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Website: Dinosaur Dracula
Itís important to know when your surroundings arenít bringing out the best in you. This is true in every facet of life. Often, there isnít much you can do about it. With this, I can. The things that were stopping me were so bogus and pointless. If my Internet desires run no further than running a goofy site that people have fun with, I could be doing that so much more effectively. Hopefully, now I will!

Because I donít know how a site that launches with photos of a rubber dinosaur eating cake could ever be not-fun.

Dinosaur Dracula is a website created by Matt Carracappas, who became well-known for his former site X-Entertainment. This site is basically a sequel to that one.

Like X-Entertainment, the site mostly revolves around nostalgia - toys, games, commercials, food, etc, all written with an eye for the small things and a healthy dose of humor and insanity.

This site contains examples of:

Pokťmon and Digimon RPOther SitesDK Vine

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