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  • In The Angry Video Game Nerd
    • His video on Die Hard: The Licensed Game for the NES, the nerd attempts to properly beat the game. The game proves to be so frustrating that everything around him explodes while the Die Hard music plays and he is constantly jumping and rolling away from the blasts, as well as sweating and bleeding. Eventually, sick of the game, he rips the game out of the NES, yells "Yippie-Ki-Yay, motherfucker!!" and throws it behind him and jumps Die Hard style from the massive explosion it causes.
    • His Super Mario Bros. 3 review and the firefight between him (paired with Super Mecha Death Christ 2000) and the Devil (paired with an assload of newly possessed consoles). You just have to see it for yourself.
    • In his Michael Jackson's Moonwalker review, he winds up going berzerk, kasplodes his room and......turns into a cat and walks away. Probably an appropriate Michael Jackson reference.
    • That cat, aka Deathkitty, returns in the Atari Jaguar review to fight off the spinning Jaguar cube that comes out of the screen.
    • And the review of Swordquest. He turns a video game contest into an epic adventure which has not been seen since King Arthur.
  • Most of Arby 'n' the Chief takes place in Xbox Live. While relatively mundane at first, later seasons introduce more complex plots, such as a hacker clan trying to ban everyone on the network, and it surprisingly has a lot of suspense.
  • Homestar Runner:
    • The Strong Bad Email alternate universe delivers this explanation of why Strong Badman's secret lair is an apartment:
      Strong Badman: Because, mere mortal... this apartment... IS RENT CONTROLLED! ...and water's included."
      Strong Bad: Is that why all your faucets are running?
      Strong Badman: MU-HU-HU-HA-HA! Those dimwits down at the public works won't know what hit them!
      Strong Bad: So that's your evil plan? To waste water?
      Strong Badman: And not pay for it!
    • One cartoon is a rap song about how using a Fish-Eye Lens makes everything look cool.
  • The Remarkable Journey of Higgins von Higgings. It has to be seen to believed.
  • The Nostalgia Critic tests just how far this trope can go towards the end of this video.
    • In the middle of The Final Brawl, with epic battle going on around them, the Nerd dramatically bellowing and raising his fist... before placing a Geek Fight card on a table. The Critic responds in kind, and they argue about the power level...
    • Then there's the end of the Moulin Rouge! review, in which the Critic and the Chick get an epic musical number about a) how the Critic dislikes his job, and b) what the Chick is having for dinner. It reaches its peak when they sing dramatically about the Critic accidentally rhyming a line he hadn't intended to.
    Critic: I've got some bitching to doooooo!
    • This is essentially his opinion on some of the scenes in the Bridge to Terabithia film.
    • His epic salute to the Denny's Red, White, and Blue pancakes.
    "First: You need to put... your... gloves on. No matter how long it takes, NO MATTER THE DIFFICULTY, you must GET IT ON!"
  • Lampshaded on The Spoony Experiment during his Phantasmagoria 2 review. During one scene when ominous music is playing, he sings (with the music) "Cubicle isn't scary!" Also during very boring scenes the Spoony One will shout "PHANTASMAGORIA! PUZZLE OF THE FLESH!" in a dramatic voice, a joke which returned in his reviews of Ripper and The Ring: Terror's Realm.
  • The Nostalgia Chick has fun with this at the climatic scene of Pocahontas, telling everyone what to do in order to make it more EPIC.
  • In the lonelygirl15 episode "Foosball Battle", a game of table football is portrayed through epic close-ups and accompanied by the William Tell Overture.
    • Sounds similar to a German film called Absolut Gigantisch. Although the physically impossible finishing move (yes, that's a table-football finishing move) was pretty freakin' cool.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    Goku: "Gohan, follow Krillin. Get home to your mother."
    Gohan: "Right, daddy. Is there anything you want me to tell her?"
    Goku: "Yes, Gohan. Tell her..."
    * Zoom in to Goku. Hardcore rock guitar.*
    Goku: " put dinner on!"
    * More zoom. Guitar continues.*
    Goku: "..because I'm hungry!"
    * Extreme close-up. Guitar continues and then dies out.*
  • Rhett & Link love this trope. Their songs include "Phatdippin'," "Epic Rap Battle," "In The '80s," and "The Shamwow Song," and a short video series called The Surrogate Sharers, in which they present embarrassing confessions on behalf of others.
    • Arguably, their opus in this is "How to Kill A Moustache" in which they come up with no less than 15 nicknames for a moustache and finish the act of shaving by putting the clippings on a raft, setting it ablaze, and sending it down a river.
  • Kind of the whole idea behind the YouTube channel Epic Meal Time.
    • While Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time has 100% more shouting and and 1000% more throwing and hitting things.
      • That would be an inversion. All the hollering, beating, slamming, chopping and psychedelic post-processing fx? That's just lunch as usual. His deadpan friends watch with mild interest.
  • Only if served *Also sprach Zarathustra plays as a sign reading With Onions is slowly raised, to uproarious applause*
  • Retro Game Master, a translation of a Japanese TV show, can get into this pretty often. It's about a guy trying to complete classic NES-era games in single playthroughs. The commentary translation sounds very literal, which in English tends to result in some... interesting emphasis. MIGHTY BOMB JACK, anyone?
  • In Boatmurdered one dwarf "made about the awesomest shirt ever".
  • Is the subject of the video a farming simulator? How could this possibly not end in epic gardening... TO SHOW THEM ALL!
  • Linkara has stated multiple times that a "Collector's Issue" is NOT so unless it contains a Mr. T trading card. And then Mr.T and the T-Force #2 comes with such a card. He holds it aloft as it begins to glow like a sun and angels sing its praise. AND IT IS GLORIOUS.
  • The Annoying Orange: "I'm a sock, yeah!"
  • Polnareff gives Enya Geil a back massage in a Star Platinum-like manner during the first episode of the Justice arc in Vaguely Recalling JoJo. He even comes up with a repeated yell: "Momi Momi Momi Momi Momi!" The back massage restores Enya's youth
  • From NextG Poop, we have the evil villain The Wal.
    The Wal: Hello. I am The Wal. I have come to return to power.
    NextG: You will NOT return to power, you stupid jerk!
    The Wal: That's what YOU think!
  • RWBY has quite possibly the most unnecessarily epic Food Fight ever put to the moving image. See here.
  • This scene from Buzzfeed Unsolved has Shane treat dancing on a bridge as an act of Spartacus-esque defiance against the Eldritch Abomination rumored to inhabit it.
    ”Look at how I dance, I disrespect your bridge, Goat Man! People will write my name in graffiti! Children will come here and tell stories about me!”

Let's Play
  • In Plague and Treachery on the Oregon Trail, when the decision came over what to do once they reached Snake River, Chewbot said he'd count anyone who posted their vote in the form of a haiku as two votes.
    Think about it. What's more ridiculous than dozens of internet strangers voting on the river-crossing status of a fictional family based on an educational game that was created 30 years ago? Haiku about it.

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