Detective Animal

He may be the Funny Animal, the Intellectual Animal, or maybe even the Speech-Impaired Animal, but if there's one thing that he's incredibly good at, it's solving any kind of mystery that comes his way. He can be either a Hardboiled Detective, an Inspector Oblivious, or a Defective Detective. Whether he does it on his own, or with a friend, or with a group of humans, expect him to help solve the case with ease. This character may or may not work in a World of Funny Animals.

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  • Advertising PSA McGruff the crime dog has that whole Columbo thing going for him.

Anime and Manga
  • Inevitable anime example: Sherlock Hound.
  • Averted by Goro in Detective Conan - the clues he gives to Kogoro in The Cat Sitting Case / Secret of the Russian Blue (Manga / Anime titles respectively) were set out by Conan placing cat treats.

Comic Books
  • Detective Chimp from DC Comics.
  • In the few stories he narrated himself, Batman's dog Ace the Bat-Hound was shown to be an expert detective.
  • Joey Fly and Sammy Stingtail of the Joey Fly series, a housefly and scorpion respectively.
  • Rex, The Wonder Dog from DC Comics had issues where he demonstrated his capabilities as a detective. He's even best friends with the aforementioned Detective Chimp, although they rarely if ever work on cases together.
  • Fish Police. It's pretty much there in the titles.
  • Detective-Inspector Archie LeBrock, the badger lead character of Grandville and his sidekick Roderick Ratzi.


  • In Anonymous Rex, a velociraptor in disguise as human is a Hardboiled Detective. (But the book is set In a World... where there are dinosaurs living among us, so he's not unique.)
  • The title character of the Mrs. Murphy Mysteries.
  • Akif Pirincci's Felidae series features, as you might guess from the title, a cat detective who solves cat crimes. Not as silly as it sounds.
  • Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann is a murder mystery that gets solved by a flock of sheep.
  • The titular hero of the Basil of Baker Street series is a Mouse World version of Sherlock Holmes. These books were the source material for The Great Mouse Detective.
  • The Midnight Louie series of novels, Midnight Louie being a cat.
  • Catseye Gomez is a thaumagene tomcat addicted to old hard-boiled detective archetypes, who plays a key role in investigating murder cases in two of Simon Hawke's Wizard novels.
  • In the Sherlock Chick children's books, the hero is a chick who was born with detective gear and a deerstalker hat. In his adventures, he solves cases for the other farm animals.
  • Chet Gecko is a Big Eater lizard Private Detective whose activities are limited to his elementary school, where the students and staff are all Funny Animals.
  • Bug Muldoon of Bug Muldoon and the Garden of Fear is a beetle private eye who takes jobs from insect clients in the garden where he lives.
  • Similar to the Bug Muldoon example, Incognito Mosquito, Private Insective, Ace Lacewing, and Spider Kane.
  • 'Private I. Guana, which features an iguana detective who tries to find a missing Hollywood Chameleon for a client.
  • Detective Dinosaur - the title character is a Clueless Detective assisted by his pterosaur Hypercompetent Sidekick and Da Chief, a Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • In Walter Brooks' Freddy the Pig series, one of said character's hobbies was running a detective agency.
  • The Chet and Bernie detective stories, about private detective Bernie Little, narrated by his dog Chet.
  • In City of Devils and its sequel, the LAPD and local Sheriff's Departments are entirely staffed by werewolves.
  • The Joe Grey series, featuring a pair of cats with the unique ability to speak and think like humans. After finding out "whodunnit," they phone in anonymous tips to the local police force.
  • The Sherlock Hound novel series by Brenda Sivers. Unrelated to the anime version, beyond "Sherlock Holmes parody".
  • Left ambiguously open by Lilian Jackson Braun in her The Cat Who series - Koko gives clues that in hindsight point directly at the criminal, though it is never made clear whether the clues are coincidental.
  • Hettie Bagshott and her sidekick Tilly in The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency by Mandy Morton.

Live-Action TV

Newspaper Comics
  • Slylock Fox is a puzzle strip featuring a fox who solves crimes while dressed as Sherlock Holmes. Most of the other characters are anthropomorphic animals, too.

Puppet Shows
  • Colambo in Sesame Street is an ovine Columbo parody.
  • Roland Rat once starred in a series called Tales of the Rodent Sherlock Holmes.
  • Episode 103 of The Muppet Show had a Sherlock Holmes spoof starring Rowlf.
  • In Muppets Tonight, episode 206, there's a sketch in which Sherlock Holmes is a whale.

Video Games

Western Animation