If I Can't Have You

"But if I wasn't ever going to be happy again, then I would make sure that they wouldn't be alive to enjoy their happiness."

"I don't want nobody, baby!" Just kidding.

"If I can't have you, then no one will!" is a Stock Phrase often spoken by jealous and envious or narcissistic characters (often villains) demanding to be loved. The set up is usually as follows: Baddie has grown infatuated with the hero or his Love Interest and kidnaps her with the intent to "marry" her. Or just have his way with her. While it is possible for the villain to love their captive in a non-sicko way, it's usually love of the Love Makes You Evil or Love Hungry variety. Case in point: once the hero breaks her out and they kiss passionately, expect him to shout this line and decide that if she won't love him, she's not going to love anyone period.

If the villain is a Femme Fatale who was wooing the hero, she may well shoot him once his love interest shows up. Many a non-villainous "jilted" Clingy Jealous Girl will react this way, and there may be some truth to it, as this seems to be the mentality behind many people who kill their cheating spouses or ex-lovers (both in fiction and in Real Life). A woman may also be more likely to get away with it.

If the villain ever had an inkling of a chance, this becomes a form of Kick the Dog or Moral Event Horizon that shows that they're "The Wrong Guy".

See No MacGuffin, No Winner when the trope phrase is directed at something of intrinsic value, rather than an object of affection. See also Love Makes You Evil, Yandere, and Living Emotional Crutch. The polar opposite of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. Often the person trying to kill the object of their affection is Not Good with Rejection.

An alternative to killing their beloved is for the villain to kill the hero for being a romantic rival. If the villain is canny, he'll play it off as an accident. If he isn't quite sane, he'll tell his captive and actually expect this to make her throw herself in his arms. When this trope is magnified and taken to its logical extreme, it becomes either Taking You with Me or Put Them All Out of My Misery.

As this trope frequently occurs during the climax of a story, beware the spoilers!


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     Anime and Manga 
  • Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari makes it clear that she won't tolerate her boyfriend Koyomi Araragi showing interest in any other woman. At one point, she nearly stabs him in the eye with a mechanical pencil after he so much as talks about another female using her first name without an honorific. And only stops once he screams, "Stop it! There's nothing guilty about it! I didn't mean it like I knew her well! I'm only devoted to you, Senjougahara!" Afterwards, when he comments that she'll kill someone, she promises that he will be her first and only victim. Unless someone else kills him, in which case, she'll kill his killer. She then goes on to say how romantic it is because then he would truly belong to her and she would be able to be near him while he's on his death bed.
  • In Berserk, during Griffith's Ho Yay-tastic fight with Guts before Guts left the Band of Hawk, Griffith is shown having this kind of thought. He considers all the different possibilities of attacking Guts, realizing that one way, if executed properly, would most likely end in Guts' death. He hesitates, but then thinks to himself, "But... if I can't keep him here..." and ends up attempting it. He fails.
  • In Black Cat, Creed gets this way with Train. Embittered and horribly jealous that his numerous attempts to have Train join him to rule the world fail because of Saya's influence, he eventually decides that he would rather that Train die than remain under the spell of "that witch." In one instance, acting like a Yandere, Creed even tells Train (after he smashes Train into a wall):
    "This is all your fault, Train! It's your fault for making me mad! Time and time again, I come to get your cooperation so it wouldn't come to this. But despite that... all those attempts were futile. All of them!"
  • Diva in Blood+, who killed Riku after raping him, partially so that no one else could have him, but also to spite Saya.
  • Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland, after confessing his love for Nagi, decides that if Nagi refuses to join him in the Undertakers, he'd rather kill him.
  • In a Death Note flashback, when Misa tries to ignore a Stalker with a Crush who surprises her at night, he pulls a knife, saying, "Then I'll kill you and myself!"
  • In FruitsBasket, Akito is surprisingly the victim in this case, as Shigure slept with her mother in retaliation for Akito previously sleeping with Kureno. It's also revealed that Shigure is also responsible for manipulating many of the characters over the course of the series for the purpose of (possibly) allowing Tohru to find some way of breaking the curse (and thereby breaking the bond that Akito is trying to hold on to) and actively keeping Akito emotionally closed off from everyone else, while at the same time goading her with the possibility of his affection (before ditching her in favor of pissing her off). It works out in everyone's favor in the end, but as the main page suggests, this can be seen as If I Can't Have You I'm Going To Destroy You And Make You Completely Emotionally Inaccessible To Anyone Ever.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Takuma (at least, in the novels) is shown to start acting like this towards Tessa. "I don't care if I have to kill Tessa to get the others. On second thought, I should kill them all. After all, Tessa made a fool of me and didn't bother to acknowledge my good will. If I can't have her, I'll break her."
  • The Count of Monte Cristo is the basis for the manga Gankutsuou, where Mondego shoots his wife and son, then dons a mecha suit to fight The Count.
  • Raoh in Hokuto No Ken was prepared to kill the heroine if she did not reciprocate his feelings. However, he finds she is already dying of radiation poisoning, and so moved by her determination he uses his own power to extend her life.
  • Kyo Kara Maoh: Wolfram to Yuuri season one, episode fifty-two- "Maybe I should just kill you now; then you'd be mine forever." Presumably not meant seriously, as he sheathes his sword and forgets about that plan of action the moment Yuuri falls down a short staircase. It never comes up again.
  • While the traditional lines are never said, the subtext of Yurimaru's death via Zakuro's Action Bomb trap in Ninja Scroll is blatant. Yurimaru is an an electrokinetic Bishōnen who uses Razor Floss- Zakuro is a viciously inventive explosives expert with at the least a prominent facial scar and at most is so covered in scars she looks like Frankenstein's Monster. Zakuro has a major crush on Yurimaru, but Yurimaru is a Depraved Homosexual in love with (and sleeping with) their leader, Himuro Gemma, and so he rejects her advances rather bluntly. Yurimaru promptly stumbles into an explosives-rigged shed near the climax of the movie, and is blatantly blown to pieces when a detonating rat triggers the whole place going up in flames.
  • Kanou in Okane Ga Nai clearly stated to his lover Ayase that he is not getting away from him. Ever. And if he tries to, then he will find him and repossess him, by force if necessary.
  • Mookyul from Totally Captivated was looking for Ewon Jung for 10 years before finally finding him. Luckily Ewon feels the same way. Luckily for Ewon. Mostly...
    Mookyul: I was gonna lock you in a cage if you told me to let you go, but it turns out for the best, since now we won't have to go through the pain in the ass of fighting.
    • Ewon really, really hopes he doesn't mean that. (He does.)
  • Ann from Sailor Moon said something of the sort about Mamoru at one time; as did Ali about Usagi.
  • Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo: After being dumped by her boyfriend Fumio Kirisaki declares "Alright, I'll kill him... Then I'll die."
  • After he realizes that Ichigo loves Masaya and not him, Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew becomes this way. In episode 45, after Ichigo refuses to leave Earth with him, he goes into a rage and tells Ichigo that if he can't have her then he'll kill her. Ichigo seems like a goner at first, but then she is rescued by Masaya, who turns out to be her Mysterious Protector the Blue Knight.
  • Jagara from Wolf's Rain has this relationship going on with Darcia. Particularly notable since Jagara killed her twin sister Harmona, Darcia's lover who had essentially been on life support for years, in order to get her out of the picture. (In all fairness, as said, Harmona had been on life support for years and Jagara didn't know that Darcia had probably found a way to heal Harmona. It's still a Moral Event Horizon for her, and a Despair Event Horizon for Darcia.) Later, during a confrontation between the two, Jagara stabs Darcia with a poisoned dagger when he refuses her.
  • This is the reason why Seto Kaiba destroys the fourth Blue-Eyes White Dragon trading card in Yu-Gi-Oh! when he gets his hands on it. The rules of the game forbid duelists from having more than three of the same card in their decks. He already had the only other three ever printed, so he ripped it in two since he couldn't use it.
    • Well, that and in the manga, the Blue Eyes he destroyed disobeyed him in a (shadow) duel and refused to attack Yuugi. He destroyed it out of revenge.
  • Naoe from Mirage of Blaze was prepared to kill Kagetora and himself so that Kagetora will "never belong to anyone else".
  • Naraku from InuYasha couldn't have Kikyou and killed her twice because of it. It also didn't help that Kikyou was out to kill him in revenge, and she was one of the few capable of doing so.
  • At one point in the Hot Gimmick manga Hatsumi tells her abusive boyfriend Ryoki that she can't be with him anymore when he orders her to make the impossible decision of choosing between him or her family. When she leaves him he's shown thinking to himself "That stupid woman...If she can't be mine she should just die."
  • Zetsuai 1989: Kouji swings between both I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and If I Can't Have You with regard to Izumi. He's aware that I Want My Beloved to Be Happy is a better attitude, but he can't quite bring himself to feel that way, and often talks about how he'd like to lock Izumi away. In fact, his behaviour tends to stop short of full-on If I Can't Have You, but he angsts quite a bit about how he resents anything that makes Izumi happy if it takes Izumi's attention away from him.
    • Also, when Izumi was five, his mother discovered his father was cheating on her, and murdered him in front of Izumi so that she could "possess him completely". Years after this, after getting out of prison, Mrs. Izumi goes to her son, explains her reasons and kills herself in front of him.
  • Girls Bravo: Lisa Fukuyama is an insane user of black magic who develops an intense infatuation for Yukinari after his appearance matches a description in her horoscope for her soul mate and often employs her magic to get closer to him-which often fails spectacularly. She often has her attendant Kosame stand nearby with her loaded gun trained on Yukinari, making a not so subtle threat to shoot Yukinari if he refuses her.
  • Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation qualifies for this when the stress of Yuki being outed puts him into the hospital, and Shuichi, in the polar opposite of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, talks at length about how he would rather Yuki die than leave him.
    • That said, Shuichi is a Love Martyr who allowed himself to be raped in order to keep Yuki's relationship with him a secret despite Yuki generally being a Bastard Boyfriend. He implies at some point that he'd be happy to die for him, just not for him to leave him.
  • In Gunslinger Girl Cute Bruiser Henrietta, who has a major Big Brother Attraction towards her handler Giuseppe, recreates the incident where one of the other cyborg girls killed her own handler. This is chillingly summed up as: "She was making a subconscious threat — if you don't love me, I'll kill you." In chapter 83, they both kill each other after Giuse is mortally wounded at her hands. Laser-Guided Karma for Giuse because he Took a Level in Jerkass several chapters earlier after realizing that he had failed Henrietta, but Henrietta herself was Too Good for This Sinful Earth.
  • Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun: Inner Reika (who's Yandere for Shungo) completely looses it in the last episode upon seeing him try to kiss Mayu, and screams at her subordinate Hosaka to kill Shungo.
  • Threads Of Time: Sali Tayi explicitly tells Atan Hadas that if she runs away with Moon-Bin and doesn't marry him, he'll kill them both.
  • Played with in Monster. Johan seems to have less of an "If I can't have you, no one will" attitude toward his sister Anna as he does an "I can't have her, so no one can", and proceeds to murder her foster parents.
    • Played straighter with Lady Drunk Eve Heinemann toward Dr. Tenma.
  • In the Fishman Island arc of One Piece, captain Vander Decken has this attitude toward the gigantic mermaid princess Shirahoshi. He's constantly sending her 'love letters' in the form of large weapons that are guided to her by his Devil Fruit power, forcing her father to keep her locked up in a tower for ten years.
  • Ai no Kusabi: Guy to Riki.
  • In Helen ESP one of the school's mannequins take this attitude to her builder. And since she, being a doll, can't...
  • In the Mai-HiME manga, Shiho, Brainwashed by the Princess earring she has, challenges Yuuichi to a quiz to determine if he is the "real" Yuuichi, and any answers that she deems incorrect (that is, refusing to say that he loves Shiho and wants to leave with her), result in her claiming he is an imposter and having her Child slam him into the ground. When he fails the first two questions and responds to her question of whether he loves her with a Like Brother and Sister answer, she decides he is a fake and prepares to kill him, but Mai is able to destroy Shiho's Child and save him.
  • Sakura Gari: Everyone does this over Souma. And then Souma in turn does this to Masataka.
  • Mizore in Rosario + Vampire tries to kill the rest of Tsukune's harem and turn Tsukune himself into a popsicle so she can have him all for herself. However, once she's added to the harem she becomes friends with her love rivals and continues to stalk Tsukune. She says herself that she doesn't really "need" to stalk him anymore, it's just "more fun."
  • Rune of Karakuridouji Ultimo in chapter 11 says he needs to kill his crush Yamato and then die himself.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Chapter 338 features Chisame's brief stint as a Yandere, played for laughs, with a dose of If I Can't Have You.
    Chisame: Oh yeah, you're gonna get stabbed and killed one day! No, I'm going to stab you and then I'll die too.
  • In Bokura Wa Itsumo the Clingy Jealous Girl Onohira uses this on Haruna when he tell her that he was going out with his Living Emotional Crutch to which she responds by taking out a knife and saying "If I can't be in your arms, nobody else can either!"
  • Bleach: Orihime's hollowfied brother Sora tries to kill Ichigo (and Tatsuki, though less so) for taking his place in Orihime's heart. He then says he'll kill Orihime just so no one else can have her.
  • In School Days Sekai stabs Makoto to death after he is shown choosing Kotonoha over her and later tells Kotonoha that she and Makoto truly loved each other.
  • In the Rose of Versailles, Oscar's father wants to marry her off to Girodelle — but she does not want to marry him. Andre is so distraught about this, that he puts some rat poison into Oscar's wine and his, but he prevents Oscar from even tasting it, since he realized on time that what he would have done was wrong.
  • One of the creepiest examples comes from Minoru Murao's Knights manga. Of all people, Nina, the cute little girl of the cast goes nuts when she assumes that the object of her affection Mist is physically involved with his Ms. Fanservice companion Euphemia. Her response is to lead a supernatural agent of the Corrupt Church (the same Church that nearly burned her at the stake after accusing her of being a witch) to kill him. She even shoots him in the leg with a crossbow. Her motivation? To send his soul to Hell, where it will be "purified," then join him in death so they can be together for all eternity. This guy saved her life in the first few chapters, which is why she's so hung up on him in the first place. This is borderline Love Makes You Evil. To her credit, she does eventually realize just how utterly screwed up she was, and works to undo her actions.
  • Haru To Natsu has protagonist Makoto caught between twin sisters who both want him. He prefers Haruna, the stable and sweet model student, while also being chased by Natsuki, who wants him because Haruna wants him. Oh, and did I mention Haruna's quite Yandere for Makoto? To the point that their first kiss is while she's holding a very large butcher knife, and later promises (while wielding that same knife) that if he ever cheats, he wouldn't like what happens.
  • Elegy to Luka in Betrayal Knows My Name.
  • In Sengoku Otome, Mitsuhide despairs of Nobunaga ever noticing her feelings and mistakenly believes Nobunaga and Hideyoshi have gotten together. Mitsuhide gets Nobunaga drunk enough to pass out, then sets the building on fire, declaring they will be Together in Death. Hideyoshi confronts her and says what she is doing is selfish and if she truly loved Nobunaga, she would do her best to make her smile and have her dreams come true. Mitsuhide realizes she is right and tries to rescue Nobunaga, but it turns out she woke up on her own and was on her way to escaping. Though Nobunaga remains oblivious to her feelings, she forgives her for what she did.

     Comic Books 
  • Oroku Nagi (The Shredder's brother) from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books does this to Tang Shen, the mutual object of affection between himself and Hamato Yoshi. Nagi begins beating on Tang Shen until Yoshi arrives and, enraged, kills Nagi. In subsequent adaptations of the story, however, Tang Shen is killed by the spurned suitor, who is usually changed to be Oroku Saki (The Shredder himself).
  • Iron Man: Kathy Dare shot Tony Stark in the spine after he rejected her.
  • This is the basic principle behind The League of Evil Exes in Scott Pilgrim
  • Monica's Gang: In one story, several mothers have been abducted and Monica and Maggy decided to investigate. They disguised themselves as a mother in order to find the villain's hideout. The villain explained about how he'd been bullied for not having a mother ever since she vanished so he decided that, if he couldn't have a mother, nobody would. His mother reappeared and spanked him for his crimes. Fittingly, the villain's name is Frédipo. (Fred + Édipo - Édipo being how Oedipus Rex is known in Brazil)
  • Eclipso feels this way towards Superman, after trying-and failing-several times to possess and/or corrupt him.
  • The light-hearted nature of Captain Marvel can distract you from Sivana being this in one story. Because Captain Marvel prevents his plan to take over the Rock of Eternity so he can take over the Universe, Sivana tries to activate a Proton Bomb to destroy the Rock of Eternity, which is the Keystone of the Universe and will cause its destruction, even killing himself, deciding if he can't rule the Universe he'll wreck it. He is even laughing at this as he wants one last laugh. Just look at his reaction-http://digitalcomicmuseum.com/preview/index.php?did=16428&page=32
  • The Venom symbiote feels this way towards Spider-Man ever since Peter rejected it. On one occasion Peter defeated Venom by pretending to want the symbiote back, and the symbiote immediately abandoned Eddie Brock.
  • In Final Crisis Darkseid feels this way towards all of creation. After Batman fatally poisons him with a Radion bullet, Darkseid tries to drag everything else that exists down with him out of little more than hateful spite.

    Fairy Tales 
  • In East of the Sun and West of the Moon, the prince is cursed to turn into a bear because he would not marry his stepsister as his Wicked Stepmother wanted.
  • In Rapunzel, Mother Gothel throws Rapunzel out into the wilderness, and blinds the prince so they will be unable to find each other.
  • In Snow White Fire Red, her ogress mother curses her so that the prince she ran off with will forget her as soon as his mother kiss him.

     Fan Works 
  • In the cross-over comic Grim Tales from Down Below, Minnie screams this at Junior before trying to decapitate him. While she's not actually a villain, she is under the influence of Him, making her evil at the time it was said.
    • For added Squick, Minnie is Junior's half-sister, so he's as creeped out as the readers are.
  • Defying the Odds shows this in a flashback, as Tweety tells Sylvester the harsh promise Tyler made to her when she turned dwon his marriage proposal.
  • In Revenge Road, Hikaru decides to kill Kyosuke and Madoka, angry at Kyosuke for rejecting her and Madoka (to a slightly lesser degree) for stealing him away, and jealous of the happiness they share.
  • In the final chapter of Project Gethinator, Admiral Daro'Xen, who is Yandere in a big way for Commander Shepard, utterly loses it after he decisively turns her down and calls her on her crazy scheme and her obsession with him. After realizing that Shepard is in love with Tali, Xen goes into full-on Woman Scorned mode, and proceeds to turn the same faulty mineral scanner that Tali's idiot crewman Prazza from the preceding fic Inglorious Boshtets accidentally used to make a star go supernova on the main star of the Eta Carinae system, causing it to go hyper-nova, making sure to have the Normandy's drive core disabled so Shepard, Tali and the crew cannot escape. Only Shepard's quick thinking and Legion's advanced technical skills get everyone out of there alive.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series gives this a bizarre and interesting twist:
    Jack: I don't think so. That was a pretty good line.
  • Played with in Inner Demons. When Queen!Twilight realizes that her brother is rejecting her advances in favor of, you know, his wife, she decides she will kill him along with the rest of the heroes — but first she's going to make him watch her kill Cadence. Fortunately, the rest of the Mane Six show up in time to stop her.
  • Dirty Sympathy has Daryan attempts to kill Klavier by having him strangled to death when he finds out that the latter is cheating on him another man. Daryan outright states this trope as his reason for not ending his relationship with Klavier when the latter questions why they don't break up if Daryan hates him so much.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Splash Woman blows up her underwater hideout after losing, saying that if she can't have Mega Man no one will.
  • In Hunting The Unicorn, Blaine's stalker Alex threatens to run a concussed Blaine over if his friends call 911.

     Film - Animated 
  • Claude Frollo from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame movie is a rather horrifying example...as he puts it: "She will be mine or she will burn!"
  • Part of Lotso's backstory in Toy Story 3. He and his friends were misplaced by their owner during a car trip, and by the time they found their way home, her parents had bought the kid a new Lotso. Instead of letting his friends go back, he spent the rest of his life trying to make other toys as miserable and jaded as him.
    Lotso: She replaced all of us!
    Woody: She replaced you! And if you couldn't have her, no one could!
  • In Megamind, this is what triggers Titan/Hal Stewart's Face-Heel Turn, since he only agreed to become a superhero on the basis that this would attract Roxanne to him. When this didn't turn out to be the case, he begins a city-wide rampage, and ends up tying her to a radio tower on the top of a tall building.

    Film - Live Action 

  • Lights of New York: Molly states this as her reason for killing Hawk: "When he told me he was through with me, I made up my mind he was through with all women". It's heavily implied she wasn't the real murderer, though.
  • Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, sort of.
  • It's never explicitly stated, but this seems to be how The Joker feels at the climax of Batman (1989). Once it finally becomes clear to him that Vicki Vale will never love him, he just tries to kill her along with Batman. (Being a psychopath, it's likely he would have eventually killed her anyway, once he got bored with her.)
  • Alec Baldwin's character, Teacher, from The Juror (1996). At first Annie Laird's Stalker with a Crush, he changes to this trope after she "betrays" him and tries to get him killed. He then becomes obsessed with killing her.
  • At the end of The Count of Monte Cristo, the villain attempts to kill Mercedes, although it's less about love and more about denying her to Edmond, who has ruined his life in vengeance for sending him to the Chateau d'If in order to have her for himself.
    Edmond: You've only got one shot. And it'll take more than that to stop me.
    Fernand: Well, then, I'd best place it where it will do the most damage.
    [turns the gun on Mercedes and fires]
  • House of Flying Daggers: Leo says to Mei "You're the love of my life. You don't have to love me, but you can never go with him." This is after he has stabbed her in the chest with a dagger.
  • In Titanic after Rose jumps out of the last lifeboat onto the ship to be with Jack, Cal is shown looking extremely jealous as they embrace, so much so that he takes a gun and shoots at them, intending to kill them both.
  • Lampshaded in Cursed. "If I can't have him... Well, you know how it goes."
  • A non-romantic example from Hot Fuzz: Leslie Tiller is killed because she was going to move away from Sandford, and the NWA didn't want her horticultural experience to be used for any of Sandford's competition for 'Village of the Year'.
  • The Bishop of Aquila from Ladyhawke, after his curse on two lovers is broken by an eclipse, aims his staff like a spear at Isabeau, the female half of the couple whom he had wanted for himself, declaring that if he cannot have her: "...then no man shall!" Etienne stops him by throwing his sword, which goes right through the priest and kills him.
    • Also, the significance of them being transformed into a wolf and a hawk. Both animals mate for life.
    • The curse itself is specifically mentioned to have been a case of this.
  • In the Morgan Fairchild film The Seduction, a male loner stalking a celebrity news anchor inserts such a message into her teleprompter script, causing her to have a Heroic BSOD on the air.
  • In ¡Three Amigos!:
    El Guapo: Jefe, you do not understand women. You cannot force open the petals of a flower. When the flower is ready, it opens itself up to you.
    Jefe: So when do you think Carmen will open up her flower to you?
    El Guapo: Tonight, or I will kill her!
  • Repo Men (2010): The relationship with Jake and Remy was rather brotherly, going back to their childhood with Jake as a bully. As adults working together in repossession, Jake gradually became rather attached to Remy, and the repo job was something that bonded them together. But in doing this job Remy and his wife Carol had a rocky marriage, so things weren't looking up. Remy was thinking about quitting repo. Jake got desperate and sabotaged a defibrillator, resulting in Remy getting an auto heart from the shock, and his wife leaving him. Eventually becoming enemies Jake was determined to keep Remy by him by some means, which led to Jake putting him in a brain dead (dream state) coma and continuing to do repossession jobs to keep Remy alive and happy; so not only did Jake remove Remy from his wife, it is highly likely that he killed Remy's love interest, Beth.
  • The motive for trying to kill Laura.
  • Mitch from Enough when he attacks Slim at her new house, angry that she is regaining feelings for her ex-boyfriend Joe. He even, at one point, says "If I can't have you, no one can!"
  • The ending of The House of Yes invokes this even though the words are never spoken.
  • Near the end of Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Chad puts Allison on a Conveyor Belt of Doom when he realizes she and Dale are falling in love.
  • Bobby (played by Fred Savage) in the TV movie No One Would Tell does this to his girlfriend Stacy.
  • In Red Eye the final confrontation gave a bit of this vibe.
  • In Misery, Annie tries to keep Paul from leaving her but knows he'll want to leave her when his legs get better and then says that she has a gun and she might put bullets in it.
  • Dark Shadows: The entire reason Angelique cursed Barnabas and buried him alive is because he rejected her advances. When he eventually escapes his coffin, she tells him to either return her love this time, or she'll destroy his family (which she's been doing for the last two hundred years anyway).
  • Hocus Pocus: Winifred was this to her dead ex-boyfriend, Billy. She found out that he cheated on her with Sarah and not only killed him, but also sewed his mouth shut. Over a century later, Billy tells her exactly what he thought of her.

  • In Dragon Bones, Ward encounters a woman who thinks this about him. It's not so much that she really loves him, she's just insulted that he'd prefer someone else to her.
  • The Phantom of the Opera. If Erik can't have Christine, not only will Raoul be dead, but he plans to blow up Paris. This tends to be forgotten in most other versions. Bonus points for the fact that Erik retains much of his woobieness, despite being batshit crazy.
  • Éponine from Les Misérables. Éponine gives Marius a (fake) message that his friends are expecting him at the barricades, and then she goes there herself in hopes that they'll die together, since she can't have him. But later, when Marius is about to be shot, Eponine quickly interferes and is shot herself. She gives the letter to Marius, pleads for forgiveness, and asks for a kiss on the forehead, to which he complies.
  • This happened in the Wind On Fire Trilogy to the princess, though she didn't get killed.
  • This is effectively Morgoth's motive in The Silmarillion—if Ilúvatar won't let him create anything of his own, he'll corrupt and break Arda.
  • In Neil Gaiman's short story "Murder Mysteries," the first murdered angel turns out to have been killed by his partner when he moved on from extensively studying Love with him to studying Death instead.
  • The title character of The English Patient has an affair with Katharine Clifton; when her husband finds out, he combines this with Murder the Hypotenuse and suicide, trying to kill them all in a plane crash.
  • Don Quixote: Part II, chapter 60, Claudia Jeronima and Don Vicente Tornellas, from different factions of the civil war that was plaguing Barcelona, secretly fall in love and planned to marry, but one day Claudia Jeronima learned that Don Vicente wants to marry another woman. The next day, overwhelmed and exasperated, she shot him. And then she learns that he never intended to marry any other woman than Claudia.
  • In the first novel of the Binding Of The Blade series, Joraiem marries Wylla, whom Rulalin loved. One morning, Rulalin knifes Joraiem and bolts.
  • Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He utters the line "No-one shall have her" quite a few times over the course of the story, which ends up badly for Esmeralda (and everyone else in the story).
  • Christopher Carrion has a bad case of this in the back story to Clive Barker's "Abarat" series aimed at Princess Boa, which ends with him killing her on her wedding day.
  • In ''Cold Comfort'', Allie Carpenter says the stock phrase before killing Senator Wainwright.
  • The Revenge of the Sith novelization has the relationship between Anakin and his wife Padme steadily progress into this. Even though she was faithful to him, he didn't believe her; he believed she was falling for Obi-Wan. And in a sense she was - at one point she says that there is one Jedi the proto-Rebellion can trust absolutely, and is shocked to discover that she doesn't mean her husband. He chokes her with the Force.
  • In Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian story "Shadows In Zamboula," after Zabibi repulses Totrasmek, and asks him for a Love Potion, he gives her something to drive her lover mad, so that he attacks her.
  • Meta-example happened in Dungeons & Dragons novels. Dragonlance writer Margaret Weis didn't liked that her beloved character Death Knight Lord Soth has been taken by Ravenloft, so she got Armed with Canon, wrote things that made it impossible for Soth to ever be transported to Ravenloft world in the first place and then turned him human and killed him so nobody else could have him.
  • In Bruce Coville's The Ghost in the Third Row the ghost in question was killed by a jealous lover after she chooses his rival over him.
  • Lydia in Peter Moore's Caught In The Act attempts this on Ethan in the school play. She fails.
  • In Death series: Indulgence In Death has a guy who killed a girl he was interested in a drunken fit of rage because she was not interested in him.
  • In "Confessions of a D-List Supervillain", The hero Ultraweapon says this to the protagonist after erasing the memory of his ex-girl-friend Aphrodite, who had begun dating the protagonist.
  • The question of "The Lady or the Tiger?" is whether the princess will decide this or not.
  • In John Milton's Paradise Lost, Eve's motive for giving the apple to Adam is murder: he must not be happy with another woman after her death.
  • The Infernal Devices: The reason for Sophie's scar - the son of her previous employer wanted her and when she refused his advances, took a knife to her face so that nobody could have her beauty.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire King Aerys II pulled a non-romantic example of this during the twilight of Robert's Rebellion. He ordered that caches of wildfire be placed throughout Kings Landing with the goal being to set the city on fire rather than let it fall to Robert Baratheon. Luckily, Jamie Lannister wasn't having any of The Mad Kings bullshit!
  • In The Elenium, Zalasta stabs Sephrenia in the heart after being outed as the Big Bad of the series, although the motivation for that action was being reminded that she had rejected him in favor of Vanion.
  • Jeremy's girlfriend in Strength & Justice says this phrase as she attempts to do this to him by using her Green Thumb powers when she suspects him of cheating.
  • In Literature/Proxima, John Synge gets the first three words out before being shot by a genre savvy robot.
  • In Blood Promise, Strigoi Dimitri seems to settle upon this conclusion. He initially intended to turn Rose into a fellow Strigoi and rule a criminal empire with her. Once she conclusively rejected him, he hunts around the world to locate and kill her.
  • In Heart Of Steel, Jim was already controlling and possessive of Julia, but after getting turned into a misshapen cyborg and finding out that Alistair is in love with her, Jim is prepared to kill Julia to keep Alistair from having her. He also staged a vicious attack on her six months ago when he started to cotton that she wanted to break up with him.

     Live Action TV 
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a creepy, creepy love spell causes every woman in town to try to do this to Xander.
    • In another episode, it is revealed that a student killed his teacher he had a relationship with because she tried to end it. He then shot himself, and his ghost possesses people to reenact the scene with fatal consequences.
    • Spike chains up both Buffy and Drusilla, and declares he'll stake his his vampire ex-girlfriend as a sign of his love for Buffy. When Buffy is unimpressed, Spike says he'll release Drusilla to feed on her unless Buffy gives him the faintest crumb of hope that someday he might have a chance with her.
  • On Angel, Gunn assumes (incorrectly) that this is the reason why Knox chose Fred to be the vessel for Illyria, after she turns him down for Wesley. In fact, it's because he thinks it's an honor only she was worthy of.
  • Parodied on Mystery Science Theater 3000 when Joel and the Bots saw I Accuse My Parents: "No one's gonna take you away from me. Not even me, see! I'll kill me before that happens."
  • At the end of the Cadfael episode "The Rose Rent", Miles screams and begs Judith to "Tell me you love me!" while threatening to throw her and himself into a blazing fire if she doesn't.
  • Simon. Poor, poor Simon on Misfits seems to bring this out in people: Fellow patients from his hospital stay, people he saves, counselors. The boy cannot catch a break.
  • Moriarty for Sherlock which leads to an awesome Thanatos Gambit that is truly epic.
  • Factors importantly into a twist ending from Tales from the Crypt, in which it is shouted repeatedly by the murderer.
  • Regina does this to poor Graham on Once Upon a Time after he finally wakes up from her 28 year long Mind Rape that starts with her actually forcing him into a relationship with her.
  • In Robin Hood, this was Guy of Gisborne's reaction to Marian making it very, very clear she's not interested. Fans actually got more annoyed at her insensitivity than at his murderous response, despite the fact that by this stage Marian had given Guy dozens of chances to change his ways, and he squandered each and every one of them. Her outburst was simply the last straw.
  • Despite an amicable breakup, Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother thinks this is happening with Wendy the Waitress.
  • On LOST this refers to the relationship of Ben/Juliet in which Ben sends Goodwin on a death mission so he can have Juliet. Also Juliet tells Jack in "The Other Woman" "He think that I am his."
  • Happens in the final arc of Choujin Sentai Jetman. Maria, after reverting back into Rie Aoi, stabs Radiguet from the back. Radiguet retaliated by killing her, but not because she's a traitor, but because "If I can't have you, then I won't let Red Hawk have you!". Just another Moral Event Horizon Radiguet crosses in daily basis.
  • Penelope says this to Chad in the Sonny With A Chance episode Sonny With A Secret. She tries to kill Sonny with a bomb, and then, when Chad and the So Random cast tries to fly to Wisconsin to save her, she takes the position of the pilot, hands Chad one of the only two parachutes on the plane, and tells him to jump from the plane with her and date her since his girlfriend will be gone. When Chad chooses Sonny over Penelope, she says this trope, takes both parachutes, and jumps out of the plane, leaving Chad and the others to a plane crash. (They escape, partially because this is Disney.)
    • So Random! had Audrey Vale's character, Julia Peters (aka the "I'm going to marry Zac Feldman show!" girl) shows this in one of her Zac Feldman cheers.
    Julia: Zac, Zac, he's my man! If I can't marry him NO ONE CAN.
  • Implied with Dr Maki in Kamen Rider OOO, who killed his sister because she was about to get married and leave home, thus couldn't spend time with him any more.
    • Jiro in Kamen Rider Kiva, who uses this exact line and tries to kill Yuri after she leaves him for Otoya.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, the guys are in line to watch a special edition of Raiders of the Lost Ark with 21 additional seconds of footage. They just miss out on getting in. So Sheldon sneaks into the movie theatre and steals the movie reels.
  • On Chuck Volkhov threatens to do this to Frost. Particularly twisted in this case because he's not losing her to anyone else, he's in danger of being captured and would simply rather she die than live without him.
  • An astounding number of meteor freaks who pursued Lana Lang on Smallville had this as a modus operandi.
    • And then there's Davis, who was apparently A-OK with burying himself alive to stop his Superpowered Evil Side from rampaging around the world, but only if Chloe loved him. If not...
    • Spoken word-for-word by Conner on red kryptonite towards Lois Lane in Scion.
  • When Blair dumps Chuck on Gossip Girl he puts a dating fatwa on her. It works.
  • Rose from Two and a Half Men implied that she purposely shoved Charlie in front of an oncoming train not long after she caught him cheating on her with another woman.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: In one episode of the time Francis lived in Alaska, he and some co-workers were stranded in a cabin while their boss went for supplies. They had nothing but a piece of string to entertain themselves with until even it vanished. They were so obsessed they even put the main suspect in a "trial" for it and invoked the trope.
  • In C-drama Holy Pearl, a loose adaptation of InuYasha, Naraku-expy Shi You Ming was turned down by Kikyo/ Xian Yue in the backstory. He explains he is willing to accept that, as long as she doesn't fall in love with anyone else. You can guess what happens next.
  • Lampshaded in Teen Wolf where Matt claims he's not the type to say "If I can't have you, no one can" to the girl he's been secretly photographing. He later concedes this is not quite true before shouting exactly that.
  • Ashley Iocco in Big Brother 14 US had went on a mock date with Ian. However, she grew closer to fellow houseguest (And Public Target number one) Frank - and when Frank was targeted for eviction, and once again managed to get off the block, Ashley was sent out.
  • Charmed: It seems this is the case with some evil characters who fall in love with mortals, like in the episodes "Love Hurts" and Magic Hour".
  • Frasier: Maris gets insanely jealous of women Niles dates - especially Mel. Late in the series, Maris is not opposed to Niles's relationship with Daphne, but still clings to Niles for support.
  • A non-romantic example in Babylon 5. Once it becomes clear that Sheridan and his forces are going to win and overthrow him, with the military and senators right outside his door to arrest him, Earth Alliance President Clark puts a gun to his own head, but not before programming Earth's defense satellites to fire on the planet itself in the hopes of taking everyone with him.
  • Done hilariously in the season two finale of Person of Interest. A couple of newlyweds are confronted by the bride's armed and homicidal ex invoking this trope. Suddenly, a shot rings out, the attacker falls down, and the rescued couple sees The Man In The Suit, who congratulates them on their wedding and drives off.

  • Interestingly enough, the well-known song by Yvonne Elliman that shares this trope's title has this trope subverted. If she couldn't have him, she wouldn't stop him from pursuing others instead- but she'd keep herself from pursuing relationships with others instead.
    For dreams that never will come true
    Am I strong enough to see it through
    Go crazy is what I will do
    If I can't have you
    I don't want nobody baby
    If I can't have you, uh-huh!
    • Tony DiBart's 'The Real Thing' uses this trope as song lyrics in much the same way.
  • Dream Theater's concept album Metropolis Part II: Scenes from a Memory has this as an important part of the main plot. It's how Victoria died.
  • The Megadeth song "Loved to Deth": "If I can't have you, then no one will/And since I won't, I'll have to kill..."
  • The titular song from the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. "If we can't have it all, then nobody will..."
  • The Beatles song Run For Your Life written by John Lennon: "I'd rather see you dead little girl, than to be with another man". It's actually a pretty upbeat country-rock song.
    • Those lyrics actually come from Elvis's "Baby, Let's Play House," which is also an upbeat country-rock song.
  • The song "Turn It On" by Franz Ferdinand invokes this trope by name.
  • Sonata Arctica's song Don't Say A Word is about a man who kills his wife/girlfriend after she leaves him.
  • Always by Saliva is about a man who shoots and murders his girlfriend over leaving him (or cheating on him, not sure which).
  • "Kim" by Eminem, anyone?
    • Also implied in "Stan"
  • Tom Jones' "Delilah", in which a man catches his girlfriend cheating, fatally stabs her, and pleads for her to forgive him. It's quite catchy.
  • The mothy song The Tailor of Enbizaka sung by the Vocaloid Megurine Luka has her pulling one of these when her lover is seen with at least three other women. The twist is that her "lover" doesn't even know her, and the other women were his family.
  • Another Luka song, "Love Disease" by madaco, heavily implies that she murders her love interest at the very end, after having murdered the hypotenuse only to have said interest try to get away from her.
  • "The Phantom Opera Ghost" by Iced Earth.
  • "Siberian Kiss" by Glassjaw
    I've watched you whore yourself for one more thing
    Why don't you sell yourself for one more?
    There's always one more thing
    Why don't you sell yourself
    If I can't have you, NO ONE WILL!!!
  • "Goodnight Socialite" by The Brobecks includes this trope in the chorus.
  • "Pick up the Phone" by Falling in Reverse, which is about an abusive relationship from the perspective of the jealous boyfriend, features the line "I'll be damned if I see you with some other man; If I cannot have you then nobody can"
  • "Die With Me" by Obsidian Shell has two refrains, one starting with "die with me or fight for me," the other "mine. only mine." — Mad Lib Metal Lyrics in this case sounds appropriate.
  • In the "Please Don't Leave Me" music video when her boyfriend tries to leave her P!nk exhibits Sanity Slippage and chases after her boyfriend with an axe.
  • "Tigerlily" by La Roux:
    Lurking in the dark, there's someone who breathes you night and day
    There's a friend who wants so much more
    And if they can't have you, they'll never let you walk away...
  • The Barenaked Ladies song "Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank" is an intensely upbeat song about the devotion a farmer has to a lady who is special to him. He's actually a stalker, the lady is a singer, and he shows up at her house bearing "flowers and a twenty-two with shells."
  • "The Last Mistake" by Assemblage 23. "If I can't have you, nobody can".
  • "Henry Lee" by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey: "Lie there, lie there, little Henry Lee, 'til the flesh drops from your bones. For the girl you have in that merry green land can wait forever for you to come home."
  • "I'll Sink Manhattan" by They Might Be Giants, in which the narrator kills not only his ex-lover, but everyone in Manhattan as well.
  • "Jealous Girl" by Lana Del Rey
    Think you should be my man
    No one's better than I am
    C'mon give it to me, bam
    If I can't have you baby, no one else in this world can
  • "Over You", an early hit by Aaron Neville, just comes out and says, "If you ever break up with me I'll murder you." Lyrical Dissonance may obscure this a little.
  • Jonathan Coulton's Skullcrusher Mountain has overtones of this trope, in a Mad Scientist kind of way.
  • Delain's "I Want You" starts out seeming like a typical unrequited-love song; it gradually becomes clear the narrator is a Stalker with a Crush and ends here, even including the trope name verbatim.

     Myth and Legend 
  • The huldra of Scandinavian folklore are a type of fairy who appear as beautiful women with cow or horse tails. Although they are often eager to marry, they are also very strict and demanding, and if you even think of turning one down, she will kill you.
  • In one version of the Hyacinthus myth, his death isn't an accident. Zephyr grows jealous that Hyacinthus chose Apollo over him, and purposefully blew the discus off-course to hit him. Needless to say, this version is more popular.
  • There is a Japanese folktale concerning a woman named Kiyohime who, when rejected by the object of her affections, turns into a dragon and kills him. More information can be found on The Other Wiki.

  • In the final act of the opera Carmen, the eponymous character is killed by the hero for this reason.
  • In the opera Wozzeck, the title character stabs Marie to death following this line. (Büchner's play doesn't use the line.)
  • The ending of Menotti's opera Maria Golovin has an extremely jealous Donato attempt this to Maria. Subverted in that he is blind and thus has to ask his mother to aim the gun at her, which she doesn't, instead pointing him in the wrong direction and leading him to believe that he did.
  • Éponine in the musical Les Misérables. In the song "One Day More," Marius is debating to himself whether to follow Cosette to England or fight with the students. Éponine, standing beside him, practically makes the decision for him by grabbing him by the arm and the two of them running off. A minute later, they are next seen with Enjolras and the other students, and Marius tells Enjolras "My place is here, I fight with you." This is made a lot more obvious in the revival, back when Celia Keenan-Bolger was Éponine (in the revival, Éponine extends her hand out to Marius, and he quickly grabs her hand and they both run).
  • In Martin Guerre, the play's antagonist, Guilliame attemtps to kill Bertrande after losing her to not one but TWO Martin Guerres.
  • Subverted in Verve by Mark Lucas. A Butt Monkey lawyer finds himself dumped for a vibrator.
    "If I can’t have her, then no shiny piece of Taiwanese plastic will!"

    Video Games 
  • In the Neverwinter Nights mod Tales of Arterra, your encounter with one of Persey's former owners can end with him spouting this trope and attacking if you insist that she is worth more to you than any amount of gold. Persey happens to be a succubus on a quest to learn to behave/think like a human.
  • King Valentine of Odin Sphere, and his relationship with his now-deceased daughter.
  • LeChuck with regard to Elaine in the Monkey Island games, with the twist that in The Curse of Monkey Island he plans to kill her so he can make her a zombie like him.
    "The dating pool be surprisingly small when you're one of the undead."
  • Nikki from Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis is an inverse Chick Magnet. She even has her own fan club. One of her generic fans pulls this on her in one scene. Hilarity Ensues. No, really.
  • A decidedly non-romantic example is in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. The Eruseans, realising that they can't hold onto the town of San Salvacion, try to blow it up instead.
    • The Belkans in Ace Combat Zero (and consequently, the backstory to 5) succeeded. Faced by the onslaught of the allied army of Osea, Yuktobania and other nations, they blew up 7 nuclear bombs in their own soil to stave off invasion. All in all, everything went far too well; while the armies stopped, it scarred so many people they formed their own terrorist organization (A World With no Boundaries) made from both Belkan and Allied forces, and the trauma from this war led both Yuktobania and Osea to peacefully disarm. Shame it also motivated remnants of the now weakened Belka to carry out a secret plan 15 years in the making, unraveled during Ace Combat 5.
  • In Planescape: Torment, Ravel Puzzelwell reacts this way to The Nameless One trying to leave her; she was probably faking it though.
  • Kimmy Howell in No More Heroes is a Fangirl of the main character, and has decided to make sure he never dates another woman by taking his head as a trophy.
  • Another non-romantic example is Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. The US military launches an attack on the Soviet-controlled Chicago, where the Soviets built a psychic superweapon. Once it gets destroyed, the Soviets nuke the entire city.
    • If Vladimir's responsenote  is anything to go by, that example is more like a hybrid of this trope and You Have Outlived Your Usefulness.
  • Adele from Arc Rise Fantasia is an Unlucky Childhood Friend, and, before learning this fact, was a shy, softspoken girl. Upon learning this fact she goes completely insane, embraces her heritage as priestess of a Religion of Evil, turns into a manipulative seductive bitch, and starts with the homicidal rampaging.
  • In Deadly Premonition, "I won't let you have him! You filthy PIG!" is screamed by Thomas at Emily near the end of the game, in the Clock Tower. He then becomes the first of only several bosses in the game. He screams more examples of this phrase during the fight.
  • A non-romantic example is the Villain Protagonist's motivation in Hyper Princess Pitch:
    Pitch: But he sure didn't give ME any presents when I was a kid! If I don't get presents, no-one should.
  • A fairly lighthearted variant from Harvest Moon DS Cute. If you're courting the phantom thief Skye he won't actually accept your proposal. He'll think you're just showing him the blue feather you need in order to get married (to someone else.) When you give up on him and try to go to bed he'll sneak into your house to steal the feather so you can't get married. You'll catch him in the act and have to explain to him that actually, it was meant for him after all. He's more pleased than embarrassed.
    • The above scene (Skye coming into your house to steal your blue feather) happens automatically if you're courting someone else as well as Skye. Once he and your other suitor(s) have over sixty thousand Love Points, you wake up and find a note from Skye saying that he's coming to 'steal your heart,' i.e. the Blue Feather. The next time you go to bed, you hear him sneaking into your house and wake up. You then have the choice of giving the feather to him or breaking his heart to go and marry the other suitor.
  • There's a non-romantic example in Disney Princess Enchanted Journey. This is Zara's motivation, as she was once a princess, but was banished from her kingdom for refusing to learn princess virtues. Then she discovered she could ruin worlds of other princesses and stop girls from becoming them, and set out to do just that.
    Zara: If I can't be a princess, why should anyone else get to be one?
  • Pac Man World 2: Pinky says this to Pac-Man at the start of the boss fight against her.
  • This is the motivation behind the Tremaine family's attempted murder of Cinderella in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Clu's decision to derezz Rinzler in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, after they were both freed by Aqua and Sora, respectively. In both cases, it's non-romantic.
  • In Jak II: Renegade, the motivation behind Erol's attempt to run down Jak is out of envy towards losing both the big race and Keira. His envy seems to have corrupted him, as in the next game, he outright tries to destroy the world... all for losing one girl.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the envy demon shrieks as you fight it that if it can't have your form, no one can — including you.

    Visual Novels 
  • Fate/stay night: Gilgamesh decides at the end of Fate route that if Saber will not submit to him, he'll just rape and kill her. But then again, even if she did agree his next idea of how their relationship would go would be making her drink the 'black mud' from the cursed Grail. Destroying her mind and giving her physical form.
  • School Days does this to its main character in at least one ending and in the anime.
  • In Tsukihime, Akiha says something like this in one of the routes, and does her damnedest to kill Shiki.
  • In Ever17, Sora gets really close to this after seeing Takeshi and Tsugumi having sex in the gondola.

    Web Comics 
  • There was a really weird version of this in Dominic Deegan; when it's revealed that villain Karnak was in a Love Triangle with Donovan over Miranda, the reason he's been trying to kill Miranda is to hurt him for taking her away from him.
  • In General Protection Fault, Trudy says this exact phrase when pointing a gun at Nick's head after he stated that he could not trust her or return her feelings upon realizing her role in a wide-reaching conspiracy. In an alternate future, the same scene had resulted in her killing him, but in this timeline, he merely stands there, resolute, until she drops the gun and is unable to shoot him.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court. Diego sets up a scheme to fortify the Court in such a way that it simultaneously murders the hypotenuse and subjects the woman who resisted his advances to a Fate Worse Than Death.
  • Spacetrawler may be the only work to combine this trope with The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Growp's attempts to murder Emily are actually his twisted way of saying he loves her. He eventually takes a bullet and dies to save her from getting killed by the wrong person.
  • Homestuck plays this straight when Eridan decides to kill Feferi when she defends Sollux after Eridan KO'd him. An unusual case because Eridan wanted both Feferi and Sollux, but they both rejected him and hooked up with each other, prompting his murderous rampage.
  • Raven Red, toward Harmony Thunder, in Jet Dream. She specifically wants the sex-changed Harmony back in her male persona as Jack Thunder - something everyone else knows to be impossible. If she can't have Jack Thunder, well....

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Mask had a slight variation on this line on the always-controversial episode, "Flight as a Feather." After Cookie BaBoom, the mayor's Stripperific ex-girlfriend, reveals the suicide belt bikini around her body, she announces, "If I can't have Mortimer [the Mayor], then no one can!"
  • El Tigre had Sergio and Dr. Chipotle Jr yelling this in the episode "Love and War".
    • It is implied this is the Titanium Titan's motive when he commands his giant squid to destroy both White Pantera and El Tigre after losing WP's trust and failing to win him back.
  • Happens twice on The Fairly Oddparents. First, in "Super Bike," the titular bike tried to keep Timmy away from everyone else, eventually resulting in this. Secondly, in "Just the Two of Us," Trixie suddenly becomes insane despite being relatively sane before; she completely loses it and attacks Timmy after he breaks up with her when they're the last two people on Earth.
    Timmy: "Note to self: Never break up with a girl in the violent gardening tools section."
  • Harry Osborn pulls this with Mary Jane in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series.
  • A non-romantic example is in the Futurama episode "Where No Fan has Gone Before" which has the Big Bad yell this. Sort of.
    Melllvar: If I can't have the original cast of Star Trek, no one will!
    • And a romantic example is seen with one of the Don-Bot's daughters directed at Bender.
  • Taken to ridiculous extremes in an episode of TaleSpin, in which Baloo masquerades as a woman ("Tan-Margret") in order to enter a flying competition. One of the other contestants becomes so smitten with "Tan" as to propose marriage, which is obviously rejected; he then spends the rest of the episode trying to kill 'her,' even saying to himself, "If I can't have her, no one will!"
  • Another non-romantic example is in the Garfield Thanksgiving Special. Garfield was put on a diet the day before Thanksgiving, and thus he's not looking forward to what is usually his favorite holiday. When Jon isn't looking, he puts a bunch of garlic on the vegetables that Jon just threw into a pot without cutting, saying something like "If I can't enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, nobody will!" in a rather evil-sounding tone. He eventually regrets it after Liz lifted his diet, the reason why he did it since he had to suffer going on a diet during Thanksgiving.
    • There's a comic version where he goes even farther; he doesn't just make the dinner nasty, he makes it inedible. Instead of garlic, he adds dish soap to the vegetables, and he ruins everything else too.
  • South Park has a non-romantic example in the episode where the city hosted a film festival. While explaining his motives for doing this in every small town, the man behind this stated that, if he can't live in a calm town instead of Los Angeles, nobody will.
  • Spongebob Squarepants gives us a Ho Yay example when Patrick is upset that Spongebob chose a life of living with jellyfish over his old life and snaps, attacking Spongebob with a jellyfish net while saying "If I Can't Have You as a friend, I'm gonna make you a trophy! I even picked out this nice jar for you!"
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Part of Hamato Yoshi/Splinter and Shredder's backstory involves this. Both were in love with Tang Shen, and when she chose Splinter over Shredder, the latter didn't take it well and eventually burned their home down and killed her (albeit it unintentionally) in a jealous rage. He blames Yoshi for it, and takes his baby daughter to raise as his own as a consolation.
  • A very dark episode of Batman: The Animated Series had Mr. Freeze losing what little remained of his sanity after he finally succeeds in reviving and curing his wife (his reason for becoming a supervillain in the first place) and he can't bear to face her. Freeze takes his revenge on the rest of humanity by targeting one victim after another and, in each case, destroying whatever that person cares about the most (and in one case, it's a rich lady's little dog). It's eventually revealed just why he couldn't face her: his physical condition had finally taken such a toll on him that he could no longer live in his old body, so he had his head removed and grafted onto a set of metallic "spider legs", which he was forced to conceal beneath a robotic suit that resembled his old costume.
    Mr. Freeze: "Search your heart for the thing you value most... then despair, for I have come to take it from you."

     Real Life 
  • The various cases in Real Life where somebody kills their spouse either after they cheat on them or after they request a divorce.
    • If you're ever tempted to ask why an abuse victim "doesn't just leave": the majority of people killed by their partners are killed after leaving or while in the process of leaving. Then again that statistic doesn't include people who leave before things get that bad and so don't die. After all the fact that most people who die of skin cancer are being treated for it doesn't make getting treatment a bad idea.
      • Err...not exactly. There are cases where the partner almost literally does a 180, having shown no signs of abusive behavior. In some cases, there doesn't even need to be a relationship, as there are stories of people killing someone over being rejected for a date!
  • The murder of Poltergeist star Dominique Dunne by her ex-boyfriend in 1982 had shades of this.
  • The 1986 situation comedy My Sister Sam – an ordinary situation comedy about a freelance photographer whose teen-aged sister comes to live with her – became forever known for the murder of one of its stars, 21-year-old Rebecca Schaeffer, by a stalker who had been fixated with her. The stalker, Robert Bardo, actually found out where Schaeffer lived and had confronted her; when the meeting began to grow ugly and she tried to get him to leave, he shot her to death. Bardo was ultimately convicted in her killing and sentenced to life imprisonment.
    • Schaeffer's death resulted in the passage of anti-stalking laws in California, and heightened awareness of fan obsession and stalking.
  • Adolf Hitler wanted to burn Paris to the ground when the Allies were about to retake it. Then as the war in Europe ground down to its bloody conclusion with the Allies and Soviets closing in from all sides, he tried to have Germany and its people utterly destroyed for their having failed him. Fortunately in both cases, Albert Speer and most of Hitler's Generals quietly ignored his orders.
  • The point of a scorched earth policy: "If we can't use these resources, we'll make sure the enemy can't either."
  • Among other reasons, the one-time standard wedding liturgy phrase "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" has been eliminated because of instances where a stalker or former jilted lover will arrive (uninvited) to a wedding and – just as the officiant is about to begin the vows – declare his/her love for (as appropriate) the bride or groom, and that they "were meant to be together."
  • As he was dying, King Herod the Great of Judaea made his bodyguards promise to round up all the country's wealthiest families and massacre them so that they would have to die along with their leader. Naturally, his men reneged on the deal once Herod was actually dead.
  • The Numidian king Juba I, an ally of Pompeius in his fight against Gaius Julius Caesar wanted to burn down his capital Cirta, citizens included, when the war was lost. Said citizens objected naturally - and were successful.
  • A bizarre non-romantic example: a woman in New York who was dying of cancer apparently murdered her 7-year-old son so that no one else could raise him.
  • Muammar Gaddafi stated this when he said "Those who do not love me do not deserve to live."
  • Taken to a much nonlethal and, while still incredibly assholish, not evil extreme is the case of the bitterly alone. There are of course some people in the world who, either through sheer unluckiness, mental instability, or just not realizing they're not particularly pleasant people, never end up in a relationship with anyone, and it can make them rather bitter. This can lead to the mindset of "if I can't be/am not allowed to be happy in a relationship, then I won't let anyone else either". Overlaps with Relationship Sabotage, as the person can use this mindset to justify tearing apart the happiness of others.
  • This mentality was the guiding reason why Elliot Rodger went on his killing spree at the University of California, Santa Barbara on May 23rd 2014. Although his killing spree wasn't targeted at a specific love interest and more women in general, misogyny taken into insanity. He even called out this trope word for word in one of his logs.
    All I've ever wanted, was to love you and be loved by you. I've wanted a girlfriend, I've wanted sex, I've wanted love, affection, adoration... But you think I'm unworthy of it. That's a crime that can never be forgiven. If I can't have you, girls, I will destroy you. Hehehehehe. You denied me a happy life, and in turn, I will deny all of you life. *smiles* Hehe. It's only fair."

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