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Pinball: Haunted House
Triple Playfields Mean Triple Fun!

Haunted House is a Physical Pinball Table released by Gottlieb in 1982. Designed by John Osborne and illustrated by Terry Doerzaph, it is considered to be one of Pinball's iconic tables, the first game to take place across three interconnected playfields.

As the title suggests, this game takes place above, below, inside, and around a Haunted House, with the player thoroughly exploring it for points while avoiding the various traps and spirits. While lightning flashes on the backglass, start on the main floor, then take the ramp or the up-kicker into the Attic with its occupied coffin. Alternately, use the Secret Passage or the Trap Door to enter the Cellar, where the reversed playfield is filled with rats, a shackled skeleton, and grabbing ghouls. Return to the main table, knock down the cobwebs for double scoring, then tap the five targets for an Extra Ball or a Special.

Haunted House is highly praised by pinball enthusiasts, who laud its fast action, unorthodox layout, and frightfully attractive art; many consider it Gottlieb's best table ever, with some even calling it the best pinball from any manufacturer. If there are any complaints, it's in the lack of speech or multiball, which were omitted to reduce costs. The game can also be a maintenance nightmare, as its numerous components and complex design means there are more things that could go wrong.

Digital versions of Haunted House are available for Microsoft Pinball Arcade and The Pinball Arcade.

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