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Digital Pinball Tables
aka: Pinball Video Game
Good luck finding this at your local arcade.

On this wiki, "Digital Pinball Table" refers to a Pinball game that exists only as software, usually running on Video Game Systems or home computers. Many digital pinballs are characterized by their use of gadgets and gimmicks that cannot exist in a Real Life pinball machine, such as monsters that wander the playfield, teleporting balls, or modes that abruptly change the rules of physics.

While many digital pinballs are created as side projects by video game developers, some companies have found fame focusing on digital pinballs. These include:

Pinball Spinoffs are a popular source of digital pinballs. Also see Physical Pinball Tables and Licensed Pinball Tables.

Digital pinball tables and games with their own pages:

Other notable digital pinball tables include:

  • 3-D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent
  • 3-D Ultra NASCAR Pinball
  • Angel Egg
  • Fairy Tower
  • Monster Fair
  • Pac-Man Pinball Advance
  • Pinball Mania
  • Pinball Quest
  • Pinball World
  • SlamTilt
  • Tristan
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alternative title(s): Digital Pinball Table; Pinball Video Game
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