    • His Ballin move ends with him tackling his victim like a wrestling spear, seperating and mangling the torso.
    • His Commando variation does leaping belly to back suplex that lands the opponent onto their head, smashing it in.
  • Raiden:
    • Electrocutes his opponent until the head explodes.
    • After his opponent's legs spark with electricity for a moment, they scream and explode as Raiden teleports where they stand. The blood-soaked Raiden is fine, the opponent goes boom.
  • D'vorah:
    • Stabs her opponent with one of her extending legs, implanting a Chest Burster bug that, well, bursts out and flies away.
    • Lifts her opponent into the air with a swarm of bugs that slice her opponent in half by the waist.
  • Scorpion:
    • Slices off both of his opponent's arms with his dual swords.
    • Stabs his opponent with his grappling kunai and sends a burst of fire through the chain; instead of simply setting the opponent on fire, their skin explodes off, leaving a charred torso on an otherwise untouched body.
    • Teleporting uppercut against an airborne opponent equals head punched off with flaming fist.
  • Kotal Kahn:
    • Slashes his opponent's shoulder with his War God macuahuitl, only to make a sawing motion, making a diagonal cut completely through his opponent's torso.
    • His command grab in "Sun God" variation can end with him putting his opponent over his head and blasting sunlight on his foe, burning and then ripping the opponent in two.
    • Killing himself with his dagger.
  • Sub Zero:
    • Makes his ice dagger stabs, but instead of continually stabbing the chest, the final stab gets embedded into the head.
    • Uppercutting the head off a frozen opponent, the rest of said opponent still standing in place.
  • Kung Lao:
    • Throws his Buzz Saw hat into the air, which arcs down, sawing the head in half, and then slowly works its way down the torso...
    • Does his "throw" series of punches, but keeps punching, doing a last three hit strike that punches his opponent's head partially off, hanging on just by a little skin/cloth.
  • Ferra/Torr:
    • Torr holds the opponent still while Ferra stabs the opponent's head twice, the second stab tearing the head off as she pulls back.
    • Torr rolls over the victim, flattening them like a cartoon character
    • Torr using two uppercuts, the second sending the opponent flying off the screen for a few seconds before landing head-first.
  • Ermac:
    • With his Mystic variation, he can Tele-Hang his opponent and then vertically pull them in half with telekinesis.
    • With his Master of Souls variation, he can stun his opponent with a Soul Ball, then blast the stunning aura with a Soul Burst. This will cause the aura to explode and sever torso from legs, the former launching into the air.
    • Tele-Slamming his opponent upside down, squishing their head.
  • Kitana:
    • Her Assassin Strike tears off the head with the EX / sharpened third strike.
    • Lunges at her opponent and slashes off their head with both fans as she hops back.
  • Quan Chi:
    • His EX Teleport has Quan Chi slamming the opponent's head 3 times, with the 3rd slam to the floor causing the head to explode.
    • Does his throw, pushing his opponent into the ground portal. Instead of appearing in the portal above Quan Chi, however, a shower of blood and guts pours onto the posing sorcerer. Then the intact head falls out.
  • Mileena:
    • Rolls towards her opponent, but instead of tripping them up, she destroys their shins and feet.
    • Catapulting herself with enough force to tear off the opponent's head
  • Sonya Blade:
    • Her X-Ray garrote extends beyond "mere" neck breaking and fully decapitates her opponent.
  • Johnny Cage:
    • Just like Cassie, Johnny's Nut Punch can cause a opponent's head to pop off
    • Triggering a Stunt Double, Johnny preforms a shadow kick, causing the double to tear the foe in two.
    • Unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks in Fisticuffs mode, but instead of a decapitating hay maker, he flicks his opponent to the ground.
  • Erron Black:
    • His EX tackle can have him shoot his opponent's head so much that the front skin is gone and leaves a bloody skull
    • His throw can have him shoot off one of the opponent's legs and then shoots them in the head.
    • Going into his Gunman stance in Gunslinger variation, Erron can fire two hard hitting bullets at his opponent's head and chest
  • Kung Jin
    • The last staff strike of his throw twisting his opponent's head backwards.
    • Firing a arrow, then firing another, causing the first to appear on the other side with the opponent's heart impaled on it.
  • Shinnok
    • Blasting a hole through his opponent's chest with his Amulet.
    • Doing the power-stealing move from his "Imposter" variation, but instead of taking a power, it rips their face off and puts it over his face as a mask.
    • His Necromancer varation has him drop a bone hand like a anvil, which flattens the opponent.

  • Scorpion: He's sporting a more simplistic design this time around in comparison to his last two appearances, but now he is rocking a slight Hades Shaded complexion (very likely due to his connection with the Netherrealm), deeper vocal cords that still echo and make him sound more intimidating than ever, and more hellish moves to match.
    Special mention goes to how he is now able to summon demonic minions to control the space of the battlefield akin to how he controlled the hellspawn Shirai Ryu clan in Armageddon, all with just a wave of a skull device on his waist. He's not dicking around this time, eloquently cemented with his new Fatalities and an X-Ray that he can stall or teleport to catch his prey off guard.
    Hanzo Hasashi is generally calmer now but do not push him back into his vengeful persona.
  • Sub-Zero: Let's hit all these points in order here. A deeper voice than even Bi-Han? Check. A more foreboding appearance (Cryomancer Variation takes the cake)? Check. An even more gruesome spine rip fatality? Check. The kicker? It's Kuai Liang. Thankfully he's retained his heroic personality once he comes back to life.
  • D'Vorah: She is half human and half insect (while sporting a creepy wasp motif) who controls all manner of horrible pests such as flies, locusts, wasps, and giant maggots (the last of which she affectionately licks). Despite her curvaceous physique and Stripperific get-up that shows off those assets, she is certainly Fan Disservice from her dark violet and black compound eyes, the occasional venom oozing, her lack of hair, her distorted vocal chords, and her pure, unadulterated Body Horror.
    The fact that she took down at least five powerful combatants on her own including killing two of them who happen to be the most bloodthirsty of her opponents and successfully managed to have Shinnok freed shows exactly how dangerous D'Vorah is, going so far as to become the penultimate fight of the game.
  • Ferra/Torr: The former is a midget who sounds like a little girl that wants to horribly maim you (or pry your eyes out of you), dressed with war paint all over her and skimpy clothing that enhances the fear factor while of invoking minimal Fanservice, and she's wielding retractable metal claws that she knows how to use; she's also ridiculously fast (seriously, look at how fast she runs when she gets knocked off of Torr in a fight).
    Said midget is piggybacking on and easily commanding a hulking hooded giant who looks very reminiscent of Bane. The fact that these two fight like a team just like Noob-Smoke and that Torr is capable of fighting solo (and he's revealed to be decently agile while doing so) if need be is scary.
    PS: Torr's "Master & Servant" costume shows that he has an extremely wide grin on his face. Have fun figuring out what that means.
  • Kotal Kahn: The Aztecs were known for being brutal warriors, what with their horse decapitating swords that Kotal Kahn happens to carry around with him. Him looking like a spitting image of Huitzilopotchli and the elite eagle warriors of the Aztec Empire, complete with glyphic Power Tattoos, he's a natural source of nightmare fuel.
    The fact that he's the emperor of Outworld, and that, judging by Outworld's past emperors (Onaga and Shao Kahn) don't help matters much, even though he's an honorable guy with no traces of actual evil in him, to where the Elder Gods helps him from time to time.
    But Shinnok help you if you ever piss him off or if you're his enemy. He will kill you the first chance he gets or he will make you wish he killed you, and he will not rest until you are one or the other. The spanish invaders, Goro and Rain learnt this lesson the hard way.
  • Kano: He's never been a nice guy, but this time around he is said to have enhanced himself greatly with various cybernetics, including a new metal plate that looks to span across nearly half of his head (not that he had much of a choice: Sub-Zero froze his cybernetic eye, promptinghim to upgrade), and a new cybernetic heart (ala Hsu Hao), which he puts in at the start of the match. Lord knows what else cybernetics he fitted himself with (including a cloaking device that makes him appear to be a normal person).
    It's also been stated that this version of Kano is older than his Mortal Kombat 9 appearance; looking at his rivalry with Sonya, it was inevitable that he would go after Cassie.
    Given her dialogue, even D'Vorah is disgusted with him, and, right he may be of Kenshi being a deadbeat dad, he's still a massive ass.
    • What makes things even more unsettling about Kano is that while he has no successor fighting alongside him among the playable MKX cast, his Klassic Tower ending shows him brutally and mercilessly molding his son to becoming his protegé before he begins to retire, choosing to eloquently do so by slicing him, torturing him, and holding him hostage in a place where no one can hear his screams.
  • Quan Chi: he comes packing an even more Obviously Evil design as if you couldn't tell he was evil before, complete with his MK4 chestplate (with a sometimes glowing skull in its center), Spikes of Villainy (which are crossing into High Collar of Doom territory) and Too Many Belts prisoner style.
    Each of his variations are also pretty chilling; the Sorcerer variation with his damn near instant spell circles with effects that will NOT benefit you (and one that let's him No Sell an attack), the Warlock variation with the aforementioned glowing skull along with glowing skeletal arms and unpredictable dark portal mix-ups giving Noob Saibot a run for his money, and the Summoner variation with glowing red spikes of villainy and he outright summons a demonic beast (a bat) to assist him in combat like how Scorpion does with demonic minions but without the skull device (he's even got a giant demonic horse/ram hybrid that he rides atop).
    He is stated to have his schemes fully realized, which means nothing short of all Netherrealm breaking loose this time around, and his X-Ray and Fatality are of course unsettling without question (especially his fatality).
    To add insult to injury, one of his intros shows him holding the decapitated head of Moloch; the original story had him as a tormentor of Quan Chi alongside Drahmin, and if he's carrying around the oni's head as a trophy...
  • Reptile: His design update is truly a sight to behold, including much closer detail on his scales that make his face look less like a disguise and more like the horrifying lizardman he is supposed to be. Combine that with what look like bones or teeth of some huge creature adorning his outfit, a two-piece ninja mask that grants him full range of mouth-based attacks without having to be removed, a new fatality that features him spitting acid so corrosive it can melt your face in seconds before just straight up tearing your head in half, and an X-Ray move where he dislocates your jaw, jams both his thumbs into your eye sockets until they pop, and then slamming your already mangled face into the ground so hard your skull splits in half, and you have one hefty dose of terror.
  • Ermac: This amalgamation of souls has gotten even spookier than ever, no longer looking like a straight up ninja and rather like the dark sorcerer he is supposed to be. Where once he had a mask or head-wrappings is…well, still head-wrappings, but significantly less. This means we get a good look at a face that looks, for lack of a better word, withered; on top of that, he looks thinner than usual. His voice has gone from a more neutral reverberation to a deeper gravely tone. His powers have increased, granting him abilities like outright flight (a rarity in the MK universe) where once he simply hovered and soul bindings that can remain in place to devastating and dismembering effect.
  • Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame is a playable character here. Those who are Genre Savvy enough know exactly what he can do.
  • Mileena: Shao Kahn's little girl is back with a new set of chompers, and she's all too eager to bite your face clean off. She's also got a new set of human lips, but she's got Tarkatan teeth instead of cheeks. Some people are more at ease with her new look, but others think it still veers too close to the Uncanny Valley.
  • Kenshi: Not even the good guys are immune to terrifying change. His Balanced variation is pretty much Kenshi as we know him, but his other ones? In his Kenjutsu variation, he loses the blindfold, revealing Occult Blue Glowing Eyes of Doom.
    As for his Possessed variation...well, title says it all: he's possessed by demonic spirits that apparently resided within Sento, complete with a Red and Black and Evil All Over makeover to his powers. On top of that, one of his fatalities shows that he's Not So Different from Quan Chi, forcing his doomed opponent face-first through a floating weapon.
  • All of the characters who appeared as revenants in Quan Chi and Shinnok's service are this. They all possess a grayscaled Undeathly Pallor tone of their original colors with fire-colored Glowing Eyes of Doom, complete with fire-colored Volcanic Veins and reverberating vocal chords, and every single one of them loyally serves Quan Chi and Shinnok.
  • Predator, the original Spine-Ripper.
  • Dark Raiden. This version of Raiden is not the Nice Guy you once knew; he's Neutral at best with no restraints whatsoever. Even his appearance is a startling Dark Reprise of Raiden's typical appearance (in non-musical form of course).
    Just like in the last Mortal Kombat game, Dark Raiden serves as an alternate costume that Raiden has access to; using the Dark Raiden alternate costume makes virtually anything Raiden does in-game (such as X-Rays and Fatalities) that much more unnerving. And while he's lost his Glowing Red Eyes of Doom and weathered cape he makes up for it with fire-colored eyes just like the non-Scorpion revenants, easily-missed black femme fatalons, and Shinnok's Amulet placed on his outfit.
    Dark Raiden in this game also one-ups himself from the last game by making his grand, canonical reappearance at the end of Story Mode, warning the current Netherrealm rulers in an echoing voice – Liu Kang and Kitana – about a fate that could befall them should they threaten Earthrealm. Punctuating his point is him tossing Shinnok's living head at their feet before he wraps Story Mode up with a Call Back from the Launch Trailer:

    Story Mode and comics 
  • In issue #2 of the comics, Forrest Fox gets possessed and CUTS HIS FUCKING FACE OFF!
  • Issue #4 involves Cassie Cage and Jacqui finding out that the former gets herself into a death match at an adult's club. Cassie's reaction is a simple "F.M.L" and her opponent? None other than Frost. The horror on Jacqui's face seals the deal to what her best friend got herself into.
  • Issue #6 has Kotal Kahn (who surprisingly isn't that bad a guy, all things considered) messily crushing the skulls of two Spanish soldiers who were threatening a young Amazon girl. He then goes on to defend the Amazon people, and earns his title as "Blood God" by gruesome means (he regularly drinks the blood of his enemies) and then it all goes to pot when, after returning from a visit to Outworld, he discovers to his horror that the Amazon tribe has been eradicated - they couldn't deal with the viruses and diseases in the Spanish blood. Oh, and at one point he punches a guy's face off.
  • The curse of the Kamidogu, as explained by Kano: anyone wounded by those daggers can be possessed by a demon (like what happened to Fox) and the only way to free them of it is to kill the possessed. Doesn't help that in the end of Issue #3, said demon took over Raiden's body and started to fight Scorpion. Of course, Kano was lying, as shown later with how Raiden deals with the situation of his own blood corruption by bleeding the corruption out of the victim, but it doesn't help by saying what was actually the cause of said corruption to the Kamidogu: Havik.
  • D'Vorah's execution of Mileena at the end of Chapter 6 is this for people afraid of insects. She kisses her victim and regurgitates flesh-eating insects into them.
  • And what she does to Johnny Cage during the game's last chapter is even worse: Her victim is wrapped in a cocoon and completely immobilized, forced to watch Shinnok about to bring The End of the World as We Know It, while being slowly eaten by bugs in a process that is much more drawn-out than the one above. Thankfully, Cassie saves him and he gets better.
  • Quan-Chi learned the hard way that you never mess with Scorpion and get away with it in Chapter 9. After Hanzo wrestled with the Special Forces in order to release Quan Chi from his cell in order to execute him, he tossed the sorcerer like a toy, defeated him in combat, and made the sorcerer met his fate when he decapitated him.
  • Issue #16 of the comics shows exactly how Sub-Zero became uncybersised: Quan Chi used his magic to tear him into nothing but bones and organs, remaking him from that.

     Arcade Endings 
  • Story Mode ends with Cassie Cage's victory over Shinnok and Raiden seemingly hanging on by a thread...until we next see him reclaiming his dreaded Dark Raiden mantle and warning the new Netherrealm rulers (Liu Kang and Kitana) to not threaten Earthrealm lest they end up like the beheaded Shinnok or worse. With Story Mode out of the way several people have tackled the tower and...they found some very unnerving things.
    • Jax's ending has him take over for a hospitalized Johnny and later deflect bullets away from Cassie Cage's group against Erron Black's surprise attack (who all die in Erron Black's own ending). Erron Black does not appear to make it out of the scuffle alive...and Jax slips into shock.
    • Sonya's ending has her fall asleep and have a nightmare about Kano forcing her to choose between either Jax or Cassie. She chooses Cassie and Jax bites it. She is awoken from her nightmare by a recovered Johnny Cage only for him to tell her that Jax was killed from an assassin's bullet.
    • Scorpion's ending ending shows us that he regretted letting his vengeance get the better of him again, nearly compromising the realms' safety. He tries to invoke Hara-Kiri to atone for this yet Raiden (very likely to be Dark Raiden at this time) has him and his Shirai Ryu become infused with a portion of the purified Jinsei instead, transforming them into Earthrealm's protectors.
    • Raiden's ending has him question whether defending Earthrealm is such a good idea, so he decides to mobilize a force against those who would threaten Earthrealm (enlisting the Shirai Ryu in his services for one) and he leads an attack against Outworld, conquering it. It's implied that this took place before his transformation into Dark Raiden.
    • Quan Chi's ending appears as if he either somehow survived Hanzo's assassination or the Elder Gods resurrected him. While Shinnok was no longer a threat Quan Chi inadvertently caused another to take his place. The Elder Gods then destroyed all free will from within Quan Chi and set him on a path to kill this new being. It's Raiden.
    • Kotal Kahn's ending has his realm conquered by Raiden in a surprise attack. The desperate emperor invokes the Elder Gods to give him a chance to hold on to his sovereignty and Mortal Kombat begins anew, just like it had done before with Raiden against Shao Kahn's forces. Erron Black is possibly dead, Reptile is in Earthrealm with his kin and he's staying with them (intending to retake their lost home), Ferra's probably not coming back to serve Kotal Kahn (Torr's dead and she's the new brute to a new rider), and it turns out one of Ermac's souls is Shang Tsung, who separated himself from the others and absorbed the other souls Ermac is composed of. Chances are Kotal Kahn's probably, royally screwed. Or maybe not...
    • Jacqui's ending has her attack Kotal Kahn as he's discovering a glowing crystal skull. Jacqui ambushes him and steals the skull from him. Jacqui's praised for possibly preventing something disastrous, but she suspects that it was all according to Kotal Kahn's plans. We see tentacle-like things coming out of the skull and either Jacqui's eyes are glowing the same color of the skull or it's (hopefully) the glow of the skull reflecting off onto her eyes.
    • Liu Kang's ending has him wander the Netherrealm and subsequently beat the demons into submission. He later decides that he's going to try the ruling a realm thing a spin, and after the Netherrealm's his it quickly spirals into a desire to conquer all realms.
    • Kitana's ending has her see herself Queen of Edenia, freed from Shao Kahn. She united the realms against Shao Kahn during the Aftermath of Armageddon where Raiden did not interfere, and peace was achieved. It turned out that it was all a vision; she was a revenant in Hell and came to despise Raiden for his perceived meddling with the timeline. Oh, and the person giving her the vision was a figure in the guise of her deceased best friend Jade. It's implied that from Jade's own Ladder ending from 9 and her current actions here that it's not actually Jade, but the woman who hijacked her body with the intent of Re-imagining Shao Kahn's demise, and subsequently changing the future.
    • Cassie Cage's ending has Raiden order her to find and kill the resurrected Shang Tsung, and she doesn't object. She finds her target and beats him within an inch of his life. As he lays dying, he tells her that he's not Shang Tsung, but Shujinko.
    • Kano's ending has him find a new pupil and teach him in the ways of the Black Dragon to keep it alive after he's passed. It looks like it's working, and the new recruit in question? His own son.
    • Mileena's ending has her spirit awake in Shang Tsung's flesh pits, coupled with many perfect replicas of her doing so at the same time. Hive Mind and Me's a Crowd ensues as the Mileenas bide their time and plot vengeance. It also mentioned a Greater Scope Villain who was behind her awakening, and if Ermac and Erron Black's endings are any possible indication, said Greater Scope Villain may be the revived Shang Tsung.
    • Erron Black's ending shows a previous flashback of receiving a reward from Shang Tsung, the reward stated to slow down his aging. We cut to where Jax's ending starts out, only for him to kill everybody with cobra revolvers.
    • Ermac's ending where he wanders Shao Kahn's abandoned fortress lured in by a voice calling to him...only to end up cut open by a revived Shang Tsung, who absorbs every last soul that makes Ermac. Shang Tsung alive plus every last Ermac soul can only equal a horrifically powered up Shang.
    • D'Vorah's ending shows her enslaving her former master, Shinnok, and using him as a hive for her own larvae; they then absorb the godlike power within him, and burst forward as super-powered Kytinn, which spread across the realms, bringing power and destruction to D'Vorah, as their queen.
    • Shinnok's ending shows him succeeding in his war against the Elder Gods, fusing everything into The One Being and destroying all reality. Surpisingly, this is not connected to anything.
    • The kicker about the above is that many of them appear to work like a puzzle piece, putting the whole picture together and occurring after Story Mode, or at least right after Shinnok is defeated. If all of the above is true then shit is really starting to hit the fan now, more than it already was.

  • It's rather dark to consider the sheer amount of Finishing Move potential between parent and child: Takeda and Kenshi, Jacqui and Jax, and Cassie and both of her parents. While this isn't necessarily new (Sindel and Kitana have been in the same game before), it's more unsettling in this case because none of these characters are enemies of one another. And if that isn't enough, characters also interact with each other before every battle. Johnny and Cassie can engage in friendly banter before viciously killing each other.
  • Creepy scenarios implied by pre-match dialogue:
    • Shang Tsung disguising himself as Chameleon or a second Reptile.
    • A second Kenshi (or a close impersonator) murdering Kenshi's lover.
    • Ermac being in possession of the deceased Shao Kahn's soul.
    • Kano (forcibly) collecting the various kombatants' weapons.
    • Multiple Kanos and Mileenas running around.
    • Another Shinnok free and about.
    • The mirror matches between Raiden tell a lot of different scenarios.
      • Changes to the timeline resulting in a Raiden hailing from Chaosrealm.
      • Another Raiden traveling through time to kombat his counterpart, potentially endangering all of reality.
      • A mysterious, shapeshifting being with many names and faces taking the form of Raiden.
  • Once again, the Krypt features jumpscares that will come out and scare the player. However this time, the monsters are fully-animated, in your face and will actually attack you. Suddenly the monster from MK9 doesn't seem so bad. The only upside is that unlike in MK9, the Jump Scares are not random and are actually preset. Once you kill a wolf/spider/monster, it doesn't come back. That being said, you still won't see them coming...
  • The story mode and arcade endings make it clear that the Mortal Kombat tournament is a practically useless mean of protection as realms are constantly invaded left and right by any warlord worth their salt and Raiden even invades and conquers Outworld in certain endings. Kotal Kahn's ending has him beseech the Elder Gods for help leading to them re-establishing the tournament, with Outworld as the underdogs, but if the past is any indication, Kotal is more or less wasting his time.